Sunday, January 06, 2013

Bricks and Braids ---McKinney Style!

We had a bang up day yesterday with Bricks in the Barnyard ((From Scraps & Shirttails II))  in McKinney!

We spent the morning making half square triangles with the Easy Angle Ruler --- and turning our units into blocks ---and after lunch we threw braid units into the mix, using each as the leader/ender for the other with the challenge to keep our chains as continuous as possible ---always fun! 

Don’t piece yourself into a pickle where you have to start fresh – keep that chain going whatever it takes!

I’m really proud of these ladies for taking on new-to-them techniques and taking the time to work on improving cutting skills, and slowing down to adjust seam allowances and finding that “sweet spot” with the seam that makes it all fit just right!

We had so much giggly fun – I’m going to miss these girls…just look at their antics!

This is also a very fast post without a lot of pussy-footing around --- I’ve got bags to pack and need to make a bee-line for the airport, so here are our photos of the day:

We had a great family gathering at Babes in Garland for dinner last night --- all 12 of the Hunter Clan in attendance including us ---Brother in law, Sister in law, Nephew, his wife and daughter, niece –and my other niece and her 3 children – all growing SO fast.  It’s nice to have the opportunity to come spend time and catch up with family in and around my teaching schedule as well.  We will see them all again NEXT YEAR!

Thank you for the warm welcome, Texas – even if your weather was quite cold!


  1. So glad you came to share your knowledge and quilts with us! You'll be back in Texas later in the year and we'll have LOTS 'O HEAT for you!! That is great the Hunter clan was able to assemble at Babe's. Safe travels to AZ and fitting in a visit with your Dad and brother. Hugs, Allison in Plano

  2. You are such a good teacher, Bonnie ... I feel like I gained new skills, and a new way of looking at my quilting life. Safe travels, and see you next time!

  3. Just received a good-bye hug from Bonnie as she dropped of little Lola Featherweight. How fun to know she sewed on her a bit while she was here teaching. Can't wait for her to return for more scrappy fun. Safe travels Bonnie!!

  4. Anonymous9:55 AM EST

    wow they are troopers, aren't they? New cutting skills and determination too!

    Bonnie, thanks for your idea of continous braid piecing. what a time saved too. AND you have the braid going correctly, why stop and restart from the beginning?

    Another great Bonnie method!
    Smiles, Julie

  5. Looks like it was great fun, and created GREAT results! Nuthin' like a BH workshop to get your juices flowing!

    Love the idea of that organizer container with little boxes just the right size for squares!!

  6. Good day for traveling, nice sunshine and no snow falling.
    Looks like you had a ball in Texas, they have the best BBQ in the world! Yummy. Nice connecting with family again isn't it?

    Happy Sewing and safe travels

  7. My favorite is the one with orange in place of red. Her collection of shirting plaids and stripes is really nice, too!

  8. LOVE the burnt orange blocks (and I am not an orange fan!) Going to make a beautiful quilt! Looks like so much fun-may have to put on list to use some more of my scraps up!
    Thank you, Bonnie, for the Easy Street mystery! I am ambling along at a slow pace, but will get it finished. Just got the borders on Tulip Fields last night and will throw down Texas Tumbleweed next. Some days I look at my pile of starts and think I am stuck in "Bonnieville", but your quilts are so much fun, it is hard to leave town! Thank you for all you do!

  9. I want to play tooooo. One day when you come up to Massachusetts.
    So does Hubby always travel with you?

  10. Scrap quilts have been my favorite since before I ever endeavored to become a quilter. Being a matchy uppy anal person, I was seriously doubtful I could accomplish such a task. After purchasing your books over the last several years, reading your blog and watching Quilt Cam, I have been inspired to start your Scrap System. And now taking your Bricks in the Barnyard class yesterday, there is no doubt, of course I CAN DO THIS SCRAPPY THING!!!! You are a wonderful teacher; warm, patient, one on one instructor, down to earth, fun, truly one of the best!!! I was thrilled to accomplish using units as "leaders and enders", the Easy Angler Ruler (hinges and count 1, 2, 1, 2) to make the half square triangles; being reminded messed up blocks or pieces can always be used in strings, crumbs; and throwing those units not sewn correctly to the side and not stroking out. Making the beautiful braid is so much fun. Thanks beyond words for an awesome class and looking forward to taking more from you in the future. God Bless You as you travel through this life inspiring so many.

  11. Bonnie, you have no idea how much I enjoy your daily blogs. Spending much too much time laughing, reading, oooohh!ing and not enough time quilting - lol. Thanks so much. I just might try Bricks in the Barnyard - got the book for Christmas. Oh, wait - I'm not finished with Easy Street. LOL


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