Sunday, January 20, 2013

What can YOU do with a Gaggle of String Geese?

This is what Vicki did!

She writes:

Hi Bonnie
Have finished my quilt top using the string flying geese and embroidered blocks.
I had already done another quilt out of the same fabric line (Moda Chateau Rouge) and this was done using scraps from a layer cake and charm pack. Did not have enough fabric to do the outer border so had to use some cornerstones. 

To make sure I made best use of my scraps I cut the centre strip for all of the blocks and laid them down on the paper first to make sure I had enough of that length. Each strip in the quilt has 23 flying geese, so 69 in total.

Thank you so much for the tutorial for these geese. A large portion of my machine embroidery now sets alongside patchwork techniques in each project I do and you are largely responsible for that.
I have also just subscribed to the digital edition of Quiltmaker and can't wait for the next issue to come out. The digital edition is by far the most economical way of getting this publication if you live overseas. In fact before I look at any magazine now I check to see if you can get a digital edition.
Many thanks once again


Be sure to check out Vicki’s blog to see what else she has been up to! I think her idea of ordering digital copies of the magazines is great!

stringgeese 001

I accomplished quite a bit on my stack of geese during Quilt-Cam.  When we were hitting the 2 hour mark I said “Whichever comes first ---either the bobbin running out, or running out of side triangles ---we will go until then!”  It’s amazing how long that bobbin lasted…Class 15 bobbins are the best for that, they hold a TON of thread.  The bobbin eventually did run out, and that meant Quilt-Cam was put away for another day and I needed to get out of the basement and go enjoy some 60 degree sunshine.  What a great time we had with the Quilt-Cam though!

Tonight I’m getting ready for a bit of Downton Abbey and some binding stitching.

It’s been a great weekend to be home!


Carolyn Sullivan said...

Well I appreciate it a lot! it was 30 or so here. but the sun was shining at least. I was able to get 2 of the B easy street blocks done. and a 3rd laid out.
If it hadn't beel quilt cam, DH would have had me helping me w Christmas! (yes we still have decorations up!)

marietta gartner said...

Hello Bonnie;

I always enjoy your work, thanks so much for your wonderful encouragement, I dont know how you have some family time after your energy spent in the basement, but thank you!
Question: Is there a 'club' of sorts, that encourages people to use only 'recycled' clothes? I have hidden my hubbies older shirts, and no synthetics.I guess Im asking for ideas really...I have, old cotton curtains, flanelette shirts (we are in tropical Brisbane), etc
Thank you so very much for your time! Marietta

Leeanne said...

What a beautiful quilt! A great way to use up the whole fabric range, a little scrappy looking, a more uniformed look. The geese look like the are wavying through the sky.

Tami C said...

Vicki's quilt top is just beautiful! One of my former co-workers bought an embroidery machine when i bought my new sewing machine and she is doing machine embroidery while I am doing patchwork quilting. I had thought about getting an embroidery machine some time in the future and Vicki's quilt top just encourages those thoughts! Thank you for sharing!

iris said...

Hi Bonni
I miss last live cam with u seems changing time happend .
I am writing and time here is 7;10 morning. And it is Monday
Thank u

iris said...

Hi Bonni
I miss last live cam with u seems changing time happend .
I am writing and time here is 7;10 morning. And it is Monday
Thank u

BCHS said...

I was really lucky to find a lovely working Singer 201 in a nice cabinet for $25 on Craigslist, and it was only 10 miles from home!

Andra Gayle said...

I needed your help tonight, Bonnie. Had to make a bear's Paw block 3 times before it came out acceptably. Still not great though! Sometimes EQ just doesn't cut it.

SweetAmbrosia said...

Bonnie, can you tell us more about those bobbins? Are they pre-loaded ones? or a size and type you purchase for what machines? I find some of the threads I am using up (have zillions of C&C spools), is thicker and bobbins don't hold as much. Thinner thread means you can fill the bobbins with many many more yards of thread.

Love the Flying Geese sashing on this quilt. Good Idea!


Nancy-Rose said...

I was so excited to be able to catch the last hour of QuiltCam yesterday! I managed to get the blocks, sashing, cornerstones, and side triangles assembled and sewn together for a quilt top over the weekend. Now to take a deep breath and figure out what I'm doing for borders. That will be what I'm working on during Wednesday night's QuiltCam.

sewkalico said...

I may have to look into the digital edition although, you just can't beat a beautiful quilt magazine in your hands to leaf through. A rare luxury these days for me! Snowing here so hope I can manage to clear a path to my studio to sew tonight :)

pcflamingo said...

Thank you for passing along Vicki's idea for String Geese! How beautiful and clever.

Judy Reves said...

My two favorite people are Vicki and Bonnie. They both inspire me so much. Bonnie has me doing mystery quilts, which I haven't done in years and I love Quilt Cam. Vicki challenges me to use my embroidery machine. I love her projects and quilts. I love living in both their worlds, how lucky I am. Even luckier, I already subscribe to Quiltmaker online.

Material Girl said...

Lovely quilt!

Carol Stearns said...

I'm always trying to reinvent the wheel and find an easier or different way to do things. In my mind, I'm thinking of piecing a huge block or strip of crumbs. Then go back and cut them into 8" squares and then diagonally twice. Spray starch first to keep them stable. And you have 4 geese, all ready to sew on the triangle corners. Would that work? I'll have to give it a try. And it is amazing how far those crumbs stretch. No matter how much you sew and use them up, they grow and grow. Thanks for all of your tutorials. You are an incredible help!