Monday, January 07, 2013

Mystery Monday Link-Up, Jan 7th!

Sorry for the late post!

I’m all out of whack time wise and we were way into the Chinese take out and watching the digitally remastered version of the 1956 classic, High Society starring Bing Crosby, Grace Kelly, and Frank Sinatra!

GREAT movie ---especially since I had spent time in Newport, RI last year ---oh, those houses!  Fun to see the cars, the stars and the fashions of the mid-century era in that movie while enjoying time with my dad.

Of course, we finished off the evening with Downton Abbey, and there was no way a blog post was going to be written until morning.

So many have sent in photos of their completed Easy Street tops! 

This one is from Marsha who writes:

Hi Bonnie,
Just finished my Easy Street, except for a border.  I used different colors so my pattern looks quite different than yours, but I LOVE IT!!  This was my first mystery quilt and I enjoyed it thoroughly.  Look forward to the next one.
Marsha's Easy Street

Look at her colors!!

I’m very excited to see what all you have to show…..let the link-up begin!

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If you are interested, there is a flicker group set up for the mystery and you can see what they have been sharing HERE. 


  1. I wrote my blog post while we were watching Downton Abbey!

  2. Oh, Downton Abbey! So good last night. I taped it as I watched. Instant replay for all the juicy parts. Will Bates ever get out of prison? Will Sybil get her man? Will Robert get the money to save Downton Abbey? Oh boy, may have to watch it again tonight.

  3. I actually wrote my post a few days ago, mostly to motivate me to finish the top before today's link up-

    Thanks for another fun ride, it is a hoot watching the other quilters work through the process of choosing fabrics, sewing blocks and moving from Whiners to Winners!

    My goal this year is one top a week. I am hoping to piece my back so this week will be an easy one. So far I am on track to meet goals. After next week it may be another story- lol

  4. I love High Society--and the movie it is based on, Philadelphia Story, with Jimmy Stewart, Cary Grant and Katharine Hepburn.
    How fun to see all of the versions of Easy Street. I just started cutting up the shirts this weekend to make it. Nothing to link yet--a pile of strips isn't that interesting. : )

  5. Because of Downton Abbey, I didn't get any more of my blocks made last night. Hoping this week they find their way into the "finished" pile. How long will the Linky be up this time? I want to post eventually.

  6. Mine won't let me link to the specific post--I'm thinking because of the problems with blogger not letting you add photos and having to go thru the html route. I don't know but wahh. Oh well, the rest are so pretty and mine's only part way there. Thanks Bonnie!

  7. So glad to see it done in more colours. I like what you chose but it's just not me! Now I can maybe see me doing this one, but in a different colourway. Good on all of you for jumping right into it - I can't believe so many have gotten theirs finished already!

  8. I laid mine out with just what is sewn 3x3 with 9A & 4B blocks and my Triangles. I like it, but still may finish making the rest of the blocks to finish it at the full size. Thanks for the Link up!

    1. Mary I'd love to see your layout, hope I can find you in all the gorgeous linky's!!


      Dee in Arizona

  9. Anonymous12:30 PM EST

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  10. It's so much fun seeing all the different Easy Street versions. Thank you, Bonnie, for a wonderful pattern.

  11. I am done and ready to start my second Easy Street. This one will be smaller though. I have enough units but do not need a large quilt.

  12. Wow! All these quilters must sew really fast. I just finished my A blocks last night after sitting at the machine all day yesterday. I am now starting on my B blocks. I love all the different color combos everyone has. This has been so much fun Bonnie and thank you so much for sharing with us. I will post my results in a few days. Headed to a quilt retreat on Thursday and I can't wait to show all my friends. :)

  13. As much as I looked forward to Friday's Mystery Clues, I also LOVE Monday linky's... because Monday, I take several hours from sewing and get to stroll through the blogs, posting comments and admiring the work done, and everyone's color choices. An amazing journey for this new quilter and I hope to be back next holiday season for another Amazing Mystery -- Thanks Bonnie for all your time and effort making this Easy enough for new quilters, yet with great instructions teaching me so many new things! My favorite was the Squatting houses (or the final name for those)!

    Dee in Arizona

  14. What fun to see everyone's quilts...I probably won't be linking up this time around...unless of course everyone wants to see my plastic box full of plastic bags with all my pieces...LOL. Seems I hit a bump in the road - oops...the Street...but I've had a ball and will continue along...perhaps Bonnie you could do another linky in say...a month? LOL Thanks for the fun and all that you do!

    1. Ohh that would be fun to see how much further everyone has come! Yes, road bumps of life sometimes take us away but I do hope you keep going -- I've spend a wonderful Monday hopping from Blog to Blog admiring everyone's work - finished or not.

  15. Anonymous9:07 PM EST

    Is this going to be the last linky for Easy Street? I know many won't have theirs finished for a while, me included, and wonder if there will be future linky's for updates on finishes.

    This is the first mystery that I have participated in, in fact it will be the first bed size quilt that I will have made. I love the colors, but would never have chosen them for a quilt. Also, if I had seen the finished quilt ahead of time, I would have thought that there is NO way I would be able to do it. I am SO happy that I chose to participate in the mystery and use the suggested colors! Thanks Bonnie!
    ~June in AZ

  16. Wow, Bonnie ... That's a bunch of Easy Streets! I'm enjoying seeing all the fabric choices, and reading everyone's blogs.

  17. OMG! I actually did it! I actually put it together ... well, except for borders ... but I actually LINKED up and then I actually added that cutie-patootie Easy Street badge to my blog! I am so kickin' it!!! Don't we just love you BKH!!!!

  18. That was my Grandpas favourite movie! I love the houses!

  19. I had so much fun viewing everyone's pictures of their completed tops and then got busy putting the borders on mine. When I got ready to post it wouldn't let me add my pictures! I will have to try again tomorrow because tonight it is making me crazy!

  20. Oy when I see all those finished quilts I think I'm a very slow quilter. Still doing parts of steps 5 & 6 so that I can make blocks. I got my corner and setting triangles done, but my seams are not meshing when I try to piece them with block A. I will keep going and finish this pretty baby.

  21. Wow!! Bonnie you must be so proud to see all of the wonderful quilts produced from your beautiful design. I just love seeing how the fabric choices change the effect. I'm still sewing and enjoying every moment. I hope to have the top finished by the end of Jan.
    Thank you! Shanon from Ohio

  22. Thank you Bonnie! As a first time piecer, this was so much fun and I really would love to attempt more projects if the patterns were written in this manner. Do you write patterns like this or would you ever consider it? I love having the ability to to achieve small victories with each clue. I used only stash and completed my top on Tuesday. This was something I could see myself making again. Thank you again for all the work you did to Prepare and support the efforts of the participants! It was the best and actually worked as occupational therapy to help in my recovery from a broken elbow.

  23. Love seeing everyone's photo's. Between being out of town in Nov. and my internet server being down since Early Dec. (just came on a couple day's ago) I missed doing the whole project. Good news is.... I am still planning on doing it, although it maybe a few more months still before I can start. You guys all did Wonderful Work. Beautiful design Bonnie. I sure missed joining in - in all the fun.

  24. This was my first mystery quilt. I really enjoyed it, and learned a lot about quilting and myself. I'm loving my quilt so far, and am thinking about making another one when this one's done. I'd like to get really good at those silly flying geese!

    Thanks, Bonnie, for doing this. It's been wonderful and I'm already looking forward to next year.

  25. Another AWESOME Mystery Quilt, Easy Street will be one of my favorites for sure... Thanks Bonnie! Looks like I'm in very fine company 'cause so many of these quilters and their finished Easy Street quilt tops are just amazing. I so enjoy strolling/trolling through their blogs ;-)

    Hope to join those who've finished up their tops by week's end, we'll keep our fingers & toes crossed we don't get the flu again!

    Thanks again, Miss Bonnie - Easy Street has been a wonderful stroll,

  26. I just finished Easy Street this morning. I am so excited to have it completed. This is my first mystery and I cant believe I finished it. (Not counting purchasing fabric for Orca Bay..thats as far as that got.lol). Yes, it still needs borders but I am not sure what color I want to go with. I missed being able to link up but I want everyone to know.. I DID IT..!!! Yep I am proud of me.. Thanks Bonnie........

  27. Well, I am disapointed. I didn't realise that there was a deadline for the last link-up. I had hoped to do a link-up when my quilt top was finished... *sniff, sniff*

    Here's the blog link, anyhow...

    Bonnie... once again, thank you SOOO VERY MUCH for another gorgeous mystery quilt!!!

    Rosa Robichaud
    Saint John, New Brunswick


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