Thursday, January 10, 2013

iPhone-o-Gram! Free for Kindle!

I'm in the car driving southward from Cottonwood to my brothers house in Gilbert.

I wanted to send this iPhone-o-Gram via voice text so my dad can get a big chuckle out of what a techy girl I am!

He is chuckling in the driver seat! :-)

I wanted to give you the heads up about a great freebie on Amazon for your Kindle – quilts of Lancaster county fiction.


Please copy the link above and paste it into your Browser search bar as I can't make it clickable from my phone.

Thanks, Claire for giving me the heads up! :-)

And how about a glimpse of my beautiful sunrise this morning – I had a great time in Cottonwood!


  1. Thanks Bonnie! Just downloaded book!

  2. Got the book and have already read the first two chapters. Love it! Thanks for sharing the info.

  3. I always love the books you recommend, and a free Kindle book is the best. Thanks for passing on this link. I've downloaded it and am primed to start it tonight.

  4. Drat, I missed it. It's back to $4.99 now. Thanks anyway!

    1. I was able to buy it @ amazon's website. I couldn't easily cut/paste the whole link from my phone, so I searched amazon for lancaster quilts& the 3rd or 4th one listed was free... Maybe try again?

  5. Dang! i have a sister and my mom live in Chandler! used to live in Gilbert a few yrs ago. Wish I would have looked at your calendar earlier. I could have stayed w them and done a sesion w you! DANG IT. AND I MISSED THE BOOK TOO!

  6. I just got the book for free! Went on my kindle, went to the store, typed in the name of the book...still free there and it is downloading to my kindle now. Thank you!!!

  7. It is still free on Amazon.com . . . for those still looking for it, I recommend going to


    and search for the title "A Time for Peace"!

  8. Thank you quilt academy. Just did it! Awesome!!!!!!!

  9. thanks..just downloaded it and will read it later tonight.

  10. Thanks Bonnie, its available for Nook also.

  11. I read Carrots and the two books that followed. Never stopped laughing. Highly recommend them.

  12. Thanks, just downloaded it for the NOOK free too!!!

  13. Thanks Bonnie - I got it too!

  14. Me too! Thank you so much for taking the time to share this with us.


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