Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Up The Road to Jerome!

We took a little road trip up to the historic town of Jerome after the workshop day was over ---the temps were in the sunny 50’s and we had a great time wandering the narrow winding streets of this old refurbished mining town turned art district!

It was founded in the late 1800s, on Cleopatra hill, 500 ft above sea level –and named after Winston Churchill’s mother’s family.  The mining unearthed copper, gold, silver and other biproducts.

In total the copper deposits found here were among the richest found anywhere, any place in any time --- ever.

AZ_Jan2013 277

The town is a now a haven for artists and crafters and you can spend all day wandering the historic streets and galleries.  This  photo was taken out of the back window of a shop called The Sky Fire Gallery – look at that scenery!

AZ_Jan2013 273

Down the street from the Sky Fire Gallery is Nellie Bly – the largest collection of kaleidoscopes found in any shop I have ever seen.

AZ_Jan2013 274

The original building that Nellie Bly is in --- was once an infamous brothel.

((Gosh, I love stories like this!))

AZ_Jan2013 275

Close up of the photo on the marker!

We also had some fun with the Kaleidoscopes themselves…. If you put a phone camera up to the lens….did you know you can take a picture of what you see?


Look closely at the dark areas in the center…do you see us???

AZ_Jan2013 272sm

Do you see us now?? LOL!!


This is from Cheryl’s phone ---Do you see us?


Weee haaaaa!

Cheryl, Terri, and ME!

AZ_Jan2013 269

Dinner was had here ---Amazing AZ-Mex food!

Tomorrow?  Lecture and Trunkshow in Cottonwood.  Dad is picking me back up at noon and we will wind our way back down to the valley where I’ll spend the weekend with family ---and be back up in Prescott by Sunday afternoon!


  1. I am enjoying seeing all of your pictures from AZ. It is a fantastic state - so much to see and do. Did you buy any turquoise jewelry (or copper jewelry from Jerome)?

  2. My friend and I are coming up from the valley for your trunk show tomorrow and can drop you off at your dad's place on our way home. It would save him a trip.

  3. You are making me homesick! I lived in Tucson for about 16 years. I drove through Jerome once when I was doing the statewide shophop. Loved it. Enjoy Arizona, Bonnie!

  4. Wahoo....what a fun trip! I would go back to Jerome again in a heart beat, and again I would not be the driver...lol..I love to look too much...did you go to the rock shop? I came home with earrings, prisms, rocks, and socks..fun

  5. Bonnie,
    Your in my old stomping grounds. I was born in Flagstaff and remember when Jerome was a "ghost town", and Sedona was a wide spot in the road (there was also no I-17). I wish you had time to take a trip up Oak Creek canyon. Beautiful!! I used to be a member of Quail Country Quilter's, but that was some time ago. Glad you are enjoying your trip in AZ.
    Mary aka Tosty

  6. I love the Kaleidoscope pictures! That is so cool :-) Now I want to go play with one, wonder where I might find one around here? Enjoy time with your family.....

  7. Thanks for taking us along to Jerome, Bonnie. I always enjoy reading your travel blogs and learning more about far away places. I enjoyed your kaleidoscope pictures (I just noticed your faces are in the design :). I had the chance to look through fancy Kaleidoscopes at our Akron Museum when they displayed Paula Nadelstern's Kaleidoscope Quilts.

  8. Love hearing and seeing your travels, Bonnie! What a great little town. I am a kaleidoscope fan, too. What fun! Enjoy!!!

  9. Bonnie, Have your dad detour you through Sedona on your way home. If you've never been there, it will be well worth the 20 mile detour to the north on 89A. It is one of the most beautiful and unique places on the planet. There's also a very nice quilt shop there at 3075 W. State Route 89A that you will pass in route to the heart of Sedona on the east side of the road. They have a quilt gallery too. I also see on the shop's website that there is a quilt show going on in the Sedona public library. Might be worth a look. Enjoy your time with you dad.

  10. Love the history. Cute pictures of you all.

  11. My hubby & I went to Jerome many years ago. It was fun, but the scariest ride up & down that mountain was not so fun!!!

  12. Jerome is a such a cool town. Glad you got the chance to visit it!

  13. Jerome is a totally fun town here in Arizona. So glad you visited and enjoyed.
    Have a great day.
    Always, Queenie

  14. Anonymous9:01 AM EST

    I love places like Jerome and the stories......

    who killed Jennie and why? love reading your blog

  15. I love that Kaleidoscope store! Spent 2 hours in there. Wine tasting at Merkin Vineyards, the restaurants and the spectacular view. Ah, your blog makes me miss living in Arizona.

  16. Love Jerome! And the kaleidoscope pictures are great!


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