Friday, January 18, 2013

Happy Birthday, Baby Blue!

It wasn’t my birthday when I succumbed to this purchase on ebay.

It wasn’t even New Years!

It was just after Christmas before leaving for Texas --- and I had the guy hold off on the shipping until I was home from this trip.

But who can resist a machine that has “Best Built” as his badge --- and “Deluxe Streamliner” as his model??

“Not I!” said the Machine Addict!

And I can justify it because my birthday falls next week!

vintagemachines 001

He surely IS built, isn’t he?

I fell in love with the two-toned-ness of his paint job.  The shine of his chrome ----

vintagemachines 002

And the late 1950s of his diamond shaped stitch length dial!

Of course, the red reverse button “R” just begs you to push it and see, doesn’t it?

Still, I have made a decision I hope I can live with.  This machine was ordered before the other blue broken machine arrived not functioning.  What a disaster that was! And the broken one still sits on the floor of my studio because I haven’t yet decided if it is worth seeing if it is fixable ((I’m afraid my sewing machine guy will just laugh me out of his shop….it’s like adopting a one legged dog!)) or just tossing it to the curb ---*SIGH*

Even after that fiasco was refunded…..I knew this one was still already ordered and paid for and I have worried and worried about how it would be packed.

I’m not 100% happy.

The machine was sent with no padding inside the case…and the machine moved around all through shipping.  One hinge that holds the machine to the base is broken away from the wood, the wood broken with it.  The thread spool pin is broken.

vintagemachines 004

Both sides of the case are broken…..I’m thinking this is pretty much a loss, but these crappy wooden cases were never well made to begin with, and the vinyl covering is gross.  As most of them are.

vintagemachines 005

The “OTHER” side – also broken.

The good part is ---The motor runs!  ((Oh yes, at least this machine HAS a motor…AND a foot pedal! LOL!))

The light works!

It’s pretty sticky, so I quickly dropped some oil where oil should go and it is just sitting for right now.  I don’t have time to work on it further until later.

There is no bobbin case, but it’s a pretty generic class 15, so I shouldn’t have a hard time gleaning one from one of the other machines around here.

It needs a belt.

And a whole lot of TLC!

Wish me luck---I’ll let you know how it goes!


  1. Isn't it amazing how little care people will take in packing the item you just paid them for? I am always surprised, though I guess I shouldn't be by now. He sure is handsome! Happy birthday to you!

  2. A handsome fellow . . . I know it is disappointing not to have it arrive safely. If you need a dedicated 15 bobbin case, they breed overnight in their box here on Standish, just let me know. Hugs, Allison

  3. I feel your pain. Shipping machines is a real art, it seems. I've gotten 'burned' more than once but I'm also a real sucker for the older 'ladies'. I've gotten two Singer 'Red-eye' machines, a Singer 3/4 machine with handle, Singer 301A and a 15-91, a Bernina 930 and 1130 that are all shiny and wonderful, packaged very well and worth every penny. I won't tell you the details of my tales of woe, but there were several and one that simply made me laugh when I saw the pieces of a box on my doorstep from the UPS man.......
    Gail in Verona

  4. You are making me very nervous about the 1964 featherweight that I ordered on ebay and is supposed to arrive any day now. I am so in love and the machine isn't even here yet but I am nervous as to how it will arrive. I paid $30 just for shipping so I hope it will be packaged well!

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  6. Well, what a mess. With the ready availability of packing materials, there is NO excuse for this. To allay Andra's fears, I ordered two Featherweights from eBay last year and both came well packed and with no damage.

    1. I've had good luck with sellers on eBay, packing the machines they sold me extremely well. I have always asked them, at the conclusion of the auction, to please pack it well, taking it to a packaging service if necessary and I would gladly pay the additional charges. Never had to worry ... they arrived beautifully packed. I think is IMPERATIVE that you read the comment history of an eBay seller thoroughly before you decide whether or not to purchase from them. Many things are said in the comments and between the lines.

  7. When those machines were shipped originally the case was shipped seperately from the machines. Some sellers seem to be getting lazy or are just uninformed about their products.
    I remember getting my second machine shipped to me when I was in college-my boyfriend was only a pair of legs behind the pile of the two boxes! I really enjoyed that machine-it looked alot like your "new" one.
    the top of the case can be reglued and would probably hold, as for the hinge being broken-as heavy as those things are-not sure it can be fixed. would probably have to replace the whole board along the back of the case. (I think that would be so much easier than me trying to find a replacement board for the bottom of an old Singer case!) {anyone have any ideas on what to use?)

  8. I had to laugh the other day, I bought 7 Singer 401 top hat cams on Ebay...they arrived individually wrapped with bubble wrap and surrounded by air cushion bags....after receiving my Singer 301 machine sent in a box that was too big for it with nothing cushioning it or any packing inside the case. Luckily it survived with just some scratches on the finish from the foot pedal that had been thrown inside beneath the light.

  9. I feel your pain. I was so excited about a tan Singer 221 I purchased off of eBay until it arrived. No packing inside the case, the bobbin pin went through the lid, and USPS kept it when a claim was done. :( I now give specific instructions to folks when they ship a machine and I haven't had a problem since, though I can't say they all listened either. Happy early birthday!

  10. Use wood glue to repair the case, then decopage fabric all over it.

  11. Well, so far, you have had better luck than me!! The first Bernina 830 I ordered off ebay never came and I paid by cashiers check, never again!! The second one came and they didn't pack it well enough and it got scratched and it didn't work so had to take it to the dealer and pay $93.00 to get it working again, but it does sew well so no problems. Never pay with anything, but paypal if you want to get your money back!!

  12. Hey Bonnie... Since i blame you for my hunt for a good vintage machine, I was hoping you could tell me if this little girl is worth the asking price... She is @ 20 minutes from my home, and calling my name! lol!

  13. Here is the link: http://pittsburgh.craigslist.org/atq/3547017577.html

    1. Wow Sandie, This is really nice! I hope you went to get it.

  14. so sorry to hear of your shipping woes. but if it were me, i think i would be well rid of EBay and trusting others to ship something that they themseves don't want or value.
    there's just no sense in continuing to throw good money after bad.

  15. I'm waiting for my 301A to arrive from an eBay seller, and now I wished I had the info from all the commenters prior to concluding the transaction. As it is, I'll just have to wait and hope that the package is packed well. It would be so sad if it doesn't arrive intact. Bonnie, I think you're responsible for creating a whole new batch of vintage machine lovers!

  16. Hi Bonnie! Welcome home! We missed you! You pics from Arizona were awesome! Wished you could have made it to Sedona and Flagstaff, it would take your breath away!

    Sorry I missed you in Texas! LOL, you were right down the street from where I work in Arlington! To make up from it, I bought your Shirttails book, and some others. Can't wait to try out the seam gauge, I've had a problem in that area, and had to redo all my 4 patches for Easy Street! (But I did finish it, and love the pattern!) Hugs!

  17. My "crappy wooden case" shows a lot more wear than when I got it in...1972? (machine was born in '68) But just the other day my husband used it as a bench while making a phone call! Your new-to-you machine is a beauty, and I envy you the foot pedal. Mine wore out and a new, quite unfamiliar one replaced it. :c(

  18. My "crappy wooden case" shows a lot more wear than when I got it in...1972? (machine was born in '68) But just the other day my husband used it as a bench while making a phone call! Your new-to-you machine is a beauty, and I envy you the foot pedal. Mine wore out and a new, quite unfamiliar one replaced it. :c(

  19. OH NO!!!! I am working on my Easy Street top, assembling blocks, and I just realized that I assembled 27 subunits incorrectly!!!!! Sigh.... time for ripping. I am going to move on to something else, and take the bad units upstairs to rip while watching TV this weekend.
    BTW, all of a sudden I have ads! I never did before. No problem though, I know it is a necessary evil. LOL

  20. Welcome back Bonnie. I have missed quiltcam but I have enjoyed your posts. What is that lovely quilt behind you in tonight's quilt cam, the one with the blue border and which book is it in? It looks like a type of log cabin.

  21. I can supply you with all the type 15 bobbin case you want and bobbins too. Need any size 14 needles? I am interested in the Blue machine with no foot pedal if your guy can't get it running if you are interested in selling. Thanks!

  22. Very nice. You find the best buys.

  23. Congratulations on your find. It is a beauty.

  24. Your "new" machine is beautifl. Sorry the first shipper did such a bad job. Seems like you have started a collecting revolution. My husband has been vital in mine. Last time he worked nights he bought old black Singers and fixed them up. He bought the books and taught himself. Now I've inherited some machines from his Aunt. My sewing room had to get larger to accomodate it all.


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