Sunday, January 13, 2013

Hello from Prescott!

Dad and I left Sun Lakes this morning –deciding to choose the beauty of a long and scenic drive over a shorter one.

We stopped in the little historic town of Wickenburg on our way ---and began our search for a fun place for lunch.

We ended up at a little café called the Gold Nugget ---as it was after 1pm when we stopped, the place was fairly deserted and we had a great talk with the owner, and with one of his friends who was helping him out---from GREECE! How does a person get from Greece and wind up in Wickenburg, Arizona??

I so love people and listening to their stories and life experiences!

AZ_Jan2013 383

The view across the street from where we ate!  CUTE!

AZ_Jan2013 384

Me & my new friend Eduardo LOL!!

I know we look cozy, and the sun is shining – but have you ever tried to hug a metal statue when it is 28 degrees in the sun?  BRRRRR!!  I swear, if I had kissed him, my lips would have stuck to his face!

AZ_Jan2013 391

The drive up to Prescott is winding and empty ---My word of the week as I have driven place to place across the mountains and valleys is VAST.  As in – "this week is brought to you by the word VAST"  kind of vast.

Yes, the sun is shining, but I’m sure the wind-chill brought the temp to about 20.

AZ_Jan2013 387

Scenes like this add to the desolation of the area.

AZ_Jan2013 394

Dad’s PT looks like a roller skate next to this mountain side!

I’m all tucked into my room in Prescott, and Sandy, my contact came to greet me and bring me this sweet girl!

AZ_Jan2013 396

Hello, Sweet Thang!

AZ_Jan2013 397

All set up and ready to sew!

A quick check of the serial number gives this wee girl a birthdate of 1947.

I will have two nights to bond with her before returning her to her owner, Maryann!

Have a great evening, everyone!


  1. Small world comment here: I read RVers' blogs as well as quilters' and several of the Rvers are in the Wickenberg area for the winter at Congress, North Ranch and a couple other area spots.

  2. My grandmother used to talk about Wickenburg when she lived near there. I should have listened better.

  3. My family camped in the 1950s and about every four days we'd stay in a motel to get a hot shower. One overnight was in Wickenberg, AZ. My sister left her new Indian moccasins there and our father wouldn't go back for them. The motel owner mailed them to our home in OH and they were waiting there when we got home. Hadn't thought of that for many years.

  4. Anonymous12:03 AM EST

    Where do you find the serial number on these machines? I have come across one a Singer 301A Beige in color and would love to buy it for the fellow but need a price from someone and that would depend on the serial number I think!

  5. I love Wickenberg AZ. Always stop there on our way to Phx...

  6. A new trend...a decal for your featherweight...Bonnie Hunter sewed here!

  7. You know you are going to run into a 1962 one of these days and then oh the whining we will have to endure! LOL! Glad your borrowing plan is working out for you.

  8. Hi Bonnie. Do you use a special 1/4 inch foot for your featherweights? I have a feather and wondered what you use.
    Best Wishes
    Beverley in Britain

  9. Welcome to Prescott! It's a little chilly here right now. On Sunday morning it was a brisk -5 degrees at my house! Hope you have a wonderful time.

  10. Love that you have traveled to Wickenberg. We play bluegrass there every few years. Great fun.

  11. While you are there, don't miss a meal at Anita's Cocina! Best Mexican food around! Have fun!


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