Friday, January 18, 2013

We are Frosted!

The snow started falling, mixed with rain and sleet around 8pm last night ---

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t really HATE the snow ---I just hate that it makes a mess of the roads, people drive like idiots around here because they’ve never lived in really deep “Long-Term” snow as we did in Minnesota when I was little, or for the many years we lived in Oregon/Idaho where snow comes in October and stays until May.

The snow is beautiful.  The air is crisp and clean, and nothing glitters more magnificently than freshly fallen snow enhanced by the clarity of a blue sky and yellow sunshine.

And as long as the roads clear and the snow just stays in the woods, on the lawns, in the fields – I’m fine with it.  This snow however, will probably be gone by afternoon, so yes, I admit it – there I was in my jammies and my running shoes with my coat thrown over, going outside like a crazy woman trying to get a picture of the snow while it’s still pretty. 

How’s THAT for roughing it for ya? :cD

home 010

I made it to the top of the crusty icy driveway without breaking my neck.  This is why I chose the running shoes over my uggs.  They have TREAD!

Don’t you agree that the only thing missing from this photo is a curl of winding smoke coming from that chimney?

home 004

From the bottom of the front steps looking up toward the top of the drive.

home 005
Off the back deck toward the creek at the back!
((I really love not having a fenced in yard…just wide open space!))

home 007

Morning sun through frosty trees!

home 009

We sat in the hot tub in the gazebo last night, watching the snow fall ---as long as it is not windy, this is bliss!

Not a stitch got sewn yesterday, and I’ve got a gazillion more things on the plate for today ----and I’m only a bit backward in my timezone thing ---last night it was 1:30am before I could close my eyes – I’m afraid I’m still on AZ time – but working on it!

I’m pretty sure that Quilt-Cam will work for tonight ---so get that project ready! I am DYING to treadle….I haven’t sat at the treadle for a long time, so it might just be some simple string piecing for me……and that’s just all this girl really needs!

Have a great Friday, everyone!


  1. Welcome Home, you must be exhausted but what a beautiful surrounding you have. I miss my east coast woods and sitting in the hot tub...fun fun fun. We would have our wine bottles sitting in the snow - life is good.

  2. Beautiful pics! And yeah....I could never go back to a fenced yard.....wide open space is so nice!

  3. Dont worry I was outside in my leggings sweatshirt scarf and new-last-year-never worn snow boots with ipad and iphone taking pictures. As a former northerner myself I understand your pain. Our first NC snow more than 25 years ago was a dusting. Mom and I went shopping and laughed all the way as people were run off the road everywhere!

  4. Beautiful pictures!! Enjoy your time at home!!

  5. I rarely miss quiltcam, so I MUST get a project going that I'll keep ready JUST for quiltcam times. You've become such a part of our family. Juliana, my 7yo, wanted me off the netflix recently and said, "Isn't Bonnie on, MOM?" (I watch YOU on the laptop).


  6. (rubbing hands together with glee) can't wait for quilt-cam! we've missed you! here in Michigan, snow is not that big of a deal, but the FIRST glitter from the sun, in the mornings after a fresh snow, reminds me that the good Lord is the perfect artist!

  7. You are making me want to treadle but that would mean spending the day cleaning up the mess around it instead of working on a customer quilt. Probably not happening today...Have fun and I will live vicariously!

  8. Great pictures -- I should have done that myself -- although I did have to clean off the deck and walk the dog -- but I didn't think of taking my camera with me -- love your home. Thanks for sharing. Hoping to catch quilt cam tonight!

  9. I'm a transplanted New York State girl, and I too giggle at the panic that sets in! Here in Clemmons, NC we got about and inch or so. It is pretty, and it is melting quickly in the bright sunshine. Fine with me! Your pictures are beautiful, Bonnie, but I still don't miss the S.N.O.W. Rest up some more ... see you tonite!

  10. I just have to laugh when people panic here and run out for "milk and bread". heehee. I must admit that I went to the store yesterday morning, but only because I needed cat food!! We got about an inch or so here in Dobson (near Mt.Airy).

  11. I'm nursing a cold, but will not miss QuiltCam tonight. I'm feeling better today, so I am sure something will find its way under the needle tonight! Snow is beautiful. I agree with you on every one of your points about it. We have not had any to speak of so far this winter. Wouldn't mind a snowfall just like the one you picture.

  12. looks like my neck of the woods. Ramona from Maine

  13. Oh these pictures were wonderful of the Quiltville Estate! Some of the pictures were so etheral (sp?) looking. Ah, that is where you hot tub! How fun to soak and watch it snow, sigh. Looking forward to QuiltCam tonight with you. Hope you get back "your time" zone soon. Looks like sewlucky pegged your little machine. A White Peerless. I've been doing some more reading and wanted to know if you had checked underneath the front slide plate for a serial number?

  14. It's beautiful, Bonnie! Sounds like a blissful night, a soak and a view.

  15. Love all your morning pics! Beautiful! Thanks for sharing. I'll see you on Quilt Cam tonite! Enjoy your day!

  16. It does look blissful. I'm afraid I now have property/location envy, it looks sweetly quiet as well.

  17. Just love the pics, looks wonderful!
    We have to open the door (chill and snow blowing in) all the time as the cats want to prowl on the birds at the feeding place, but luckily the furs are p.l.u.m.p and easily detected =^}
    We had some 800 miles traffic jam on Tuesday, things are back to "normal" more or less, as people get accustomed to the really slippery pathways that are left after the municipality threw in the salt and sand. There will be more snow early next week, we'll wait and see. The thing I like most about snow is that all sounds are muffled, wonderful!
    Be careful, we want you to reach ripe old mellow age you know!
    Have a good and cosy weekend,
    love from a cold Amsterdam,

  18. That is actually more snow than we have in southern Minnesota...and it is 46 degrees but that is to change over the weekend. The high on Monday will not be above zero!
    Minnesota people forget how to drive over the summer also. The first few days of snow I try to avoid traveling.
    "See" you tonight!

  19. A picture perfect winter morning wonderland.
    Have a great day.
    Always, Queenie

  20. Bonnie, you have more snow than we do here in Iowa!!

  21. Beautiful pictures. Don't know where you live but that's about as much snow as we have here in the western New York State (Buffalo) area.


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