Thursday, January 03, 2013

Random Snaps of my Day!

I’m just back to my room after a great time with a lecture and trunk show hosted by Quilt Asylum in McKinney Texas!

When the day’s quilt-doings focus around moving from one hotel in one town to another hotel in another town, there are few opportunities for inspirational photos on this journey!

No note-worthy stitches were sewn today, though I did work on some hexagons a bit.

Instead I thought I would give you a quick glimpse of normal things that made up my day -----minus the DFW area traffic that has us shaking our heads! SO MANY PEOPLE!

The day went like this ---

Sleep In a bit!

Eat breakfast and pack up.

Grab lunch at a Thai place with Janet!

TX_Jan2013 175

ME!  Green Curry Bento Box!

TX_Jan2013 176

Janet!  Drunken Noodles Bento Box!

((How many of us are only familiar with the term “BENTO BOX” because there is a quilt pattern named after it??!))

TX_Jan2013 178

Early Happy Birthday to my poor aching feet! 
((Yes, the DH drug me to Dicks Sporting Goods!))

And since we all know that fashion stops below the knees when standing on concrete floors to teach all day workshops and give lectures --- my feet will be very colorful in their new black/turquoise/pinkness!

Move on to new hotel to be welcomed by a gorgeous marble floor:

TX_Jan2013 180

Yes, this is the Quilter’s edition of “Laying Out The Red Carpet!”

TX_Jan2013 182

A baby one in the elevator!

We had about 150 at the trunk show tonight, and I am looking forward to a couple fun days of classes with these ladies.

The highlight for me?  A group of quilters from the Sulphur Springs, Greenville TX area who I used to quilt with “way back when” we moved to Sulphur Springs in 1999.  That is where I lived when the millenium was ushered in.  What a great group of ladies, and they remembered times we went to retreat together and sewed on sit and sew days and it was a great reunion.

See, not a whole lot interesting to photograph ----but a dear day all in all ---

Oh, here is one funny thing!  DH and I were driving down the  toll road and all of a sudden we see blue and red flashing lights in the rearview mirror.  He got pulled over!

I said – “Are you SPEEDING!??”  No ---

The officer asked to see his license and registration and proof of insurance ---Well, this is a rental car.  We don’t HAVE proof of insurance on it. 

The officer said that he had ran our tags and that the car was uninsured!  We laughed, saying that this is a rental and we picked it up at the airport on Saturday ----and we are covered by our own insurance.  What a CLOSE CALL.  Who would guess that a car rental company would let insurance lapse on rental cars?

It was good for a laugh after, but it was panicky at the time!

Night night!  Class time comes early tomorrow!


  1. Great floors! So glad you enjoyed your busy day...and glad the car incident was not a big deal. Thanks for your inspiration.

  2. Anonymous1:57 AM EST

    If you have never tried Dansko comfort shoes, you might want to check them out. Most aren't very attractive, but I have found a few that are rather stylish and one pair I have even has a heel. Yes, they aren't inexpensive, but are worth the cost. They saved me in Paducah at the quilt show and downtown shopping.

  3. Yeah on the new sneaks! Just imagine the places they will go. Thank you so much for all you do . My easy street is coming together and looking really nice, see you even got my son to help set up a blog,have a terrific Friday!

  4. A day in the life of Bonnie! It is always interesting isn't it? Thanks for sharing it with us. So great to hear about your reunion with the Sulphur Springs gals; they are a great group. Have fun teaching in your comfy new sneaks. "Quilter's red carpet" . . . so much quilting fun! Hugs, Allison

  5. What a good day and funny story !

  6. Tell Ronnie Hello for me at Quilt Asylum [and Carriage House Quilts]
    And if you get a chance you really should go to Sam Moon's while in the area!

  7. I keep hearing about how we boomers are the largest group of folks right now. Wouldn't it be nice if they made some of those comfortable shoes in less glaring colors? Or is it just me.

  8. No Gayle it isn't just you! I think they are supposed to go w your new exercise clothes.... and that color this month is....
    As a nurse, although now retired. I had danskins, and din't liek them, m fav is Merrlets (sp) very expensive, and the Easy Spirits. I picked up 2 at the mall over Christmas, there was a buy one (on sale) and get another off 20% off that price. I love them, one pair feel like house shoes, comfortable and goor support for my arches, which helps my back too.


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