Thursday, January 03, 2013

Such A Treat!

Yesterday was a much needed “Day Off” for me after a long day of travel on Saturday, and three days of full classes that followed.

When Allison asked if I’d like to come and visit her vintage machine collection and quilts ---put in a bit of stitching, and visit with her and her girlfriend Cindy over a home made lunch – I jumped at it!

“Could I also bring some laundry?” was my other question.  Hotel living is “minimal” at best, and it’s nice to be able to do simple things like throw in a load of wash to start the next stop on the parade with clean clothing.

Allison restores and refurbishes vintage singer machines from featherweights to 301s to class 15s and everywhere in between.  walking into her living room is like walking into a showroom from the past.  There are multiple treadles to try, each with a pair of thread snips and a basket of leader/ender squares for demonstrating at a moment’s notice.  Pick a treadle, sit and pedal!  I had so much fun!

TX_Jan2013 143

A view from above!

How many treadles do you spy from this vantage point?

Here’s a little video of her “refresher course” in helping me remember how to wind a Singer long bobbin on the treadle.  I always forget how!  It’s a bit blurry at the beginning, so pardon the amateur quality of this flick, we were just having fun!

There are quilts to show too….hopefully I’ll get those edited down later today.  We got back late from the game last night ((Broncos WON!  Yeah!!)) and slept in a bit this morning.

Today I move up to McKinney for a lecture tonight, and two days of classes ----Have a great day, everyone!


  1. Good morning, Bonnie! Thanks for taking the time to show us some of the fun you have between classes, too. Would love to see and touch that many vintage machines in one place.

  2. And a treat for us too! What a great video - thanks for sharing Bonnie!

    1. And just how many do you have Miss Teresa! I love your Easy Street!

  3. Is that a doily under her spool of thread on the top of the machine??

  4. you must have thought you were in heaven! amazing!

  5. Allison is a wonderful lady! Glad you got to spend some time with her and her machines! Can't wait for the lecture tonight. Welcome back to Texas.

  6. What a wonderful video ... thanks for sharing it! LOVE the old machines ... just love 'em! Linda

  7. Great reminder as I now have 3 machines with spindle bobbins! Just got a 1951 anniversary remake of the 1851 Singer and "Sis" is in great shape after a lot of oil and cleaning! She has been set in water and the bottom of the case is in BAD condition, but all the rust on the bottom of the machine came off and she hums.

  8. Thanks for showing this beauty. I have a very similar one. Lily is a 127 made in 1902 or 1903. She came with a note that said she was brought to Ponderay, Idaho from Breakenridge, Missouri by Lillian McMurtrey in 1920.

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  10. Thanks for the wonderful video. I have never seen a spindle bobbin before. Very interesting. Not scary at all! I am still in search of a treadle or crank machine. Hopefully one day I will run into one!!!
    Have a terrific time in Texas area.
    Still plugging along on Easy Street!!!

  11. What a nice cozy room. Thank you for sharing!

  12. What a wonderful visit you had with all the lovely vintage machine!!
    Have a great day.
    Always, Queenie

  13. What a lovely place to visit!! I love the display of machines! The room make you feel right at home. Love the quilts as well.

  14. Thank you sew much for the video. Being in her home and seeing all these goodies must be pretty close to heaven, huh?

  15. How wonderful . Very informative video, and a lovely home. All those wonderful machines, Heaven indeed! Thank you for sharing and thank Allison for the tutorial. Looks like you are having a great time here in Texas.

  16. Can I talk to Allison about the blue machine I found? Can you forward her email to me? (If she is okay with that)


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