Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Easy Street Graphics!

My three days of teaching in Plano were such fun!  Great quilters, great shop – wonderful time!

I just got back to my room and remembered to:

#1.  Manually link today’s Clue 8 to the Easy Street tab at the top of the blog ----I can write the post ahead of time and set it to post at a given day, but I can not set a tab to link itself to the new post – that has to be done manually and I had a class early and completely spaced it.  So that is linked now.

#2. Present you some GORGEOUS graphics for your own blogs, thanks to our own Forest Jane!


Forest Jane has been doing my Mystery Badges since we first started many years ago, and I really can’t thank her enough for the beautiful work she does.  Easy Street is our 8th Quiltville Mystery!



If you look to my right side bar, you will also see our updated side-bar badge for your own blog walls!  Copy the code in the box below the image and past it  into an html widget in your page layout.  Click the BLOG HELPS tab at the top of this blog for a tutorial on adding a side bar badge to your blog for more help.

Forest Jane also designs items that you might like with these logos on them, and they are all for sale over at her store at Zazzle.com  Forest Jane is big into charity quilts, and the pennies per item that she earns off of the Zazzle store sales go directly into purchasing backing fabric and batting for quilts that go to those in need, so it is a worthwhile purchase, and done with my 100% approval!

Here is the info from FJ:
Items in the zazzle store will be up this evening, all benefits I earn go to fabric for Heartstrings quilts (I get pennies for each item sold, so it takes a couple of mysteries for me to get a $25.00 check, I usually buy muslin for foundations or backing.)
I'll put up buttons, t-shirts, mugs, the usual.  http://www.zazzle.com/forestjane

I hope your first day of 2013 was a good one.  I hope to do some easy hotel sewing tonight on my loaner featherweight, Lola ---
Much love from Texas,


  1. Anonymous6:19 PM EST

    I love the badge! ForestJane is so talented.

  2. Thanks a lot. I have really enjoyed working on this. I would not have attempted it, if i had seen the finished quilt! But you really ahve walked us through it slowly.

  3. Totally agree Carolyn... But Bonnie knew we could do it...with her guidance! Loving bein' on Easy Street!

  4. What a wonderful time I had today in the Mystery Class. Love these new rulers I got and now I know how to use them , thanks to a great teacher Bonnie! Thanks for all the fun .

  5. THANK YOU, Bonnie for all your great teaching and construction tips! without your wonderfully clear pictures I'm sure that I would have been lost along the way. You gave me the confidence to try and to succeed at Easy Street through step 7. Now I need to give myself the time to finish it.

  6. I am making a 2/3 size of Easy Street so I have to make a few more bits and pieces as I only made half from each step. Mine will end up square but be 3 x 3 instead of the four by four in Bonnie's picture. Have had agreat time. This is my second mystery with Bonnie but my first end of the year one mdidnt think I could squeeze it in. Isn't it amazing how we can make time for the things (and people) we love. Thanks Bonnie.

  7. Eight mystreies ! my goodness time flies when we are having fun, been here for all of them
    I enjoy the journey and those who receive the quilts enjoy them ... all good !!!
    Thank you for the stroll down Easy Street Bonnie, used a dark as my constant but now thinking will get some grey and do the 4 patches again - the already made ones will be ready for another project.

    1. Sandy, do you not think the dark will work? I used a darker color too and was sorta wondering why I did not stick to a lighter color....

  8. I love the new badge... never did figure it out for RRCB or OB. Now that I know how to do it, are the "codes" for them available somewhere so I could add those badges to my blog too as proof that I did them also?


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