Monday, April 30, 2012

Antiquing My Way Home!

Somewhere around 11:30am yesterday I hit the road south, headed back towards the North Carolina State line -----

I had a massage appointment scheduled for 4:30pm ---and called home ((As soon as I reached a place where I had a phone signal!)) to let everyone know I was on my way.

Turns out --- there would be no one home to meet or greet me –Jeff was off with friends and DH was playing golf and wouldn’t be done until after 6pm.

Well, okay then! Why drive out of my way to go home and THEN back to town to make my massage appointment at all? No one would be there to miss me ----and I was in a BROWSING mood!

First off, let me say that I did NOT win my bids on either the juki sewing machine or the tiny cake stand/basket quilt – I was out bid on BOTH of those items –they went higher than I was willing to pay, but I feel good that I did my part to drive the value up for the winning bidders!

I suppose that was my impetus for wanting to wander and see “what else” I could find myself in trouble with.

VCQ2012 231

Turkey Tracks!

I love the name “Turkey Tracks” better than I like the alternate name of “Devil’s Claw” The only thing I like with the word DEVIL in it is Deviled Eggs – and I’m not sure why that is called Devil anyway! Deviled eggs are HEAVENLY!

I love the blue and red alternating sashings in this one --- very fun! They wanted an awful lot of money for this one, and it wasn’t that old or in very good shape, and it had these black canvas headers machine stitched to the top and bottom ….who knows what for? But still ---

VCQ2012 232

Some mighty fun blocks!

In fact, I want you to keep this block in mind --- I have a post coming up in about a week that will reflect back to this post, so just remember, I’m whetting your appetite here!

VCQ2012 234

Another plaidy one! I do love the background fabrics mixed with those comfy plaids.

VCQ2012 235

I rounded the corner to find…..THE GENERAL!

And all I could think of was the song from “White Christmas” with Bing Crosby ----

What can you do with a general
When he stops being a general?
Oh, what can you do with a general who retires?
Who's got a job for a general
When he stops being a general?
They all get a job but a general no one hires

Which would be about the right age for this General who is a Japanese Singer Knock-Off from around 1950 something!

VCQ2012 236

No, The General didn’t come home with me either --- but his scrolled face plate is dang handsome, isn’t it? Something is funny in the world of antiques when they think a machine like this should sell for as much as a featherweight in mint condition. Sorry Sir, but you’ll have to be adopted by someone else!

VCQ2012 258

There were some other machines --- toy ones!

I already have one of these, in much better condition --- but I still gave it’s hand crank a whirl! I would have loved to have had one of these when I was a little girl!

VCQ2012 255

And the dream of having a Minnesota Treadle goes on ---but I don’t have room for it --- I’ve already got 3 treadles in the house. I petted her, gave her hand wheel a turn and moved on ---

VCQ2012 262

Oh, this beauty! It’s a New Home with a gorgeous paint job….

The case was in pretty great shape too…but the price was high ----still – look at hat gorgeous decal work!

I am not sure if this was originally a treadeled machine – motorized later. Some of these with added motors don’t have belts…there are little bushing/bearing things attached to the motor that go right up against the hand wheel to turn it…..

VCQ2012 239

And of COURSE there were more quilts! The color and motion in this one really caught my eye --- it’s a 1930s….but look at that ORANGE block! Someone loved color!

VCQ2012 243

I laid it out on the floor to get a better look….what a fun quilt! The stars are string pieced on fabric foundation diamonds….there is a lot of bulk and “volcano” action going on within the blocks..

VCQ2012 244

These borders wave like the wind!

Sometimes there is a really good reason why a quilt top was never quilted….can you say PLEAT PLEAT PLEAT three times fast?! But what great blocks!

VCQ2012 240

Gotta love that orange!

VCQ2012 241


Are these “Dan River” plaids and ginghams?

VCQ2012 242

These were just SO QUIRKY. It was fun to be able to take the time to appreciate the blocks and the creativity and free-spirited feel.

VCQ2012 247

Other things I love --- stacking picnic baskets!

Picnic baskets are fairly inexpensive and highly versatile for quilters on the go --- they hold projects and fabrics and notions --- and look cute while doing so. If you find the kind with the moving handles, they can stack ---

VCQ2012 256

I found this pretty old one……the wood is heavier split oak – it was in great condition. THIS ONE came home with me --- I love it!

VCQ2012 246


Did NOT come home with me! LOL!

This is a “vintage” sea diver’s helmet ---and all I could think of when I saw it was the Scooby Doo episode with the Diver Ghost….”OH you MEDDLING KIDS!” No…..the diving helmet stayed there. So did THIS:

VCQ2012 257

Taxidermied Vintage Black Tail Squirrel!?

No thank you!

I do get a big kick out of seeing what the “Wierdest” item of the day was …..and it is a toss up between the stuffed squirrel and the diving helmet ---

VCQ2012 248

This quilt immediately calmed my hysterical laughter ----OOOOOOOOOOHHHHHH!

What a quirky tulip! I love the little buds beneath the big tulip bloom! And can you see all that echo quilting?

VCQ2012 249

Look at the little buds in the setting triangles! I like the triple sashing too…..not to mention that “Ox blood and Teal” are just great antique colors! Did they used to be red and green?

VCQ2012 250

This didn’t come home with me either. They wanted $400, which it could be worth, but I wasn’t willing to part with that sum quite so quickly ---

VCQ2012 252

Log Cabins on benches….always nice!

VCQ2012 254

Golden Scrap Basket blocks…cutter pieces. CUTE! I love the blue background for the blocks..

VCQ2012 251

One more cool old singer --- priced rather high for the condition it’s in ---this one would have needed a lot of work, and I prefer machines that use regular bobbins than bullet shuttles ---I also would rather have foot pedal controls than knee controls --- yes, I know I can wire on a foot pedal, but still ---- I did love the decal work on this one too – even if it has had a busy life and was probably used well and often!

VCQ2012 260

And then I saw it. What I’ve been looking for at a reasonable price for YEARS. A thread cabinet! This one was for embroidery floss in its day --- and it has glass fronts so you can see what is in the cubbies. I fell in love instantly.

VCQ2012 261

See the cool logo?!

After I made my purchase I floated my way to my massage! Of course, even the receipt says “CABINET” so I’m passing it off as necessary “Office Furniture”!

I’ve cleaned out some other storage caddies and drawers and placed things in the new cabinet in its new location – I'll get a pic later, there is still organizing going on….

I got my shopping fix ---and increased and improved upon my studio storage with the addition of the picnic basket and the thread cabinet. All in all, not a bad traveling day home!

And…..should you know of anyone who happens to be looking for antique diving helmets or stuffed black tailed squirrels --- I know just where you can find them!


  1. I don't think I will be going by that antique store to buy the squirrel... Wonderful pictures of interesting finds!

  2. Winding Ways7:37 AM EDT

    Don't you like devil's food cake?

  3. I love antique shops too and it is so much fun to find something you really want and can use! I would love a cabinet like that too!

  4. You always find the best things!

  5. Anonymous8:00 AM EDT

    But wait, Bonnie, you could use the squirrel as guard of your stash and the diving helmet....hmmmm, nope, can't think of one reason to bring it home for the quilting room. lol
    Loved the pics, knew we would be blessed with your shopping spree. The baskets were beautiful, also a favorite of mine. You made out very well with that cabinet. Good on ya, mate.
    Have a restful day at home, enjoy the peace and quiet.

  6. You just gave me an idea; two picnic baskets in my downstairs closet.....and we haven't been on a picnic in years. I think it's time for a little dusting, a bit of wood cleaner, and some "rearranging"......still wish our antique stores around here were a little more fascinating...guess I'll just "photo shop" with you.

  7. How fun looking at all those old machines! I want a hand crank sewing machine (to use, not collect).

  8. Bonnie, I love that you know the lyrics to What Do You Do With a General -- my sister cats are Rosemary and Vera Ellen! As for the diving helmet, you could turn it upside down on a stand (such as a wok stand) and plant geraniums in it. Smaller than a bathtub!

  9. Deviled Eggs are called "deviled" because they have mustard in them -- like deviled ham, deviled shrimp and other savory "deviled" foods. A local bistro makes Blue Devils -- Deviled Eggs with bleu cheese and bacon bits.

    Not sure where Devil's Food Cake gets its name.

  10. Oh, I love that thread cabinet. It would look great in my sewing room, too. Thanks for sharing your shopping jaunts with us.

  11. Of all the great things you saw, I love the thread cabinet most, and I'm so glad it was able to go home with you!

  12. i have a old picnic basket, i keep extra toilet paper in it in the bathroom. i also have a old plastic sewing basket in the master bathroom with spare TP. that thread cabinet is to die for, cubbies look to small for toilet paper though. :>)

  13. Did you get the volcano quilt top? I have a use for the diving helmet...I'd put it on whenever my DH starts whining about my messy sewing room!

  14. That squirrel would make a good gag gift at Christmas.

  15. I think the squirrel wins for the weirdest, no contest!!!! Love old machines, have several myself, Including a Spartan that I purchased for my own first machine in 1965. I paid $17.50 for it on installments. What a laugh that brings in today's economy.
    Just love you dialogues on your antiquing trips.

  16. Being a massive fan of "basket-age" myself, wow!! So love the picnic baskets. Reminds me of Yogi Bear & Boo Boo.
    Great thread cabinet too!
    Squirrel definitely the weirdest.
    I missed out on a Singer 222k on the weekend. Mind you I can't say I do enough workshops to really warrant the purchase?? Still trying to decide.
    Lush (only owns one machine LOL)

  17. Love to go antiquing with you! Cool finds. I purchased a thread cabinet similar to yours several years ago. However, it was a Star Twist thread brand logo. It is currently on the dresser in our bedroom holding jewelry. Absolutely love it!

  18. oooh, the thread cabinet!!! so glad that was affordable - soemthing I'd love too. gah on the squirrel but I think the diving helmet is kinda cool.

  19. I bought a Star Twist mercerized sewing thread display a few years ago. I saw it, droolled over, went home, dreamed of it and went back the next day to buy it. I store all my inherited cotton threads in it. They are all on wooden spools, pretty but too old to use. I love it, I just hope I didn't pay too much for it.
    Is your cabinet metal?

  20. Anonymous4:08 AM EDT

    I love to see your founds in your country! In France we have plenty of oldies, but no antique quilts...

  21. I've got a non-working machine with that same scrolled face plate that I picked up for $3 at an estate sale -- just because they were going to throw it in with the metal scrap and the machine was too pretty to let that happen to.


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