Saturday, April 07, 2012

Yard Sale Saturday, April 7, 2012!

Are you ready to list some good things or to shop for some good things?

I honestly don’t know what kind of link-ups we will have today with it being Spring Break for many, and the day before Easter family stuff for many as well.

But I’m home, and I have stuff to clear out!

In an effort not to put the linky so far at the bottom of the page that others can’t see it – it’s going to be right here at the top of the page for easy access!

Now just don’t forget to view MY STUFF below it!

If you are linking with me, please remember to link directly to this PAGE, not just my whole blog, because this post may be lost beneath posts that are sure to follow it over the next few days ---

I am using ETSY as my shopping cart for my items. You are welcome to take care of your own transactions as you see fit ---

10am Update!! MOST ITEMS HAVE SOLD! There are still a few left -- the easiest way to see what there is is to click this link HERE. It will take you to my etsy and you can see what remains :)

And on to my sales! **NOTE** I am leaving for Rhode Island on Tuesday. In an effort to keep things simple for myself, the cutter quilt items are being shipped within the USA ONLY. Books will be shipped within the USA and CANADA Only. I need to minimize the time it takes to do packaging and customs paperwork, etc. Thank you for your understanding!

Please note: All Cutter Quilt pieces are as shown. All have holes, exposed batting, stains and shredded bits. All have lived a long life and been loved and slept under by those who loved them.

aprilyardsalesaturday 032

Early 1900’s Bear Paw Variation Cutter Quilt Piece!

Size: 35” X 70”

I loved the homespun plaids and funky direction of the triangles in this bear paw's variation. This piece was my inspiration for the "Cactus Patch" quilt in "Scraps & Shirttails I".

aprilyardsalesaturday 033

Block Close up!

It even has that wonderful row of 1/2 blocks! The piece measures 70 " X 35" at it's widest dimensions. Would be great to make pillows, or table runners from! Price: $25.00 Click HERE to purchase!

aprilyardsalesaturday 031

1940’s Funky Vintage Bow Tie with a bit of cheddar!

46” X 34”

There are lots of possibilities for crafting with this cutter piece. I was going to simply bind the cut edges in red and use it for a table runner but never got around to it. It can be yours for $20.00! Click HERE to purchase!

aprilyardsalesaturday 029

Isn’t this a funky block?

1940’s Vintage cutter quilt piece

27” X 38”

I loved this block and wanted to use this for 5 matching mug-rugs. Yeah, never got around to it! The story of my life ---Isn’t this an interesting block? It reminds me of those weird blocks in the Jane Stickle Quilt!

aprilyardsalesaturday 030

It is machine quilted in loops. You can have this cutter piece for $15.00. Click HERE to purchase!

This NEXT one is extra special!

aprilyardsalesaturday 026

35” X 35”

I wish I could have seen this quilt WHOLE…it’s Jacob’s ladder blocks on the top…look at those wonderful indigoes and pinks!

aprilyardsalesaturday 027

But look at the BACK SIDE! Bow Ties! This is from the early 1900s – probably pre-1920.

aprilyardsalesaturday 028

Here’s the back side! You know how I love my bow-ties.

I’ve just gotten to the point where I can’t have EVERYTHING just because I like it.

I paid $25.00 for this piece--- and I’m selling it to you for the same price I paid. Click HERE to purchase!

On to the Books!

It’s been great to have this medium to free up some space on my bookshelves, making room to add new favorites to my library! Books will be shipped media mail. First off…I’ve got a “Scratch & Dent” sale going! I’ve rounded up 4 copies of “Scraps & Shirttails I” that were just not in pristine enough condition to sell as regular mail order.

aprilyardsalesaturday 001

All are perfectly fine, just have some cosmetic issues from shipping:

aprilyardsalesaturday 002 aprilyardsalesaturday 003

Things like….oops…a torn front page that got caught in the binding machine or ----oops --- I misspelled the persons name wrong when signing! I’m selling these below my COST. Price each is $12.50 Click HERE to purchase!

aprilyardsalesaturday 004

Two “Scratch & Dent” copy of Adventures with Leaders & Enders!

The light spot you see on the bottom right corner is a reflection from the overhead light in photography – the covers are in GOOD condition!

aprilyardsalesaturday 005

The first couple of pages were caught in a machine during printing ---none of the pattern pages or other important info pages are affected, just the first couple of pages. I am selling this at my cost: $12.50 Click HERE to purchase!

aprilyardsalesaturday 034

One “Scratch & Dent” copy of Scraps & Shirttails II!

This one looks fine all the way through, but if you look at the bottom left corner, you can see that the binding is dinged and peeling. This happened in transport, this is an unused book!

aprilyardsalesaturday 035

Here you can see how the binding got bent ---

I am selling this one at MY cost: $12.50 Click HERE to purchase!

aprilyardsalesaturday 006

Spring Cleaning by Atkinson Designs

I looked on Amazon to find out what the used price is for this book – all I found was one new copy at $20.00 This is an adorable book full of cute and springy scrap projects. Book is in “NEW” condition. Sale Price: $10.00 Click HERE to purchase!

aprilyardsalesaturday 024

The Quilter’s Edge by Darlene ZImmerman

Borders, Bindings and Finishing Touches! This book has everything you need to know to give your quilt it’s best edge ever. 128 pages New, Unused book, Reg price: $22.95 Sale Price: $12.00 Click HERE to Purchase!

aprilyardsalesaturday 023

Traditional Samplers by Sarah Don, 1988

GORGEOUS examples of antique cross stitch and needle point samplers ---

Anyone into cross stitch samplers needs this book --- decorative alphabets, borders, great photograph of old antiques, the works!

From Library Journal:

Beginning with a history of samplers from earliest times and proceeding with a tracing of styles from various countries, this book captures the reader's interest with well-written text and illustrations of museum-owned samplers. A section on choosing and preparing fabrics, diagrams of basic stitches, and general information on completing the project precede illustrations and graphs of 22 complete samplers. Needleworkers who prefer to design their own samplers can choose from a variety of alphabets, numbers, border designs, and traditional motifs. Designs range from simple to complex, for all skill levels. Recommended.

Sale Price: $8.00 Click HERE to purchase!

aprilyardsalesaturday 022

Precisely Sew by Brenda Henning

A great little book with super patterns for paper pieced quilts! Includes full size pull out pattern sheet for foundations.

aprilyardsalesaturday 039 aprilyardsalesaturday 038

Inside front cover and back cover images

((Pardon the light reflection!))

Sale Price: $5.00 Click HERE to purchase!

aprilyardsalesaturday 019

Three NEW and unused copies of Out of the Blue by Brenda Henning!

If you like 2 color scrappy quilts, this book is full of inspiration!

aprilyardsalesaturday 040 aprilyardsalesaturday 041

Back cover and inside front cover

Sale price: $5.00 each! Click HERE to purchase!

aprilyardsalesaturday 021

Amalie’s Story by Darlene Zimmerman

New booklet includes pattern for the Crosses & Losses quilt shown, and wonderful letters written during the civil war era.

Sale Price: $5.00 Click HERE to Purchase!

aprilyardsalesaturday 020

Quilt Fiesta by Cheryl Lynch

New and unused, signed by author --

Reflecting the beauty of the Talavera ceramic tiles of Puebla, Mexico, these stunning quilts invite you to a celebration of color and design! Each eye-catching fusible-applique quilt includes a photo of the original tile that inspired it. You'll learn to "translate" a tile's solid colors into today's print fabrics.
* Choose from 10 decorative projects, including quilts, place mats, a table runner, and more
* Mix and match blocks to expand the creative possibilities
* Add unique touches such as prairie points, rickrack, and dimensional elements

Sale Price: $12.50 Click HERE to purchase!

aprilyardsalesaturday 018

Strip Addiction:

Sale Price: $5.00 Click HERE to purchase.

aprilyardsalesaturday 017

Quilting with Laura

Patterns Inspired by the “Little House on the Prairie” series

by Linda Halpin

This book is SO CUTE --- and I love the sampler quilt, and can easily see myself using the blocks in other settings ---great for beginners! Sale price: $5.00 Click HERE to purchase!

aprilyardsalesaturday 016

Magical Machine Quilting by Lorraine Stangness

If you are new to free motion quilting on your domestic machine, or want to increase your idea-stash of things you can do with your long arm, this is a FABULOUS book! Chock full of ideas and filler designs to add terrific texture to any quilting project.

Sale Price: $6.00 Click HERE to purchase!

aprilyardsalesaturday 015

Turning Twenty –New Edition, Plus 5

New & Unused

The Turning Twenty Craze needs no introduction from me ---there are many great ideas in here for turning that collection of FQs into a great quilt in quick fashion! Sale Price: $6.00 Click HERE to Purchase!

aprilyardsalesaturday 014

Applique Made Easy by Rodale Publishing

Everything you wanted to know about hand or machine applique is in here – with AWESOME detailed photos of every step…and gorgeous patterns are included. What more could you want? Hard Cover. Sale Price: $7.00. Click HERE to purchase!

aprilyardsalesaturday 012

Pink Ribbon Quilts by Mimi Dietrich

From the Author:

It is amazing how many quilters have been touched by breast cancer, whether it's as a patient, a caregiver, or a survivor. As a breast-cancer survivor, quilting has played a very important part in my recovery, and it continues to foster my ongoing positive attitude. Quilting can spark our creativity, give us goals, focus our attention on positive projects, and bring us together with other quilters. If you know a friend of loved one who has had an experience with breast cancer, pick up some fabric and make a quilt block from Pink Ribbon Quilts. When your friend receives your gift, it will brighten her day. Or try gathering several friends together to make a quilt to raise money for breast-cancer research. All of us can make a contribution in the fight against breast cancer.

Sale Price: $6.00 Click HERE to purchase!

aprilyardsalesaturday 011

Learn to Applique ((in just one weekend?!?)) by Nancy Brenan Daniel

Obviously, I haven’t learned to applique in just one weekend --- YET! But there are gorgeous antique quilt patterns in here, wonderful inspiration, great detailed photos of the process. It’s a really great “How to” book ---Includes Hand, Machine and Blanket Stitch Techniques.

Sale Price: $5.00 Click HERE to purchase!

aprilyardsalesaturday 010

Easy Stash Quilts by Carol Doak

Includes CD

Book is never used, and has traveled with me on many moves across country. It’s time for a new home!

Is your fabric collection collecting dust? Here's the perfect excuse to use it! Learn to use your stash fabrics to create wonderfully dramatic quilts that are surprisingly easy to make. Each quilt recipe is based on simple squares, rectangles, and triangles. With your stash, dazzling one-of-a-kind results are guaranteed every time! Learn how with:

· 15 quilt patterns (7 using traditional machine piecing and 8 using machine paper piecing), ranging in size from wall hangings to bed quilts

· Easy-to-follow lessons on grouping your stash fabrics by color, value, and texture

· Step-by-step sections on rotary cutting, machine piecing, paper piecing, and finishing

PLUS, the book includes a bonus CD-ROM! Watch as Carol walks you step by step through her unique Easy Stash Quilts technique, right on your computer screen.

Sale Price: $5.00 Click HERE to purchase!

aprilyardsalesaturday 009

Big Book of Small Quilts by Mary Hickey

Hard Cover 160 pages.

Contemporary and colorful, this collection of small quilt patterns features a whimsical variety of styles suitable for any occasion. Geared toward the beginner to intermediate quiltmaker, this book contains more than 40 projects with virtually template-free instructions to allow for quick and easy completion. 40+ color photos.

Sale Price: $5.00 Click HERE to purchase!

aprilyardsalesaturday 007

Water Color Quilts by Pat Maixner Magaret & Donna Ingram Slusser

((light right bottom corner is reflection from photography light, not a cover flaw))

Capture nature's beauty, light, and luminosity in your quilts! Discover how to create an Impressionistic masterpiece from 2" squares of floral fabrics. Sale Price: $5.00 Click HERE to purchase!

And the LAST ONE! I’m tired listing all of these, are you tired reading through them all?

aprilyardsalesaturday 008

Through the Garden Gate by Jean & Valori Wells

11 charming projects, each inspired by a quilter's garden. Includes projects for beginners as well as experienced quilters alike.

Sale Price: $5.00 Click HERE to Purchase!


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