Saturday, April 07, 2012

Catching up on Jubilee Blocks!

First off, if you are here looking for Yard Sale Saturday --- click HERE!

It’s still going strong, and there are many vendors with great goodies ready for you!

I was able to catch up on all three of my Jubilee blocks ---I’m so glad I didn’t shoot for something more intricate to celebrate my 50th year or it just wouldn’t happen!

Maybe the Big Jubilee will be finishing the hexie top sometime this year ----corner 3 is getting closer!

I had a great time doing these blocks…and I want to share with you how I did the “Cups & Saucers” variation.

There are so many ways that you can work with a block! I love a mental challenge...and this was a fun one!

cupsandsaucers accountantswife 012

Randy’s on the left, Mine on the right!

Look closely! They look the same from far away, but Randy’s has 4 half square triangles, 8 flying geese units and a center square. I drew up mine for paper piecing and pieced it in one unit, eliminating many seams! SO EASY!

vintage machines 020

Here is what the foundation looks like! Would you like to try it? You can get a copy of the foundation HERE.

For those who had trouble printing out the Basket Block in the right size last time….this is why:

You must RIGHT CLICK on the pattern on the screen, and click SAVE AS. It will save as a pdf file on your computer, so save it somehwere you can get to it. Your desktop is good.

Then you must open Adobe and then open the file from within adobe to print it in the size it is supposed to be. You can’t just print it from the monitor view because the printer will print out whatever your screen resolution is. When printing PDF patterns, always choose “NONE” as the scaling so that the page will print out the size it was meant to.

This block finishes at 6", and it will print out that way if you print it out correctly.

(Download the Adobe Acrobat® Reader® free of charge
by clicking on the link below.)
adobe acrobat

vintage machines 024

Now that these three blocks are done, I’m off to catch up on the two bonus blocks I still need to do….

Oh and that Cups & Saucers block?

vintage machines 022

It came from THIS! These fabrics were in the birthday box that Bonnie M sent me. It was no effort at all to cut this apart using the same methods I showed in my “De-Boning The Shirt” Video! Most of the block came from the two collar pieces..it’s amazing how far those shirt parts can go!


  1. Bonnie, do you have the patterns posted for this jubilee quilt? Is there someplace to purchase them? This looks more do-able for than the one Lane is doing this year!

  2. I just finished deboning some shirts to start a project for my son's wedding in 3 months! I'm using the block Midnight Flight from Quiltmaker. But first I'm off to the gym! Love your blocks. I'm behind on those, again. But I did pass my test and now I'm a certified (insane) Science teacher for 6-9th grades. :0

  3. I like the way you made the block--can't decide if I will do that or stick to the way I already have the pieces cut out. : )

  4. Thank you so much for the paper pieced pattern for the cups and saucers block. It is a god-send. After doing the Cut Glass Dish block with all those little hst I was nearly insane.

  5. I was one that had a hard time with the paper-pieced basket coming out too small. I finally figured out what I did wrong, redid it (copied it to my computer and had the scaling to none) and it came out perfectly. Thanks. I'm caught up on my Sow Along blocks now. Loving them.

  6. Thanks so much for the pattern! I was reading how Randy did hers and was worried about those tiny flying geese! Yours looks a little more do-able. I didn't have any trouble with my basket pattern coming out the right size so I guess I did that right! I am so enjoying these blocks and doing them along with you and Randy and everyone else.

  7. so much fun,,,,,,,,,,,,i tried paper piercing before with no luck,,,but tried your basket and did it perfectly,,wooohoooooooooo,,,tks bunches bonnie and randy for the sewalong

  8. i just noticed,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,that my hubbies old shirt,,,,,,,,,,lololol,,,,looks grt on your quilt,,,,heehhehhe,,,,,

  9. I do NOT like paper piecing, but I LOVE this one! Came out so easy.


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