Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Can’t Hardly Contain Myself!


While wandering through the classroom space taking pictures over the past couple of days, I notice a lot of my photos focused on things that Quilters put things “IN!”

Whether it was a re-purposed strawberry container, to a re-claimed baby wipes box ---we are top-notch at getting the most out of the things that most people might throw away.

Some containers and bags are made in guild or bee workshops. Some are purchased in sporting goods sections ----think of all the things you can do with a tackle box!

And some come from the tool aisle at Sears or Home Depot --- but ALL have Quiltability!

One quilter told a story, and I'm augmenting it here to keep it PG rated ---about how her hubby was known to love the "Big Box" home and tool stores....while they were wandering the aisles....she was looking for this, he was looking at that...she wandered a bit a way from him, but thinking he was right behind her said "Doesn't all this get you excited?" Only to find she had said it to "Some Other Man" --- and not her husband!

She said the look of confusion on the "Other Man's" face was priceless!

Oh we were rolling on the floor..what a hoot!

Delaware2012 043

A lidded baby wipes container holds a pre-cut stack of squares!

Delaware2012 046

There were lots of these caddies around --- they stay packed with “EVERYTHING” ready for the Quilter-on-the-go to GRAB IT ---- and GO! **Note**---the emergency pack of Twizzlers included!L :cD

Delaware2012 049

This tote was AWESOME, and on my “Must Have” list --- it’s an art bin tote..and comes with the bins to put projects in.

Delaware2012 047

Lots of zippered pockets on the front and the sides…..

Delaware2012 048

She still had the insert…look…COLORS!! I think she said it came from Michael’s or AC MOORE or something like that….definitely checking this puppy out!

Delaware2012 051

Of course there were plastic bins and boxes in all sizes and shapes….love this --- look at the production! 4 patches in one, squares and bricks in the other!

Delaware2012 052

The little carry wagon was great for rolling in supplies from the car ---- and then was used to raise this bin of parts off the floor, giving the Quilter more accessibility!

Delaware2012 053

Of course, we love our Longaberger baskets and are always looking for an opportunity to put them to good use!

Delaware2012 054

A re-purposed wet wipes container holds an assortment of pins!

Delaware2012 055

Organizer totes come in many shapes, sizes and colors……some come complete with cheese crackers for emergency quilt snacking! ((I personally thing that cheese crackers and twizzlers are perfect Quilt-Fare ;c) ))

Delaware2012 062

There were lots of these guys around --- in all colors too. I have one at home and I’ve yet to put hauling it around into practice ----but MAN you can fit a lot of neccessities in this little guy!

Delaware2012 064

Of course the ever popular Tutto luggage was there in attendance too --- this is a serger bag --- but works even better as a PROJECT BAG --- it holds a ton of fabric and project parts, pockets everywhere make it easy to keep your stuff ready to grab and go ---OF course it matched the rolling bag too that holds the sewing machine --- I have to laugh at how our quilting luggage is usually of better quality than the luggage our clothes go in to travel ;c)

Delaware2012 089

Quilters LOVE containers! This was the tiniest of plastic lidded bins --- and it holds pins! Oh, how I love Office Supply stores ---

Delaware2012 097

Be on the look out for one of these divided bins! The dividers come out, you can use them or not, arranging the space to fit squares, brings, strips, triangles ----and it’s a deep one! I think she said it came from Joann's ---on a 50% off sale of course!

Delaware2012 137

Did you catch this one in this morning’s slide show?! This tote doubles as a machine mat, with pockets to hold scissors, seam ripper, other tools…but I love the panel and what it says! Therapy In Session! LOL!

Delaware2012 150

One group of ladies made these totes in a class….it’s got a zippered pocket in front…little pockets for tools…..a perfect catch all! Everything you need for a sew day away, right at your fingertips!

Not only is it fun to see what quilters are sewing ON --- but what they are sewing WITH –—and what they use to make their “away from home” space their own with everything they need for the day ---

I DO need to find myself one of those “art bin” totes with all the boxes above ----


  1. Bonnie you hit the jackpot with this post. What fun we see here and how awesome of you to take the time to share it all. Man these containers are incredibly cool and all those cut pieces are totally inspirational and motivational. How can a girl not think "get going" when she sees this post and reads phrases like "look at the production! 4 patches in one, squares and bricks in the other!"

    I mean seriously. I looked! I don't have any cool containers yet but I'll go get productive to fill some up. How fun you made today.

  2. I'm a container addict. I went to several yard sales and came home with a ton of new containers and I'm going again this Saturday... I know I'll come home with more! Can you ever have enough storage?

    Love this post!

  3. Cool post, I remember seeing once a plastic tray for cutlery used for cut strips for log cabins.

  4. Anonymous5:37 PM EDT

    Love the art tote! Recently I was in a used bookstore looking for quilt books in the craft/sewing section only to be discouraged that there were none! When I commented to the proprietor he directed me to the section with art books, and there they were! So that art tote is just what we need.

  5. Anonymous5:42 PM EDT

    I have been saving tons of clear contsiners thst would usually go in the recycling bin - for someday when I get orgsnized! Loved this post!

  6. What a great post ;-)

  7. Thanks so much for the wonderful post showing all the storage choices...quilters can never have enough storage bins...LOL

  8. Anonymous6:19 PM EDT

    I love the pics! The rectangle one made in a class is similar to the ones we made for catchalls for Christmas last year. I am currently making a log cabin quilt and am using an adjustable silverware tray to hold all of my pieces that are pre-cut. Works well and sits nicely on my sewing table beside my machine for easy access. One end slides in for projects with less pieces. I too have square containers from Joann's purchased at 50% off that hold fat quarters perfectly for traveling. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Super idea about the silverware tray. thanks!!

  9. So many very cool ideas!! Thanks!

  10. The ArtBin tote with the individual boxes is at JoAnn's. I got one years ago for my embroidery threads and quickly outgrew it. Grab your coupon and run!

  11. Thanks for sharing, Bonnie!

  12. Be sure to let us know where you find it and what the going rate is these days. Quilters are so creative and resourceful aren't they!

    Happy Sewing ( hey did you get a handful of those twizzlers?)

  13. Anonymous7:56 PM EDT

    I love containers as much as sewing, but being a touch OCD I like the containers to match in color :0

  14. The little quilt group I belong to IS call the Therapy Group. We have solved lots of problems and soothed lots of hurts and celebrated lots of wins together in the last 25 or so years!

  15. What a fun post. I like to see what others use also.
    My friend Michelle was in your class on Saturday and Today and (jealous sneer here) she's out to dinner with you tonight. I was living thru her today while she sewed with you, I was ordering one of your books and sewing at home. I'd love to be at a workshop some day with you...
    Peggy in NJ

  16. Anonymous8:48 PM EDT

    I found tote with the bins at Walmart in the art section. Came with 4 containers inside of the tote. Was marked down to $15. If containers were bought separately they would have cost more than the tote plus containers. Haven't put mine to use yet (tote was purple).

  17. Anonymous9:19 PM EDT

    If you're interested, the Art Bin Mega Totes are on sale at the Scrapbooking Warehouse site. Seems to be the best price.

    Pat in Maine

  18. I had to laugh at the "quilting luggage is nicer than clothing luggage" comment. So true for me! My clothes go in this duffle bag that I have had since high school, but my machine goes into a $200+ Tutto carrier! Then again....that machine is worth way more than my clothes, so maybe all is as it should be!

  19. I love containers. I love looking at them.I love stuffing them with fabric and/or tools. My DD will not allow my to pass by the storage containers when we shop together. Says something about 'obsession'. Thanks for the great post.

  20. Anonymous10:46 PM EDT

    Where can I find one of those caddies (that was holding the Twizzlers?)

  21. I keep my pins in old Altoid tins. They are perfect for pins!

    I LOVE the idea for using an adjustable silverware tray for strips. I am doing a strip-y type quilt right now and have strips everywhere. I'll organize them tomorrow! Thanks.

  22. What a wonderfull things, a pitty that in Spain we don't have a Scrapbooking Warehouse, thanks to show all that

  23. Anonymous5:00 AM EDT

    Love containers! Thanks for an inspiring post lol.

    Ones I have noticed around here are: Crystal Light type plastic tall containers with lids, lunchmeat plastic containers with an attached lid (wash wash wash :) ), and ANYTHING from the Dollar stores like Family Dollar, Dollar Tree etc. CHEAP if you need to buy something. Most carry those leftover food containers very cheap.

    Hey, by the way, I am so happy to see others using wet-wipes boxes! Now If I could just figure out how to put a lenght of cut fabric in and use that slit to pull it out....ummm....gonna work on that LOL "tomorrow"


    1. Anonymous5:03 AM EDT

      HOw could I have forgotten IKEA!!!!! Just about every where you go there must be IKEAs. In fact the kitchen section is to die for.

      "Someday" I am going to LIVE in an IKEA store...that is my dream!

  24. Here's a link I found with a number of Art Bin storage options ... make sure you check out both pages! http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_ss_c_1_12?url=search-alias%3Darts-crafts&field-keywords=artbin+tote&sprefix=art+bin+tote%2Caps%2C203#/ref=sr_pg_1?rh=n%3A2617941011%2Ck%3Aartbin+tote&keywords=artbin+tote&ie=UTF8&qid=1335357593


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