Monday, April 30, 2012

Enough Whining Fixed It! ((And things to look forward to!))

Or maybe it was winning the jelly beans contest that kicked that slide show thing back into gear.

I prefer to think that something was just going on with Sky Drive ----But, whatever it is…..it is working for ME now, as it is for many others, so if you were unable to view the Smith Mountain Morning class pics from yesterday’s post --- click HERE and please try it again!

Things on the Calendar coming up to remember:

THIS Saturday is the first Saturday of MAY. That means YARD SALE SATURDAY! Are you with me? Please leave a comment below if you plan on listing things.

As for me….I’ve only got a few things as I am leaving in the morning for a driving trip to New York State and you know what my last 10 days have been like --- go go go go go! So a few things to clear out, but if YOU have lots, I’m happy to be the hosting spot of the linky so that others can shop your stuff. I just want an idea on participation. So…let me know if you are playing along!

Some other exciting posts are coming up ----and they are both blog parties with PRIZES!

My buddy Pat Sloan has a new book coming out, it’s called Focus On The Center, 8 New Looks for Medallion Quilts ----and I’ll be participating with my post going live on May 2nd. Yes --- that is THIS WEDNESDAY – and I’ll already be on the road to NY, so I’m writing that post today to go live then. Exciting stuff, and great prizes, so you will want to come back for that.

ALSO ---

VCQ2012 541

The one we’ve all been waiting for…..

100 Blocks by 100 Designers volume 5 by Quiltmaker Magazine is about to hit the newsstands! My participation goodies arrived in the mail while I was gone and I tackled them yesterday --- you won’t want to miss this issue, it’s FABO! ((Yes, and those jelly beans are quickly decreasing in volume now that my son has discovered them! ))

I will be participating in the blog party on May 4th! FRIDAY! Lots of prizes involved in that one too…and you get a sneak preview of my block…..and what hasn’t happened before for me EVER is the fact that I actually have a FULL QUILT to show you, because this one will be in the next book out in July! You can get your blocks started with the release of the magazine, and then those blocks will be ready to set in a quilt when the book comes out. So DEFINITELY come back FRIDAY.

Got those dates down? That’s Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday that all have things going on here at the blog….it’s a very busy week at Quiltville!

And for those who asked….here is a pic of the thread cabinet in its new location:

VCQ2012 540

This is the right side of my sewing corner ---and I love that the cabinet is the perfect height to get my compu-quilter monitor and keyboard at a more comfortable level for me to stand and work as well as providing me with awesome storage space! I completely cleaned out a 3 drawer plastic thingy – and this looks so much better. There is lots of room to spare, and some kind soul even cut white felt cubby liners to fit the drawers….I just LOVE THIS!

VCQ2012 539

A bit blurry, but you can see how nicely everything is going to fit….I’ve got bobbins sorted by machine types….extra machine needles, tools, gadgets and must-haves! And can I secretly admit this? ((to all 22,000 people who read this blog daily..LOL!?)) It has that old antiquey smell the same way my featherweight case does. I know some don’t like it – but that’s the fragrance of HISTORY folks! I’m one who loves old musty drawers and cases and thinking about the life this cabinet has had –and now it’s here with me!


  1. I'm hoping to have some things ready to go for the yard sale. I'm in!

  2. fits well, it was meant to be. love it when something from days gone by gets a good home. :>)

  3. I am working on stuff now....just need to get motivated to get it done!! I love your cabinet by the way...but I am one of those who does not care for the smell...and my featherweight does have a faint hint of that smell!

  4. Working on getting things identified, photos taken, prices noted, and clearing out more space....I'll be linking up Friday on the Yard Sale.

  5. I hope to have something for the yardsale.

    Love that cabinet!

  6. What a news filled post. Love it! As usual, you are going to be very busy. Again, I love that cabinet you found. Speaking of smell, guess what I found on my way home from Moline/Easter w/family trip? Yup, a Featherweight. It sews, but I want to have someone look it over for me before I start power sewing. The case has that "old" smell and it has been sitting out on my breezeway since we got home. It's a little better, but I think it is here to stay. I look forward to many happy stitches with my little machine. Have a relaxing day!

  7. your new/old thread cabinet looks very at home! such irony - that cabinet was made before home computers were invented! love it! my featherweight case has an odor that reminds me of the inside of my old band instrument case. it's not unpleasant, but it was strong, so i have the case next to my dryer, open, and throw used dryer sheets in it for now, just to dispell some of the odor.

  8. I'm sitting here laughing myself silly; "who loves old musty drawers". In my early years several decades ago, we spoke of our 'unmentionables' as 'drawers' and 'waists'. Anybody else as old as I am who remembers this old reference? Anyway, still laughing. Bonnie, thank you for the joy you bring me each day!

    Gail in VA

  9. I'm one of those who can't tolerate the musty smell of my Featherweight case--literally: it sets off my asthma. I've tried everything to get rid of the smell and read awhile back that it's actually caused by the glue they used way-back-when to adhere the lining to the case. You have to bake the smell out by using a light bulb in the case, if I remember right. I think I'll just get a new case for the Featherweight so I can use my 'baby' without wheezin'

  10. I'm in for the yard sale! I'm with you Bonnie, I love that old smell too.

  11. Looking forward to Wednesday and Friday then...Congrats on a great find there. I want to go thrifting with you!

  12. I'm in for the yard sale, too.

  13. Anonymous9:59 PM EDT

    OMG, Bonnie, did you win all those jellybeans? Good for you! You have been working so hard, and will do so some more heading all the way to NY state. Your blog is always so interesting. I just love your new "old thread" case. It has gone to a better place with someone who will love it. Drive careful! I have just bought a second of your books and I am arguing with myself over which quilt to do first. Stephani in TX (Tomazec@aol.com)

  14. You have had quite a day and I bet you have happy dreams tonight.

  15. Congrats on the "new furniture"... I'm with you... there is something about that "old" smell that takes me back to gramma's house and her attic!
    May I ask... are those items with the handles on them... top left corner of your shelf for darning socks or what have you? (I forget what they are called) My gramma's all had one and I've been looking for one for years! Guess I just need to look harder! You have a nice collection of them.
    Oh... and congrats on the jelly beans/gardening stuff... such a great place you go!

  16. I'm hoping to get some stuff listed for the yard sale- heaven knows I've got lots of stuff that could use a new home.

  17. Yippee! You won! and we got your wonderful pictures back! What a wonderful set of pictures from your classes last weekend. It was so great to see them all larger and get inspired to make this pattern. Glad everything worked out. Thanks for keeping us on the edge of our seats. Have a safe drive. Get the rest you need- K-

  18. Love, love your thread cabinet! I'm now officially looking for one for myself! And yes, can now get into your slideshow from the weekend....I'm convinced their are gremlins in all computers and they occasionally like to play with our sanity! Have a good trip! N.

  19. To me that smell is my Grandmother's house! And can I tell you I even like the smell of mothballs! Not that i would go bathe in them or anything, but It reminds me of being a kid and being with family!

  20. Love the antique cabinet as stand for the new computer! I am also an "old smell" lover, just so its not too mildewy.

  21. I hope to have a few things for the yard sale. This is the first time for me after many false starts. Robin

  22. Love, love, LOVE the thread cabinet!!!

    Lori in VA


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