Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Let There Be LIGHT!!

A couple of weeks ago while visiting with the Mississippi Valley Quilters in Moline, IL --- I noticed that Jo and Kelli had some AWESOME lighting on their machines --- in places I’ve never seen lighting before!

You know, the “new” machines come with LED lighting and visibility is SO important….

There are bendable little lights you can buy that will shine right on where the needle action is --- but have you ever felt like the rest of the throat space of your machine was in semi-shadow?

Jo told me she’d tried out these lights from Ecolux Lighting, and she gave me a card --- and before I was even able to contact THEM, they contacted me!

Okay—the really cool thing for me is that they are from BOISE, IDAHO ((GO BRONCOS!!)) Where I used to live ---and having family that is still in the Boise area makes me very proud to claim Idaho as a former home, and I’m always pumped when someone-from-somewhere-I-know comes up with something SO SUCCESSFUL!

So I get this email from Kim asking me if I would like to TRY their product ---absolutely!

The box was here waiting when I got in the door from Rhode Island --- and I didn’t get to try it out until last evening, but let me tell you what a difference this makes to my machines – especially vintage babies like Barbie above!

((As if you couldn’t see it already?))

RhodeIsland_2012 415

This is the light bar, turned on --- in the 6 LED size! 100,000 hours of life on the light. This will last me a long time!

RhodeIsland_2012 418

This is the smaller 3 LED light bar, perfect for featherweight sized machines…..the bulbs do NOT get hot --- and I think it would be really hard to break one…they are in soft pliable plastic ---

And better yet, the cords are interchangeable ----you can buy “Just the light bulb part” for more than one machine……and just transfer the cord and the on/off switch between the machines…

RhodeIsland_2012 416

On/off switch – easy thumb button!

RhodeIsland_2012 417

The plug-in part just connects here so you can use it with another machine. Or of something DOES go wrong with your light, you just replace the light part, not the whole cord/switch/plug in.

RhodeIsland_2012 407

I think you’ll be seeing a lot of happy quilters using these lights! Check out the website at http://ecoluxlighting.com and tell Kim that Bonnie sent you!

RhodeIsland_2012 420

Shine, Barbie, Shine!

Oh Yeah, and don’t forget to say “GO BRONCOS!!” :cD


  1. I put those lights on my mid arm - visibility is greatly improved!
    now I want the little one for my Featherweight...

  2. Thanks, Bonnie,I ordered mine!

  3. Anonymous8:20 AM EDT

    Thanks Bonnie! I just emailed them for info about whether they ship to Canada. Can never have enough light! :)

    1. Anonymous4:52 PM EDT

      Please let me know if they do ship to Canada!
      Canadian Heather

  4. Wow!! Thanks Bonnie!! I NEED one of these for sure...I am always in the dark!! Let there be light!
    Take care!

  5. Bonnie, I love this idea! Thanks for sharing. I am keeping this link in my "favorites". By the way, be sure and check out Lane's blog today!

  6. Anonymous9:06 AM EDT

    Fantastic idea! Thanks Bonnie, will check them out ASAP. I am in need of several of these and the interchangeable cording is a wonderful idea.

  7. I already have one of the lights (6 bulb). I have it on my Elna and I really love how much light it puts out. Absolutely great for any machine with out led lights built in.

  8. i just ordered a light for my Bernina. thanks for showing these lights, Bonnie!

  9. Those lights look like a fantastic idea!! How do you affix the light to your sewing machine or get it to stay in just the right spot?

  10. I have been using those lights for about a year and just love them! I feel I can sew even if it's dark out! As I get older, I feel it's harder to see at night. Not anymore!

  11. Anonymous11:06 AM EDT

    Hi Bonnie, Have never commented before, but have followed you for several years. I just heard about these lights last night at quilt guild. How funny that you mention them today. One lady said she uses Velcro to attach to her machine. She can then reposition it if necessary. I also thought then you could move it from one machine to another. I plan on ordering one this week.

    Diane in WA

  12. I have a feeling that these folks are going to be swamped with orders! This is just what I have been looking for! Smart people to let you "try them out". What a great way to get the word out!!
    Sorry, Bonnie (and apologies to Dave, but I think he'll understand), as a Utah State Aggie, I just can't say "Go, Broncos" and mean it! : )

  13. I've been wanting something like this for a while. I'm checking to see what size will fit my machine! Thanks, Bonnie!

  14. Janet did you order your light direct from the company as I see from the site there aren't any locals for us here in Utah.

  15. msplantladi@yahoo.com

  16. This comment has been removed by the author.

  17. I saw these at a show and put it on my Christmas list. Dh ordered it for me. I'm amazed at what a difference it makes--especially when sewing on black or dark fabrics. Definitely a GREAT investment. You can never have too much light.....

  18. Looks very interesting, so I went to the site and looked. Might have to put this on my "want" list....and convince DH it is really a "NEED" and not just a "want". LOL

  19. So, I wonder how it attaches to the machine???

    I was sewing last night - late. And even with my odd assortment of lamps (4 of them!!) all positioned just so, I still didn't really have enough lighting. I'm definitely going to go order one for my machine.

  20. I got two of these about a month ago and now don't know if I could live without them. Great invention!

  21. I will be ordering too!

  22. Anonymous3:39 PM EDT

    Breathes there a quilter who doesn'dt need MORE light? What a great idea those little ones are. I like the fact they do not get hot also.

    And THANK YOU BONNIE - for once again showing us even Bonnie K Hunter can make a quilting mistake, like too short backing. Most of us do things and have some deep down inside belief we are either stupid or something lololol. Good to understand even a professional quilter can make those same mistakes.

    Smiles and Hugs

  23. I read your post and went right out and ordered one for my machine. Dang it all I forgot to say you sent me!

    As to the backing incident, I'm with JulieinTN above on thanking you for letting us know you're human too. :-)

  24. I have two of these lights and especially like them because they do not put out heat and the are very bright. Glad that you have finally gotten one. I need to get one for my long arm....Happy quilting!

  25. Anonymous4:34 PM EDT

    Ouch! Nice lights but too costly for someone on a fixed income.

  26. I can't say Go Bronco's as I am an Oregon Duck but it's great to know such a great product is only hours away

    1. Anonymous6:17 PM EDT

      I hope they have a booth at Paduach next week!

  27. I just saw this light at Cincinnati, Ohio at International Quilt Festival. The light is awsome. Its a must have for me too.

  28. I too am wondering how the light gets attached to a sewing machine.

  29. I have them on my Featherweight and my Janome 6500.I love these lights.


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