Friday, April 20, 2012

MQX, Part 3!

This must be the longest drawn out show report ever! Too many pictures, too little time……but I kind of like showing them in smaller batches, it allows me to appreciate each one a bit more, instead of everyone getting a huge dose of quilt overload, glassy eyes and all.

This is another shot at one of the cool downtown buildings in Providence, RI. These were taken from one of the Mall windows as we walked our way from the convention center, through the mall in an effort to get to the Cheesecake Factory for lunch.

Cheesecake Factory? Just point the way ---I don't have one near me, so even though it's a chain, it's a treat when I get to go!

And the long walk, to and from, did us good. We were lucky that the worst weather we had that whole trip was just a bit of rain on Show Day ---the rest of the time it was wonderful!

We aren’t even half way through the photos yet! I hope you enjoy these – they are in no particular order or category ---

RhodeIsland2012 168

This one just reached out and grabbed me from across the aisle. You can see the quilting from this far away, but wait til you get closer ---

RhodeIsland2012 169

Gorgeous feathers are one thing, but tiny circles along the spines? WOW! This is so beautiful!

RhodeIsland2012 170

More fun textures….look at the crescents in the background area, and the detail in the red and green --- I wish my mind thought this way!

RhodeIsland2012 171

This is just an incredible art piece.

RhodeIsland2012 172

I see things in squares, rectangles and triangles! I wish my mind were free enough to see things in giant graphic applique! This is just beautiful – take a look at the quilting:

RhodeIsland2012 173

Goodness Gracious!

RhodeIsland2012 174

I love the stylized heart with tendrils…..and see that gold border? There was LOTS of close parallel quilting seen at this show..notice the crystals too……

RhodeIsland2012 177

This beautiful poppy quilt is a variation on an old timeless pattern ---but the fresh colors and the quilting are simply gorgeous, though there is nothing SIMPLE about it!

RhodeIsland2012 175

The motifs that pop up here and there are wonderful, but pay attention to the background filler – it goes from random pebbles to straight line filler..and sometimes areas are missing “on purpose” within that pebble filler almost as if it is a crumbling stucco wall or something. I don’t know how else to describe it --- but I found it so interesting that there is perfection in imperfection --- having the parallel lines randomly fill where the pebbles do not:

RhodeIsland2012 176

Corner treatment!

RhodeIsland2012 178

Side Poppy!

RhodeIsland2012 179

I thought this one was really interesting with a kind of positive/negative Stone Henge kind of look. I loved the random greens and neutrals!

RhodeIsland2012 181

The color in this one got my heart racing! It reminds me of a Moroccan carpet or something! But get a load of this quilting:

RhodeIsland2012 182

Hello, Texture! Quilting shows up so nicely on solids. Look at the close fans behind that border feather! Whooowhooo! Can you see the close line quilting in the black setting triangles? And that gridded lattice work in the while backgrounds of the stars?

RhodeIsland2012 183

That appliqued circle block just makes me happy!

RhodeIsland2012 184

Stars and more stars…..this star is an amazing study in complexity in itself – but if that weren’t enough, it’s swallowed up in this gorgeous flowing applique border!

RhodeIsland2012 185

Look at the curved lattice in those background areas…..the the parallel lines in the border! WOW! don’t you love the small butterflies?

RhodeIsland2012 186

Radiating “sunshine” style heart motif in the setting square ….I’m gobsmacked at the detail!

RhodeIsland2012 187

I love the wavy edge of this center section of diamonds….even if the shape isn’t present in the piecing, you can add it in with the quilting..are you inspired yet?!

I know I am! And would you believe we are not done yet? I think I have enough photos for one more post –perhaps tomorrow, or maybe on Sunday, cuz I’ll be off again – this time I’m traveling to Dover, Delaware to spend some time with the Helping Hands Quilt guild! We’ve got plans for 3 workshops and a lecture/trunkshow to fill my time there, and who knows what other kind of trouble I can get myself into? I’ve never spent time in Delaware other than driving up I-95 toward the New Jersey Turnpike ---so I hope there is time to explore!

Today’s To-Do list includes getting Florabunda loaded on the machine. I’d like to have it quilted, bound and on the bed before spring is over ---and I’m sick of yellow! LOL!

Happy Friday, Everyone!


  1. gobsmacked indeed! i'm enjoying your "in parts quilt show" i've finished my nonfloribunda floribunda cheddar quilt top,,,,it's resting on the guest bed. i closed the door, sick of it!

  2. Anonymous9:35 AM EDT

    These quilts just blow me away!!!

  3. Anonymous9:58 AM EDT

    Dang! I should have worn a bib before looking at this "in parts quilt show!" Beautiful beyond words. Thanks so much for sharing!

  4. Great photos. Thanks so much for sharing.

  5. Once again, you've started my day out on a high note!

  6. I can't believe the quilting on these quilts! Intimidating to this new machine quilter, to say the least! I need to get over that and just let it be inspiring, but for now I'll stick with intimidated! : )

  7. Thanks for sharing, Bonnie. These pictures take my breath away. Lane

  8. These are all sooo beautiful! I don't think I can face any actual quilting today, will just go back to stitching this week's Barrister's Blocks.

  9. Thanks for all your photos! These quilts are absolutely beautiful!

  10. Thanks for sharing all this gorgeous work. There are some great ideas here for future quilts. I cannot even imagine the number of hours spent both constructing and quilting these beauties.

  11. *mouth hanging open.... wow. I wonder how many hours those took just to quilt? Is it by hand or machine? WoW!!

    Thanks Bonnie,my new word is going to be gobsmacked!(I need a new one as my granddaughters scolded me for saying sh!t too much).
    Is that a NC term? I've been saying for years I want to get out of IL and move to NC.(I was born here, ONLY reason to live here!!) I've never been to NC but it sounds beautiful (anything near a beach is my heaven). And now I'm going to start using the language! LOL

    1. Come on down... life's grand here!

  12. Gorgeous quilts all!! The quilters who display their quilts at MQX are so talented...not to mention patient to do all that close quilting. Once I get to the quilting part I just want to use a pretty pantograph and git 'er done.

  13. wow, love the quilting! so glad you took close ups of them... I need to step up my quilting!! :-)

  14. My o my... my brain has cracked open, inspiration flooding my spirit.... Thanks so much for the wonderful photos and the helpful comments which make me see things I might have missed otherwise.
    Such high art. HAvve a great week-end. b

  15. Oh, wow, I love these quilts! I love seeing the detail that show producers never put on their websites. Very inspiring!
    Thank you!

  16. Hi Bonnie, Great quilts. I saw your previous MQX posts. Many of my contacts emailed today to tell me my quilt is shown on your blog! Wish I could have met you last week BTW; I think your scrap quilts are fantastic. Back when I actually had time to make them, I often used your work for inspiration.

    FYI...I do know the makers of some of this posts quilts. #1 is Lois Polodny, #2 Karen Marchetti, #3 Carolyn Rider, #4 and #5???, Mine is the purple/pink and green carpenter's star with applique that you showed several pictures of. Your photo of the whole quilt is about the best I have seen. It's way clearer than any of mine. If you could email it to me, I'd be greatful. Thanks so much for the pics.
    Margaret Solomon Gunn

  17. janice d4:41 PM EDT

    Wow, they are all really beautiful, especially the Florida one.

  18. Beautiful quilts from an amazing show -- my quilts always get to go, maybe I will too (one day)! Thanks for sharing -- my quilt "Wonderlust" is #2, you have provided some great detail shots, thanks again.

  19. Thank you for sharing. I'm just in awe!

  20. Oh gosh- I don't know if I'm inspired by the talent and beauty, or deflated with my own ordinary quilting.

  21. I feel as Elaine does, so inadequate. I know I will never be able to do anything remotely close to any of this gorgeous work. It is wonderful to see though. Maybe I should just be happy I can do adequate piecing! Marilyn In SC


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