Monday, April 09, 2012

What’s on YOUR Bed? ((Linky Party!))

This lovely Monday morning I’ve had windows open, soft smells of spring coming through the screens as I CLEAN, BABY, CLEAN!

Mondays are the day I love to change bedding, catch up on house work ----clean bathrooms, scrub kitchen floors and put things in order.

Okay, I love the clean fresh bedding, but I don’t enjoy scrubbing bathrooms and kitchen floors so much – but I feel SO GOOD when it is done.

Jason and Kim are coming up on Thursday ---and I’m not going to be here! Sad smile

But that doesn’t mean that I didn’t want to take some time sprucing things up for them.

I don’t have dust BUNNIES – I’ve got DUST CATS. Or CAT anyway since only one of them lives indoors, and her shedding season is about to be in full swing Smile with tongue out There were dust cats hiding under beds and dressers --I think I've corralled them all!

After the bedding was washed, and I was putting all back together in the guest room so it's ready for them when they come on Thursday, I thought it might be fun to show you what I put on the bed.

Do you do this? I change the quilts when I wash the bedding --- the sheets are already off the bed anyway, so why not change the look of the room at the same time?

homedecor 003

I changed out the winter quilt, and put my funky 1950s “Hands All Around” quilt on the bed. I found this top a few of years ago at an antique mall, added borders, quilted it up, and it has become one of my favorites just because of the funny fabrics in it. Some of the blocks have REALLY low contrast ---

homedecor 002

Isn’t it fun?

There are more close up pics of the blocks and top Here and Here!

So here’s a little something I thought might be fun since we are all getting into Spring Cleaning mode. ((You are too, aren’t you?!)) What if we did posts showing “What’s on Your Bed?” If you feel like changing the sheets, putting a different quilt on the bed, DO IT! Write a post with a picture of the quilt on your bed, a little bit about it…and come back and link to me. I think it would be fun to see!

I know this is kind of like a last-minute-on-the-fly idea, but that's the kind of girl I am, so just indulge me and play along!

***NOTE*** When you put your info in the linky, PLEASE put in the address of the specific post containing the picture of your quilt on your bed. DO NOT just link it to your whole blog, or I'll have to remove it and have you try again because I can't fix it for you. To get the right address of your post to show up in your address bar so you can copy/paste it --- click on the TITLE of the blog post you wrote about your quilt. The address you see in the address bar should end with .html not .com

I’m off to the chiropractor. I guess I didn’t win the number of jelly beans that were in the jar --- but that’s okay, I don’t need the jelly beans, there is enough other jelly parts to me to make up for that! However, I would like this nerve pain down the back of my right leg to go away! It even hurts when I press the sewing machine foot pedal. This is SO not fair. Sad smile

Maybe when I get back there will be some other linkies below --- okay? Change out those quilts, and go take a pic!


  1. Sounds like your psyatic (or however it is spelled)... hope you feel better soon!

    And my bed.... a jumbled blanket mess... I supposed I should go make it :)

  2. I just stripped the bed this morning. Maybe I will put something new on it and add a link later today.

  3. Love your 50' Hands all around! What a treasure!

  4. I LOVE your quilt! Hubby and I both love fresh linens and that's what is on our bed now as I laundered the bedding this AM. No open windows though as its a bit cool today.

  5. Oh, you are so inspiring on so many levels!

    I have been leading the wandering life this past 4 months. I love the quote, "Not all who wander are lost."

    I watch you show the bags of quilts you load on planes....I carry my sewing in a car, and space constraints are interesting there too. I watch you set up in hotel rooms with your sewing....I always leave a good tip to the cleaning staff, for the stray threads and salvage fluff. I watch your schedule, hoping that I maybe in the same city as you, at the same time, to catch a class...close, yet so far....

    I will not be home until next weekend. Traditionally, I put on clean linens before I leave home. I was only home a week between this last set, we have been out 7 weeks of 8. When I was home the last of March, my Daughter's family living with us started moving out to their new place...

    Family logistics and allergies prevented my own ways of "doing' my thing.....so I am yearning to be home soon....I hope to open windows and have my quilts exchanged for spring/summer first thing.

    Happy Monday cleaning!

  6. I love the quilt--it makes you smile as soon as you see it--is this your own design or a pattern-I would love to make one--I am now usually a flower person but this quilt makes me want to go out and buy flower fabric--

  7. Anonymous3:45 PM EDT

    I'm sure your work space is ergonomically designed and your chiro and other providers are on top of it....but just in case this could be helpful. I also get pain down the back of my right leg. Yes, that hurts when I push my machine pedal. That's a sign to take a break or you'll keep aggravating the problem. My free advice? Make triple sure you are sewing in a really good chair for the size of your body. Take as much care with the size of the chair's seat and where it hits on the back of your legs as with its height. Along with the general height of the chair in relationship to your legs/feet on the floor and your arms at your sewing machine, the proportional relationship between your right leg and your pedal is also important. Maybe you should spend some of that money you're looking to spend on having an occupational therapist come to look at your sewing set-up. Maybe your computer set-up, too. I'm sure everyone tells you to take stretching breaks, too. And do you take them? Could your sewing set-ups in hotel rooms be doing more harm than good? Good luck. Pain is no fun.

  8. LOve your heart cushions too!

  9. You all have some gorgeous quilts on your beds!


  10. I won't share a photo of what is on my bed as it is terribly embarrising. It's an old cheap K-mart quilt with rips and holes.
    Why don't i have a nice quilt on it? Because I have the top done but not the fear of trying to quilt a queen size quilt under my home machine has left it stored to be finished for two years now. I have the unquilted top of RRCB on my guest bed - just to look at it. I have I don't know how many other quilt tops waiting for the day I get over my fear - or can afford an inexpensive, but functional long arm machine. Maybe if we get this house sold, I'll keep some back to buy one....Maybe,,,I hope.

  11. oooo Bonnie I have been suffering with my sciatica all last week. I hope you are feeling better. Mine did not get better after seeing the chiro :-(

  12. Hey bonnie did you hear the Pat Sloan interview with Terri Stavig this afternoon? She was so thrilled with your visit in Alaska to their group and called you a "quilting rock star"! It's really sweet give a listen.

    happy Sewing.....oh I gotta go take a picture of my bed :0)

  13. Hi Bonnie Florabunda is gorgeous! I will make you a deal.....is you come and sew with me at my house, my daughter will,take care of your sore back! sheis a chiropractor! Works for me !;)
    Feel better soon

  14. I LOVE your quilt Bonnie! And those heart pillows are wonderful! I must make one ASAP!!!! Angels on your body as you travel - be safe!

  15. Just barely spring weather here so were still tucked up under the down quilt with the flannel rail fence quilt on top. Its two layers of heavy flannel with warm & natural batting. Very warm.

  16. I LOVE, LOVE your bed with quilts.

  17. That looks like such fun and makes me wish I were less technically challenged.

  18. The quilts all look so beautiful and I LOVE your headboard Bonnie.I have no pictures to share as I am currently making my first quilt! No bed to put it on anyway! LOL
    I WILL have a quilt stash someday! =)

  19. Anonymous11:46 AM EDT

    This is Gwen, in Hampton, Virginia. About a year and a half ago I broke what I thought was a couple of toes on my right foot, my sewing foot. It turns out, one toe was actually broken below, down in the foot and was not healing. I was forced to wear a huge honking walking boot for 6 weeks. With Christmas looming and a couple of presents not yet completed, I moved my foot pedal to the left, started slowly, and trained myself to use my left foot. Now, I can't sew as well with my right any more, plus I'm able to use my knee lift on my Bernina much more easily. Perhaps if you switch feet, it will shift your body weight just enough to relieve the nerve pain. And by the way, I love your blog the way it is - just the right mix of quilting,travel pictures, opinion, etc. I especially enjoyed all your posts from your trip to New Mexico - I visited there as a child several times and your posts brought back many happy memories!

  20. Like Gwen just posted, I had to learn to use my left foot after my right knee was injured in a car accident two years ago. It was beyond annoying, but it let me keep sewing.

  21. I love your bed/headboard. It looks about the same period as mine:)

  22. Bonnie - try laying on a tennis ball. It may take some time to find the sore spot or the knot but when you do, you'll know, because you shouldn't feel the pain in your leg. I've been using tennis balls for years for "accu-pressure". From my neck to my hips, I have rolled or just lain on them for relief. It helps by loosening the tightness/knot so that you can relax - almost like a massage. I use a sock to keep the balls in and grab the end of the sock to move it around on my spine, hip or neck... Hope it helps!

  23. What a fun idea for a linky party! Love your bed quilt. Those quilty heart pillows are fantastic too! Thanks for hosting!

  24. Wow! What beautiful quilts everyone has! Thanks Bonnie for the invitation to join in on the fun.

  25. Thanks for the Linky party, Remembering the days of the week and the chore attached to them from the olden days...

  26. This comment has been removed by the author.

  27. Anonymous10:07 PM EDT

    Just want to say Thank You for doing this. It was fun to get to see all the quilts and read some blogs! I've really enjoyed myself!

  28. I keep coming back and seeing more quilts--and I've had a lot of visitors at my blog. Thank you for doing this.

  29. Mondays are the day I love to change bedding, catch up on house work ----clean ... catbedsheets.blogspot.com


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