Monday, April 07, 2014

Showin’ & Sharin’ in Williamsburg, VA!

Williamsburg_April2014 036

Check out this lovely pink and purple version of Easy Street from More Adventures with Leaders & Enders!

Super Show & Share during our lunch breaks and at the guild meeting!  WOW!

I just love seeing what everyone has made…….and I LOVED this color combo!

Show & Share is really an unstructured event…if you have something bring it, and we usually just wind down our lunch break by sharing what we've made, and it gives us a chance to know each other a bit better since we have quilters from all over the area coming together for the classes.

Williamsburg_April2014 043

This is ALSO Easy Street!

In this case the blocks were set “on the straight” instead of “on point” and I love the Christmassy look of it!

Williamsburg_April2014 057

Blues and reds and golds for Easy Street!

Williamsburg_April2014 077

And  green and red and gold as well!

They are all so distinctly different…isn't this color inspiring?

Williamsburg_April2014 037

There were Celtic Solstice quilts in the house too!  This is SAO’s

Williamsburg_April2014 051

Lorraine’s top in progress

Williamsburg_April2014 081

A king sized one at guild meeting show and tell!

Williamsburg_April2014 040

SAO’s Carolina Crossroads from Scraps & Shirttails

Williamsburg_April2014 041

Roll Roll Cotton Boll from String Fling, with sashings!

Williamsburg_April2014 058

And Roll Roll Cotton Boll WITHOUT Sashings!

Williamsburg_April2014 042

Orca Bay from String Fling!

Williamsburg_April2014 045

Star Gazing from Scraps & Shirttails!

Williamsburg_April2014 046

Spoolin’ Around Leader & Ender Challenge!

You can see MY result of the challenge HERE!

Williamsburg_April2014 048

Lorraine’s AMAZING Crumb Quilt!

Williamsburg_April2014 049

In Search of Mickey!

Find out MORE about Crumb Quilts HERE!

Williamsburg_April2014 050

Love the string sashings on Lorraine’s String Quilt!

Click Here for the String Quilting Primer!

Williamsburg_April2014 052

Lorraine’s Sister’s Choice!

I LOVE the inner sashing inside the last row of blocks….Dynamic!

Lorraine said she didn’t have any biological sisters, so she calls this quilt “Sisters by Choice!”  I love that!

Williamsburg_April2014 053

Crumb Double Wedding Ring!

Williamsburg_April2014 055

In the hand quilting process!

Williamsburg_April2014 056

I love the size of these rings!

They are foundation pieced onto dryer sheets…..slivers of fabric, how ever wide they are, then trimmed to shape and pieced into rings.  I’ve done ONE double wedding ring in my lifetime, it’s probably a “NEVER EVER AGAIN” but I LOVE this one!

Williamsburg_April2014 059

Perkiomen Day Dreams with 10,000 1" squares from Scraps & Shirttails!

Williamsburg_April2014 060

Hidden Spools by Bonnie T!

Williamsburg_April2014 061

Love Bonnie’s denim quilt also!!  Awesome!

Williamsburg_April2014 075

Sister’s Nine Patch from Adventures with Leaders & Enders!
Love that chrome yellow!

I was at the wrong angle to get photos….but there were a couple of GREAT Jamestown Landings from String Fling!

Williamsburg_April2014 078

One in Blue…..

Williamsburg_April2014 079

And one in Green!

Williamsburg_April2014 083

Smith Mountain Morning from Scraps & Shirttails II!

Williamsburg_April2014 085

And a GORGEOUS Pineapple Blossom!

It was a terrific weekend full of scrap quilts to die for….no, that’s wrong.  Scrap Quilts to SEW FOR!  I came home so inspired to get back to working on my own projects…

And those two quilts to finish the binding on?  Barely got touched! LOL!

Guess what is going on the road with me to Tennessee & Kentucky on Wednesday?  BINDINGS.  I am GOING to get these done!

It’s a brand new week.  I hope you have something Quilty planned – have a great Monday, everyone!

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  1. How many people were at this show & tell. There were a lot of great quilts to admire

  2. That was a great Show & Share. You must be thrilled to see so many people using your designs to make such beautiful quilts.

  3. You must be thrilled to see so many FINISHED quilts of your designs. Would be awesome to save the pictures by pattern and in three years publish them some how... I know you have no time, but perhaps some textile major working on a masters or PHD could do the leg work and write her observations!!!!!!

  4. Is the new facebook Studio group invitation only? When I click on the link the facebook sign in page is all that comes up. I know I'm a square peg, but haven't found a reason yet to actually make an account. Thanks, Sharyn in Kalama

    GREAT show and tell!

  5. What a great show! I envision a show room or museum of all Bonnie Hunter quilts. Even better make it a traveling show so every one could visit.

  6. Fabulous quilts ala Bonnie K! Their faces tell how much they are loving these quilts.

    Bonnie, you must take great pride, and honor, for the many quilts you have inspired!

    Smiles, JulieinTN

  7. Awesome quilts. I love to see the various patterns in all the colors. It's surprising how different the patterns look.

  8. WOW loved all the show and tell. Guess I better get off the 'puter and do some sewing.

    Thanks for sharing

  9. Impressive group of quilters. Love the color choices.

  10. WOW, I love seeing the different colorways for the same pattern, thanks for sharing these, they are all beautiful!

  11. Fun Show and Share! Love seeing I'm not the only one who hasn't quilted my Celtic Solstice. Great scrappy color combos!

  12. Fabulous show and tell! The more I see of Jamestown Landing the more I want to make that one too!

  13. What a fantastic collection of quilts at show and tell!

  14. Bonnie ~
    Thank you so much for sharing all the wonderful quilt pictures. It seemed like more of a quilt show to me rather than just show & tell! It was exciting to see the different color combinations used for your designs and so many large quilts.

  15. WOW! Those are all awesome. I'm in the process of cutting scraps per your instructions. I can't decide what to make first, so I keep cutting.

    Would it be possible for Bonnie to share the pattern for her great denim quilt?

    Thanks for all you do & sharing so many beautiful quilts & patterns.


  16. Thanks so much for sharing! What an awesome showing of amazing quilts and I especially love the "Crumb Wedding Ring" one. Thank you, thank you, thank you for showing us that one. I have come to the conclusion that even when I am finished my crumb quilt (made into squares), I will still have a ton of crumbs left to do something else with. I won't let my friends throw out their fabric scrapsso there will be lmostt a never-ending supply....lol. ooooo.....now I am excited tostart this project.......

  17. I adore the Show & Tell posts. They are always a favorite. Thanks for sharing Bonnie and Williamsburg quilters!

  18. What amazing show + tell!! The Easy Street look totally different set on point, loved the string sashings with string blocks and the pineapple the best. Thanks so much for sharing :)


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