Saturday, April 05, 2014

Out Quilt Hunting!

Williamsburg_Apr2014 070

We did find some quilts and quilt tops while antiquing in Williamsburg, VA.

This top, from very humble beginnings – has dress and shirt scraps in a rocky road to Kansas pattern – the background being home-dyed feed sacking.    Poor thing has faded beyond my desire to rescue it, but it was a fun look at some fabrics, 1930s and 1940s mostly ----

If all I had was a small scrap bag to work with….perhaps I’d resort to home dying my background fabric as well, not knowing that that dye would do over time.  A valiant effort on the part of the piecer but for some reason this top never made quilt status.

Williamsburg_Apr2014 076

A 1930s 4 patch hung at the end of a row.

Some day – I want to do a quilt with a purple background.  Yes, I’m adding that to my list!

Williamsburg_Apr2014 084

North Wind and an Irish Chain in turkey reds ---

Williamsburg_Apr2014 085

This day was brought to us by the color RED!

Check out these album blocks:

Williamsburg_Apr2014 086

Lovely old fabrics, gorgeous turkey red background.

Williamsburg_Apr2014 087

Delicious chocolates

Williamsburg_Apr2014 089

Lovely greens!
Williamsburg_Apr2014 090
Love the substitutions!

This top was a bit on the “this will never quilt out” wonky side, and the fabrics were brittle enough in areas that I wouldn’t even want to try.  It was one of those that inspires me just by the photos alone….and oh, I love these fabrics!  It’s got “THAT GREEN” as a border!

Williamsburg_Apr2014 094

Sweet Flying Geese Crib Quilt!

Williamsburg_Apr2014 093

This cool fabric is the backing!

Williamsburg_Apr2014 095

This Jacob’s Ladder was my fave of the day ---

Williamsburg_Apr2014 096

These happy scrappy blocks!

Williamsburg_Apr2014 097

Lots of lovely blue indigo mixed with pink

Williamsburg_Apr2014 098

These are so hodge-podgy! I love it!

Williamsburg_Apr2014 099

Bowtie Crib quilt!

Williamsburg_Apr2014 100

Love those plaids and shirtings!

Williamsburg_Apr2014 101

Double Pink Old Maid’s Puzzle!

Williamsburg_Apr2014 103

Love all the different shirtings and double pinks.

Williamsburg_Apr2014 108

Beauty even if faded – Single Wedding Ring in Burgundy resist ---

Williamsburg_Apr2014 110

Check out the prints….Swoon!

Williamsburg_Apr2014 113

This drives me nuts..it’s really hard to see what is what when they hang things like this!

Williamsburg_Apr2014 117

But check out these beautiful pink blocks ---
The hand quilting is exquisite!

Williamsburg_Apr2014 116

Gorgeous appliqued and embroidered pansies…

Williamsburg_Apr2014 120

Carpenter’s Wheel – Classic!

Williamsburg_Apr2014 123

Oh depression era string quilt love!

Williamsburg_Apr2014 124

Aren’t these blocks fun??

Williamsburg_Apr2014 125

Faded home-dyed blue double wedding ring.

Williamsburg_Apr2014 126

The piecing and the quilting are still holding up great!

Williamsburg_Apr2014 127

Oh funky scrappy star!

Williamsburg_Apr2014 128

It’s fun that some of these are very high contrast, and the others are just…mud!

It was a great time treasure hunting, and to think we only made it through HALF of the antique mall before they gave us the 10 minutes warning that they were closing and it was time to bring all puchases up to the check out area.

I did find some bargains.  They are wrapped and in the car. 

I definitely will keep The Williamsburg Antique Mall on my list of places to visit the next time I am in this area.

Today’s workshop wrapped up at 5pm.  We enjoyed dinner out, and my time here is winding down.  It’s been a great time ---and tomorrow I’m back on my way home!

Thank you to the Colonial Piecemakers for the invite, and for making my stay such a memorable and fun one!  We’ll see many of you girls back at the VCQ Celebration at Smith Mountain Lake in just a couple of weeks ----

As for me now? It’s jammie and unwinding time….maybe some binding…or maybe just curling up with a good book to read – a good night’s sleep, waking up to NO ALARM, and heading home after breakfast.

Have   a great Saturday Evening, everyone ---

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  1. I love how you lay them out where ever to get a Picture. I'm not quite that Brave. Got my Book today, YEA! I saw a Bunch of my Favorite Purple "Eternal Swirl" in those quilts in there. Enjoy your quiet evening.

  2. Jealous! My hubby and I were in Williamsburg 2 weeks ago for vacation. Drove up from Texas. We really enjoyed every day we had. Love the blue and pink combination too, will have to put it on my list. Thanks for the great pics, antiquing was one thing we did not get too.

  3. I'm can't believe the great quilts and sewing machines you find in your antique travels! Even thought they're pricey. I never find really nice ones like that.
    These are some really pretty ones!
    Vickie in Cleveland

  4. Great day today in the Boxy Stars class. Thanks for visiting us in Williamsburg. Goodnight and safe travels tomorrow.

  5. Tell you what! All malls put out the call for vintage and antique to be brought in because Bonnie K is coming1!!!

    It has to be the way this happens :) You have more luck in the quilt department than anyone I know. Thanks for the photos. Enjoy seeing the oldies.

    Drive safe, get home and tuck into your own bed.
    Smiles, JulieinTN

  6. I love to see those antique quilts you found. It is very inspiring, next to one of your pictures there is some nice embrodery too. Not a change I will evenr find anitque quilts here in the Netherlands in this kind of shops, suppose we don't have as much antique quilts yet.
    Dutch greetings, Conny

  7. The BEST time treasure hunting with you and I love how well all the photos turned out, you make those quilts look goooooooood...........

  8. You never know how you are impacting our lives but here's the latest in mine. DH and I jumped in the car the day after you posted this and headed to the Williamsburg Antique Mall. What a find! I came home with a wonderful antique sewing box and we're going back. On the way, I found not one but two cheap vintage mechanical machines (not saying where) which we are leaving with crossed fingers to retrieve.

  9. Wow, this was like a quilt show! Thank you for showing off all those gorgeous REDS!!!! And I noticed that there were lots of "internal seams" as I call them, of pieced fabrics to make up one of the squares.

  10. Love it when you share your plundering expeditions through the antique malls! Thank you so much.


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