Monday, April 07, 2014

Good Things Come in Pink!

Studio_April2014 043

I am just back from trip #3 to the post office.

I’m doing all I can to have each and every book order out the door before I leave for Tennessee on Wednesday ---and I’m hoping that UPS brings another round of cases of books to my doorstep by tomorrow evening ---because I am O.U.T!

All of the pre-orders have gone out…but if you have ordered since last Tuesday, and the UPS truck doesn’t show up until AFTER I leave on Wednesday morning, I hope you will be patient with me, I’ll be shipping your order after my trip to Tennessee and Kentucky.  I’ll be gone about a week.

*fingers crossed they arrive!”

On my way back from Williamsburg yesterday, I noticed that the red bud trees had all sprouted out all magenta-pinky-purple.  SO PRETTY!

This is a tree just up my street…hard to see the color because it’s been nasty and rainy today.  It doesn’t showcase well against a dreary sky.

Studio_April2014 042

Closer up!

Studio_April2014 041

Another view --

I’m sure by Wednesday when I’m driving through the smokies, I will be amazed at how much has changed in just about two weeks since I came home from Pigeon Forge!  Seems we wait for spring all year, and then it passes far too quickly for us to just enjoy the beautiful blooming things.

I had quite the pink day at the antique mall in Williamsburg…you know how it is when you are shopping with a buddy ENABLER??

I hemmed and hawwed, she goaded and encouraged…and at “Everything in this booth 50% off!” I couldn’t resist.

I caved.  Big time!

Studio_April2014 038

I love pink depression glass!

I ended up with 11 juice glasses for $16.50!

Studio_April2014 040

This beauty will hold SOMETHING.

I’m just not sure what yet.

Studio_April2014 039

Face powder swan!

I thought this little jar was fun.  Body powder, bath powder, or maybe just trinkets.  It was the gals at the counter who said that the wings on the swan are shaped to “hold a lipstick!”  Sweet.  Makes me think of all those 1930s and 1940s fashions….I think I need to buy the right shade of red lipstick to go with it!

Sweet mementos from a very fun visit.  And I got out of the antique mall for under $40.00.

And I didn’t buy a quilt or a sewing machine!

Come on, UPS MAN – where are you?

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  1. I have that exact candy dish (not the swan) in clear glass...it is a great size dish! My mother used to collect the carnival pink depression glass so someday I may have quite a collection of that to add to the green I already have! FUN!

  2. I made a run up to southern OK the other day and the redbuds (OK state tree!) were out in full force. SO pretty but then so are our bluebonnets (you remember them, don't you?).

  3. I love the swan jar. I have one with a Scottie dog on the lid. It's marigold carnival glass which I collect. I also have a pink Rose of Sharon depression glass cookie jar that hubby bought at an auction for $2. He said no one would start the bidding so he did and he got it. He then asked if it was worth anything...Duh, YES!

    1. Lucky girl! That is the pattern I collect...... it's just so expensive! Figures I would pick a more expensive one to fall in love with! I only have a few pieces of it. I did inherit my mom's though. She had a few different patterns; both in clear and pink. "Buttons and Bows", "Columbia", "Waterford Waffle" and "Quilted Diamonds". I also inherited one green luncheon plate for the "Love Birds" pattern from my great grandmother.

  4. GASP!!!! Pink depression glass....... my other weakness! That powder bowl is DIVINE! I'm surprised the swan is still intact. Those handles and decorative trims are usually the first things to break off. Great find!

  5. LOVE the glassware! You should put M&Ms in one of the dishes, or use it to hold bobbins. Thanks for the view of Spring, too. It's slowly appearing up in the Poconos of PA.

  6. I have a pink Depression glass vase that mother filled with lilacs every year for my birthday. I think of her as I am cutting my own lilacs these days. That vase brings back such happy memories. I hope your glass will bring you happy memories too.

  7. Great find of the glass! And the UPS man was at MY house today with my book and seam guide! YAY! My split 9-patch is on the design wall, need 11 more blocks to finish it. Thanks Bonnie!

  8. My books are here!My books are here! I am so excited. Pretty pink depression ware,mine is all packed away. I have mucho' love it. I do use some of the serving pieces. Fantastic juicers. I did estate sales in my prior life 7 owned an antique store.Its all about quilting now. Have a great trip.

  9. Thanks for my book! It arrived and there are several calling me! But drat that delivery person, why do they think they can bend, fold and force a book into aregular sized mailings box?!! Will never understand what's so hard about knocking on the door with apackage too large for the box. Okay, now it's time to start pulling fabrics. Midnight Flight here I come.

  10. YES, for PINK!!! You made a good haul for $40. Will they go up to the cabin to reside in the china hutch there? Glad my P.O worker left my book on the porch laying flat. The packaging sure took a beating though. It's good I ordered it early so I'm not waiting around for it now. I love looking at it and thinking of which Bonnie quilt will call to me next.

  11. Love the swan. My kitty knocked it over and all that is left is the top. Mine is more red than pink

  12. What a bargain you got on those glasses. I collect pink depression glass too, but only the Miss America pattern. it's pretty pricey at the antique places here in the NW.

  13. Enabler here, willing subject anytime you are and that was just the first and only stop we were able to make, just imagine the possibilities with a bit more time between us.......... thanks again!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. I love your pink depression glass ! I have a candy dish of my grandmothers that is of pink depression glass that I cherish. It is just such a happy color.

  15. I collect pink depression glass, too! I have a footed compote dish in the Lace pattern that was part of my Mother & Dad's wedding set. They were gifted the whole set in 1936. My Dad didn't like it because his food fell through the "holes" in the lace! LOL So, Mother gave it away. My parents always brought it out at Thanksgiving to serve cranberry sauce in. You got a great buy on your goodies!

  16. My copy of the new book came yesterday!

  17. I like the pink depression glass too. The swan dish, my mom had a clear one and that right a place for lipstick. How fun to shop with a buddy/enabler!!! haha

  18. OH, my mother had a pink swan glass dish. Thanks for the memories.

  19. I love antique glass. I don't think I would have been able to pass those up either. What a find.


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