Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Join those Batting Scraps!

Studio_April2014 086
This pink and purple baby quilt has been sewn on whole generations of sewing machines ---

The pink bonus triangles were sewn by treadle while I worked on my Sister’s Choice quilt Re-Do.  The purple bonus triangles came from the borders of Lazy Sunday, who knows how many machines that one was sewn on, I can’t think back that far!  I do know the pieces for Lazy Sunday traveled with me in zip lock baggies and was sewn on borrowed machines during my travels in between working on it at home.

I assembled the blocks and set them with sashings on my Singer 301A at the cabin.

And last night I sewed the borders on by treadle while watching Doc Martin:

Studio_April2014 084
Putting on the borders!
But this morning I decided to skip decades and put those batting pieces Id been moaning about to good use.  Piecing batting for a baby quilt is a SMALL job, and only makes a small dent in the batting bin, but I still feel good about it.
Studio_April2014 088
I needed a Zig-Zag Machine!
I pulled out my aqua two-toned Necchi Supernova Ultra to do the job.  She is such a smooth stitcher, and check out that round needle plate…cool beans!
Studio_April2014 085
Several columns of scrap batting just waiting to be joined!
I like to piece in columns, it makes it really easy to build a batting this way.  If a column is too short, just add some more to the length, if the column is too long, whack it off!
Studio_April2014 086
Zig Zagging columns together!
Put the machine on the widest zig zag and use your longest stitch length.  I over-lap the edges about 1/8” just to be sure I am not getting any gaps and away I go.  I honestly can zig zag a seam about as fast as I could iron down fusible tape.  And I’d rather spend the money on fabric, than something with glue on it that may discolor my batting or quilt or get crunchy and crackly over time.  I’m just not one of those who wants fusible glue in the middle of my quilt.
I made a little video so you can see Sophia the Supernova in action:

Studio_April2014 087
Here you can see the stitches at the back of my machine, the stitching smooshes the batting enough that there are no ridges that can be felt once the quilt is quilted.
Studio_April2014 090
I’m pairing it with this pink plaid as a backing fabric – it’s JUST big enough!
Studio_April2014 093
Next up, the QUILTING!
I am planning on Quilt-Cam tonight at 9pm Eastern.  Come to the blog at 9pm and click on the post to view the screen – click the arrow on the screen to start the feed!  That’s all there is to it.
You can catch previous archives by clicking the Quilt Cam Tab at the top of the blog, they are all listed there in reverse order, newest sessions at the top of the list!


  1. Anonymous8:25 AM EDT

    Yay! Quiltcam! 9pm EDT in theory is 9am my time, and I am on annual leave - so after consuming the archive for some time, I can join you live!

  2. YOu are making me want to make this quilt! I have a list 3 miles long as of now ... "quilts to make".

    I can't see QuiltCam when it is on, so I am so happy you have them in the archive for us!!!!

    Have a special bright SPRING HURRAH DAY!!!!

    Smiles, JulieinTN

  3. I love this quilt! Looking forward to quilt cam tonight...THANKS Bonnie!

  4. I am finishing a baby quilt for my recently born granddaughter, and when I was putting it on my frame Monday I realized the batting I was going to use was about 8 inches too short in width. Out came my batting scraps and I zig zagged pieces together and got the size I needed without having to cut into my big roll of batting!

  5. Ha ha--more money left for fabric AND MACHINES!! Bonnie, I cannot tell you how much I LOVE how that quilt all came together. That border just makes those stars twinkle. It is, now that it is all together, fabulous!

  6. That round needle plate w multiple positions is ingenious. And aqua is my favorite color, making this cute little Necchi one of my favorites among your collection. Thanks for showing!

  7. I also meant to say how cute the baby quilt is turning out! I have two little girls whose favorite colors are pink and purple, respectively, and there would be great weeping and begging at our house if they saw that quilt. I'd have to make two!

  8. What kind of batting are you using there? I have not had much luck piecing it together without it slightly stretching.

  9. Oh NO! I'm gonna miss Quilt Cam, AGAIN! I hate missing Quilt Cam but the Spurs are playing Dallas in the payoffs and My Row 18 seats won't be denied! Guess I'll catch this one from the archives tomorrow. Have a great day Bonnie!

  10. Anonymous11:38 AM EDT

    I was skeptical about when you were laying that border fabric by the quilt but it's perfect! You have such a eye for fabric!

    Thanks for the tutorial on piecing batting. Have to make a baby quilt for a friend and will now use up my leftover scraps of batting.

    Thanks for all you do, Bonnie. You are such a good quilting friend! :)

  11. LOOOVVEEE this quilt!!! So cute, Bonnie!

  12. Thank you, Bonnie, for sharing all your "girls" with us and the little things you do, how you do them, and taking the extra time to video the tidbits and just ALL you do for us and with us:-) I love quilt cam and love to watch the past episodes that have been archived while I am sewing in my lady cave!! It makes me feel like I am at a retreat and have a friend to sew with. THANKS FOR ALL YOU DO!!

  13. If I was not On an early shift tomorrow U would have stayed up to join.in quiltcam x

  14. Anonymous3:04 PM EDT

    I am in love with that border fabric. I am just starting to pair the brights with white/black prints, and I am inspired how you manage to put colors and patterns and wild prints and everything else together and it looks fabulous.

  15. I try to sew the pieces together after I trim them off a quilt. Of course if doesn't always happen that way, but then I know they are the same length! Big fan of use it all up!

  16. Bonnie,
    I never even thought of making a larger quilt batt from scraps until I saw a post you wrote about it a while back. Now I have several that I have pieced.
    I came across this tutorial from Christina Cameli which uses the smaller strips that are too much to throw away, but too little to piece. http://afewscraps.blogspot.com/2013/12/my-new-use-for-batting-scraps.html#links
    Love this idea, too!
    Quilters never waste a thing!

  17. I wish someone would have a place where we could "build a sewing machine" similar to the "build a bear" workshops! I love that rotating throat plate! But, the bottom line with these companies is the almighty $$$! Why sell one stitch plate when you can sell two??? Your Necchi machine is adorable! See you tonight on Quilt Cam!

  18. Neat, neat - love this quilt and the colors in it. Hope to take in some of quilt cam tonight. I'm in a funk and would appreciate some Bonnie cheer.

    Barby MH

  19. Yay Quiltcam! Kathi joining you from Gainesville Virginia. This is an all-star day for me... I took a hand piecing class from Jinny Beyer this afternoon and now YOU on Quiltcam, how awesome is that???!!! I will be working on a little hand piecing homework, and then I will tackle my Celtic Solstice, the final units with the blue half square triangles Thanks for fitting us in your busy schedule.

  20. Had to watch your little vid just so I could hear the Necchi run. It sounds just like my Singer 403... very quiet and comforting.

    I have been noticing your little crochet bits on the thread spools of all of your vintage machines... all different! Do you crochet these yourself? They are the perfect "clothes" for your vintage machines. Much love....

  21. That border fabric couldn't be any more perfect for this baby quilt!

  22. Anonymous2:26 AM EDT

    Bonnie, how I love these small videos that I have seen you do lately. Sewing the batting together is a great saver.
    I almost feel I'm there in the basement with you, my friend Bonnie and I.

  23. Back when you started the You Tube for quilt cams there use to be the CC feature. Since I don't hear I enjoyed going back and watching the cams again. In recent times there has not been that feature. Any chance of getting it again?

  24. Love the quilt, it is fun watching someone use up scraps. I am not wasteful, and refuse to buy more until my bins are almost used up! On my 6th queen size scrap quilt. Just made a sewing pottery bowl with scraps. It was fun to do!


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