Thursday, April 10, 2014

iPhone-o-Gram! Sew Many Quilters!!

It's lunch break time in Tennessee!

The weather could not be more spectacular – crystal clear blue skies, and not a cloud in sight – we've taken our lunch outside to enjoy the beautiful weather, but will be back in sewing soon.

Today's class is "cathedral stars" And so far we've worked on a whole bunch of scrappy four patches, making sure they all come out at the 3 1/2 inches they are supposed to – and spinning those seams on the back so they all go to same direction.

After lunch there will be a bit of show and share, and then we will be tackling Tri Recs units for our stars –

We are having a great time and I am looking forward to spending the next few days with the village Quilters of Loudon,  Tennessee.

Much scrappy love---


  1. Looks like they are all happy ladies! Room seems well equipped with each sewer having a good space to work. Look forward to seeing mor pictures.

  2. Looks like fun... wish I was there!!!

  3. Anonymous6:27 PM EDT

    The new book is arriving in Australia!!
    It looks terrific, the layout is gorgeous.
    It's a pleasure to just read this book, now to decide which quilt I start on first.
    I think it has to be Narragansett Blues, the photo on page 2 and 3 did it.
    Congratulations Bonnie, another winner for you.

  4. Where do the Loudon, TN quilters go to buy their quilting supplies? Have friends there, and would like to visit quilt shops while visiting.

  5. This is on my todo list, love it. Have started buying fabrics differently, mostly fat quarters to cut for scrappy quilts .

  6. I'm signed up for your Cathedral Stars class in Portland (June). #4 on the waiting list so I'm hoping, hoping, hoping for my spot.

  7. Anonymous9:39 AM EDT

    More Leaders and Enders arrived yesterday! To me the best part is the sections of "AT A GLANCE"! Wonderful idea. These sections offer so much understanding of the whole quilt in an easy to read format.

    Thanks, Bonnie.

    Name: Kathleen Campbell
    ADDY: pjkbm@live.com

  8. Anonymous10:45 AM EDT

    Wow,they have a great setup to work. They are a happy group.

  9. Great setup they seem to be having a great time.

  10. Looks like all are having a great time! Was in Mt Airt, NC last weekend antique mall had a nice looking pink Atlas sewing machine for $98 if I remember correctly. If it had been blue I would have brought it home!


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