Sunday, April 06, 2014

Who’s a Lucky Winner??

Studio_April2014 028

It’s drawing time!

I drove home from Williamsburg, VA today ---making it in record time, not because I was in a hurry to get home ((Well, I was, sorta –))  but because it is a SUNDAY and all the antique malls on my route were closed, and what ones WERE open, didn’t open until 1pm, long after I passed that location!

I brought in my luggage, said hello to Sadie, Chloe, and Emmy Lou – and crawled off for a 3 hour nap.  I needed it!

So here we are, and it’s been an exciting couple of days – I just checked our comments on the give-away post – we had 1,633 comments as entries!  HOLY GUACAMOLE!!

While I fire up the random number generator, let me stick in here that if you didn’t win ((that’s all 1,632 of you!)) You can still order your own copy of MORE Adventures with Leaders & Enders, signed by me, by visiting my book store HERE. 

You can preview all the quilts in the new book HERE.

And the Quiltmaker May/June issue will be found on a news stand near you any day now.

And our lucky winner is:

Number 828!

And number 828 is CARMELA!


Congrats, Carmela!  I’ve sent you an email for your address – soon as you get back to me these goodies will be in the mail to you!

I have to share with you all a special gift from the Colonial Piecemakers in Williamsburg, VA ---They blew me away with this presentation:

Studio_April2014 032

How fun!  A crazy quilt top with personal messages!

Studio_April2014 033

How COOL!!

Studio_April2014 034

My bobbins are blessed!

Studio_April2014 035

We are all in stitches!

Studio_April2014 036

Once you go Scrappy, there is no turning back!

Studio_April2014 037

Hahahaha!!  Thanks Margaret!

And thanks to all the ladies in the Colonial Piecemakers that participated in such a memorable gift top!  I’ve even got some gifted strings to add into a border.  I plan on quilting it up and giving it a place of honor at Quilt Villa.  Thanks again, ladies!

Have a terrific evening, everyone!

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  1. What a splendid gift and I am sure one you will treasure in years to come. I know for one, I wish I could bottle up all your knowledge to use when I quilt... I learn every time I spend time with you on quilt cam or in a class. Always ready to see what I will learn next!

  2. splendid gift--I just finished a top similar for charity with my guild! Of course, it may not be as cherished as yours but hugs and warmth are always on the agenda! glad you arrived home safe and sound *~*CAROLE*~*

  3. Glad you are home safe and sound…. and got in a well needed nap! Sounds like you had a fun weekend and what a lovely gift they gave you.
    Take care, Betsy

  4. It's always fun to see who wins the giveaways!...thanks for the chance!
    Love you scrappy present from the ladies...how nice and really like they gave a personal message let alone stitches just for you. Sweet.
    My wonky wishes stars are coming along...I think I may have enough! Wanting it to fit a queen bed.

  5. What a nice and thoughtful gift you received from your admirers. It was so appropriate and the messages were right-on.!

  6. Glad you made it home safely Bonnie. Great Boxy Stars class...thank you! Thanks for coming to our guild.

    My block is in the 4th row on the far right. I was not very creative with my message. :)

  7. Congratulations Carmela! A great magazine issue and awesome book to enjoy. Have fun and let us see what you make.

  8. What a fantastic gift! So! special. OK, now I'm going to break down and order my own copy since I didn't win. Sigh.

  9. Love their quilty blocks gifted to you! Great sayings :)

  10. what a nice gift!!!! thanks for the chance to win your book....darn it now, now I have to go buy the thing!!!!!LOL!!!! thanks too for the great space you have given us here on the web-every day is like a quilt show!!! now you get some rest!

  11. What a wonderful and memoral gift to be given. I would cherish that one. Hoped rested and ready to go again with your next adventure.

  12. AWWW... That was so thoughtful.
    You are a Blessing to Sew many:) I have not been to one of your workshops but I love everything you do. You inspire me. Thank you. Janita

  13. This is an awesome gift, Bonnie, and you deserve it!! What a magic quilt

  14. Bonnie,

    That is a beautiful gift. You are so blessed!

  15. WOW how special to make that great of impact on so many people. What a fabulous quilt! Also love the post of the quilts during show and tell. Fabulous and inspirational.


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