Saturday, April 19, 2014

The Butler-Turpin House, Carrolton, KY

KY_Apr2014 024
It’s a rainy morning on Buck Mountain, and I am still going through photos I had taken during my stay at the Sew Expo at General Butler State Park in Carrollton, KY.

Remember the historic house that I wanted to tour, but couldn’t because they weren’t open while I was there?

I did get to go walk around the grounds on Monday evening – the ONE evening when it was over 80 degrees, and I actually waited for it to “COOL DOWN” before taking my evening walk!  The next morning? SNOW.  Bizarre.  But I digress.

It was a beautiful evening and I went and explored as much as I could from the outside.

Winding my way down the hill from the state park lodge to the Butler house – the first thing you see a bit off from the road is this:

KY_Apr2014 017

The family cemetery sits alone in the woods.

I love old cemeteries, so I parked Shamu, grabbed my camera and off we went down the path.  The cemetery was founded when General Butler and his wife lost a child, over 200 years ago.

KY_Apr2014 018

Stones facing the setting sun.

At this point I am taking photos through the iron bars that surround the cemetery ---so I couldn't get close enough to really read many markers.

KY_Apr2014 019

KY_Apr2014 020

Some lived quite long, but there are several children buried here, and women who died in childbirth or from “consumption”.

KY_Apr2014 022

General William Butler’s head stone.

KY_Apr2014 015

More about Col. Butler

KY_Apr2014 016

More info.

When a life span is listed on a head stone…birth date, and death date for the world to see, I often take into consideration what it was like when that person lived.  What they thought about, dreamed about, took pleasure in.  We are all here for such a short time.  What mattered to them?  I like to think it was much the same as it is today in many ways.  Family, a home to call their own, food to feed the many, and togetherness at the end of the day, watching their children and grandchildren grow. 

KY_Apr2014 027

Front of the Butler house.

Before I arrived in Carrollton, I had never heard of the Butler Family.  Percival was with George Washington at Valley Forge.  He probably never gave thought that his house would still be standing and it would be visited by so many each year.  He probably never thought he was “making history” during the Revolutionary War, just doing what needed to be done to secure independence for this land and his family.

KY_Apr2014 029

Detatched kitchen from the back.

KY_Apr2014 031

Forsythia in the garden blooming.

I love history, and this kind of historic house thing is right up my alley.  I wish I could have gone inside – but we’ll have to plan for that another time!

However, there are PHOTOS available on the Butler House website HERE. Check them out!

Cabin_Apr2014 088

Because it is dreary and rainy outside..I have plans to finish the five remaining blocks for Joy’s baby quilt! I brought fabric for the sashings and borders and maybe I’ll have a top together before we head back home tomorrow.  

I had thought of doing some fun pieced sashings with it, but this is a BABY quilt.  I’ll save that idea for another quilt down the road.  Sometimes simple is best and I just need to get this DONE!

Love from Buck Mountain-

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  1. For the Yankees among your readers, Bonnie, many big houses in the "olden days" were built with their kitchens in separate buildings. Two reasons for this were that using the kitchen didn't heat up the main house, and that if the kitchen caught fire the main house might remain safe.

  2. There's a story in the dash. Headstones show the year of birth and death separated with a dash. It's the dash between those years that matter. Like you said - what did this person do, what were their dreams, how did they change the world? All questions we would love to see answered. And not only "famous" people changed the world - we all make a difference.

    Happy Easter to all!

  3. I just finished listening to a pastor doing a series on "Living Your Dash" because it's a mere vapor or mist in the grand scheme of things. Here and gone in the 'blink of an eye'. Really a lot to think about on how each of us spends our 'dash'.

  4. Bonnie - thank you so much for this tour! We will put this one on our to-see list for KY! Almost all older houses, even some cabins, put the kitchen in another building because of fire. In the South too, it kept the heat from the inside of the home in the summer. How about 100 degrees with a large fireplace roaring with meals being prepared. Ouchie !!!.

    This quilt is a happy, cheerful beauty. Little One will grow up loving it :)

    Smiles, JulieinTN

  5. I really enjoy reading about your adventures, but somehow I thought this was going to be a family time get-away, so I didn't expect any quilty postings. Just like most of us, it is just part of our brains, I guess. Love the little stars - such a cute "blankie" that will be. [at least I love my 'baby' blankets that get used!]

  6. Can you imagine being at Valley Forge with George Washington??!!! I would love to visit this house someday. Oh, how I love history, too! When we were in New York City, we visited and ate at Fraunces Tavern, where George Washington bade farewell to his officers and troops. It's in lower Manhattan, near Wall Street. Have a restful quilty day. I'm going into my quilt studio today to work on a challenge quilt.

  7. I love that you share your travels in places I've never been and possibly never will. You can add Historian tourist to your stats! I love to know the stories too. I have an ancestor who was born in NC. Many of my ancestors must have been just TOO busy 'living' to write a journal.

  8. Bonnie, as an earlier poster said, your sharing your travels with us is so appreciated because many of us will never see those places in person. My maiden name was Carroll, so I'm always interested in Counties of that name. Living in GA, it isn't hard to plan for a trip to KY to see the Butler home and cemetery. I love touring cemeteries as well. Have a Blessed Easter with your family!

  9. We have stayed at the park several times. It is a lovely park with many places to walk and the food is delicious. I think the house was closed the last time we were there. Love to see older homes.


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