Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Quilts Are Quilt Market Bound!

Studio_April2014 148
If I had asked you to choose FOUR quilts from my new book MORE Adventures with Leaders & Enders to be featured in the Kansas City Star booth at Spring Quilt Market in Pittsburgh PA in just a few weeks – which four would you choose?

Can you guess which ones that I chose?

((Pardon my funny photo with the graphics blocking out the mailing addresses – it’s not like you couldn’t look them up online if you wanted to, but we don’t want to make it too easy for folks to stalk my front door, do we??  Okay, that is another funny topic all together, but we can get to that another time!))

Kansas City Star asked for the four most dynamic quilts – quilts that could pull people into the booth from far away – they needed to be REAL attention grabbers, we are not playing subtle here! 

There is a lot of competition to get folks IN the booth at Quilt Market, it’s visual overload, and we want these quilts to stand out and be noticed, not just blend in ---

So can you guess?

I chose:


Easy Street!


Lazy Sunday!


Midnight Flight



Winston Ways!

It was not easy to choose, I love them all for different reasons, but when they said eye-poppers – this is what spoke to me! 

You can view ALL the quilts found in More Adventures with Leaders & Enders in my preview post HERE.

Studio_April2014 149

All taped up, labeled and ready to roll!

Studio_April2014 150

The Hubster is playing CEO today ---

Studio_April2014 151

Safe journey, bin-o-quilts!  Have a great time in Pittsburgh!

If you are going to Market, would you please take some photos of the quilt display in the Kansas City Star booth?  I’d love to see what I missed!  Please email them to me ---pretty please?

The quilt bags are all packed for Mackinac Island tomorrow.  My suitcase is another story –It’s too cold to want to wear dresses there for dressy dinners.  ((Yes, you MUST dress for dinner after 5pm at the Grand Hotel -- no jeans, and men must be in button down shirts with ties and sport coats!)) I’m opting for ONE pair of dressy black slacks for dinner and will pair it with different sweaters and tops and it should be good enough because this is an 11 day trip and I am limited to one carry on for clothes.  And did I mention it’s COLD there? Like icy-frozen cold?  Like we can’t get across on the ferry so they have to fly us from Pellson to the island?  Warm wear takes more space.

Maybe I’ll just need to shop once I get there? :c)

Don’t forget to come back tomorrow morning for my block reveal and my turn on the blog hop for Quiltmaker Magazine’s 100 blocks vol  9!!

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  1. One of my favorite movies is called Somewhere in Time with Jane Seymour and Christopher Reeve. It is set at the Grand Hotel on the island. It is a neat love story with a time traveling twist to it.

  2. Of course you must shop!!, What's the fun in travelling otherwise?

  3. Love those 4 quilts. I would have chosen the same ones. Don't forget = if you shop while you are there - you still have to bring it home :)

  4. I like the choices you made. Have a wonderful time on Mackinac Island, too bad it won't be sunny and warm. It is great to bicycle around the island..The Grand Hotel is beautiful!

  5. I'd you need to shop, let's hope you'll find a store open for the season. Of course, that Grand will have a store. Enjoy the island and take a carriage ride tour if they are available. Don't forget to buy fudge, I know Joann's fudge is open so if you can, indulge, if not the hubster may enjoy my favorite, peanut butter fudge.

  6. I live just north of pittsburgh and didnt know about this event. Do you have any more information about it?

  7. I'll be at Market and will try to remember to take some photos for you.

  8. Good luck shopping. I can't say I've ever seen anything but t-shirt style shops on the island. But it's a really cool island and not just the weather. There are some beautiful houses on the opposite side from the hotel.

  9. definitely Easy Street! LOVE that quilt! I love the Cheddar quilt too!

  10. You chose well! I think they represent well! While I am a serious fan, I don't think I would just show up announced at the door even knowing your address, but there are real KOOKS out there! :)

  11. Bonnie, you are going to a unique, beautiful place. It will be chilly but a wonderful experience. I grew up there and love to visit, but don't miss the long winters! I predict you will have a marvelous time and they will be thrilled to have you. From Indiana in full spring bloom, I wish you happy travels!

  12. Bonnie,

    Midnight flight sure make me think of all the "red eye" specials we all who have travelled very long have been through. Or, a 14 hour flight from Honolulu to the Cook Islands on a 707! Happy Flying!

    Barby - MH, Ark

  13. Bonnie - sew jealous about your trip to Mackinac! Even in the icy cold weather it's a special place. I remember a friend of ours was sent back to his room for a collared shirt to wear under his suit jacket before we could be seated for dinner. Ladies were required to wear skirts and dresses, no slacks! I see they have relaxed the rules a bit :) Even if it is cold, try to spend a little time in a rocking chair on the expansive front porch. Enjoy!

  14. Pciked some really great one there bonnie...

    Just how many of us can fit on your Shamu to go with you to The Grand Hotel!!!! Such a dream place....

    Glad you know ahead to bring warm snuggly clothing...being on the water like that also, is always chilly!!!!


  15. Anonymous10:14 PM EDT

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