Thursday, April 03, 2014

Heading Out to Williamsburg!

Studio_April2014 018
This morning Shamu and I are hitting the road and pointing our way North East toward Williamsburg, VA!

I’ve got audio books loaded onto my MP3 player – love listening to “stories” on the road.  First up in the queue?  Stewart Woods thriller/mystery “Grass Roots”.  Love a good one – no fluff for the road!

I got the binding sewn down onto Wonky Wishes last night during Quilt-Cam!  Did you miss it? You can catch it in the post HERE.

I shared some interesting info on walking feet that you might not have known before, so be sure to check it out.

I’m sharing this photo just to give you a good overview of the STUFF that is used in this quilt!  Just in this photo alone I spy a modern, a recycled, a 1970s calico, a zombie ((Ha! Thanks, Tonya!)) a chevron, aqua cow spots, millennium y2k, Christmas, a batik, and those horrid sun bonnet sues that make me crack up every time I cross their path!

This mix makes me a happy girl!

Studio_April2014 016

This photo is for my Canadian friends!  I spy two flags, do you?

Studio_April2014 021

Close up of Quilting detail.

This is an edge to edge design called Je t’aime by Urban Elementz  I love the texture, and how the stitching blends into everything instead of being a really distinct motif.  Fun!

Studio_April2014 022

Trimmed and ready for binding!

I took my first “Deck photo op” of the season yesterday!  It was a beautiful morning!

Studio_April2014 023

Even the back looks great!

Studio_April2014 024

And yes, there is Y2K Millennium fabric HERE too!

I’m sorry to say, there is still MORE Y2k stuff in the stash, and it will just have to get used up little by little!

My plan is to NOT bring a machine to Williamsburg.  I’ve got 3 evenings to hand sew binding and just relax, and that is what I need…so hopefully by the time I come home, I’ll have TWO bindings completed – and there are ALWAYS ALWAYS hexies!

I'll be returning home on Sunday.

Have a great Thursday, everyone – this girl is hitting the road!

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  1. Safe travels Bonnie! This quilt could be reversible, it's so pretty on both sides.

  2. Noticed those Canadian flags right away. Safe travels. Missed quilt cam last night so will get to enjoy it today with a cup of tea and some hand stitching!

  3. Anonymous8:28 AM EDT

    Travel safely! I love both sides of your quilt!

  4. Safe travels! I love audio books too!

    You have a wonderful two sided quilt. The red binding will look perfect with the back and front . I love it.


  5. Wow! I was dubious when you started in on the string sashing, but now that we can see the finished result, it matches the scrappy star style. You hit another home run on this quilt!
    Sandy at sewhigh.blogspot.com

  6. Wonky Wishes is gorgeous! I'm definitely going to have to make this one. Plus, I have so many scraps to use up. By the way, what kind of batting do you use? It appears that you use a cotton one like Warm and Natural or Warm and White instead of polyester. I really like how your quilts have that flat but textured look just like the quilts I grew up with that had been made by Grandma and were used so much and washed so much that they had their own feel.

  7. Love your Wonky Wishes. I made two small table runners for the silent auction of our big quilt show last weekend. What I love even better is the sun on your deck and the touch of green grass. Everything is still brown and ugly here - so the touch of spring made me smile!

  8. your quilt is fabulous! i'm one of those people that love the kitchen sink mix like that. enjoyed quilt cam last night. i had just finished binding a tee shirt quilt for a friend, so i wasn't sewing while you were on, but i was knitting (the only thing i know how to knit is a dishcloth...). have a good trip!

  9. Anonymous9:55 AM EDT

    Loved your snarky comment about Sunbonnet Sue. Someone donated 84 S.S./Overall Sam pre-printed panels in primary colors to our local Project Linus chapter. Sick of seeing them on the self, I took them home this month and am partnering them with 9-Patch, Churn Dash, and other traditional blocks in primary colors to make 16 crib-sized blankets. By the time I get finished, I'll never want to see another SS/OS block again!

  10. you and shamu....roadtrip!!
    love that book and well, all stuart woods books. enjoy!

  11. Anonymous10:18 AM EDT

    I would love to be heading to Virginia this time of year. Godspeed! Your quilt is so beautiful, both sides. What can be done with the humble scrap.... Enjoyed what you have created. Stephani in N. TX (Tomazec@aol.com)

  12. gorgeous. and don't forget computer keyboard fabric. urg to those Sues.

  13. enjoy your time in Williamsburg...one of my favorite places! Love the quilt...

  14. "Wonky Wishes" is simply beautiful! It goes on my To-Do list too. Wish I was heading to Williamsburg also. Lake Erie still makes it very cold here but at least the ice on the lake is melting.

  15. Anonymous11:10 AM EDT

    Safe Travels Bonnie. You are heading my way. I live on the Northern Neck in Virginia. So So Sad I can't see you while your here. Maybe next trip

    Sandy Royal

  16. That neutral string sashing absolutely makes the quilt! Quick question...is Wonky Wishes the same quilt as Maverick Stars? They seem like the same project. It's fun to track the progress of your creations.

  17. Love that quilt, Bonnie! I'm so inspired by the back as I need to piece a back for my "Easy Street"! Also enjoyed your explanation of walking feet on Quilt Cam. I just bought one for my new Singer 301a which I can't even get on the machine. I did some research online and found out they really don't have a good walking foot for the 301 yet. Do you have any hints for me? Thanks for all you do...

  18. Sorry...here's my info.

  19. I absolutely LOVE your quilts!!! You inspire me every time! I love the back! Safe travels!!

  20. Two Bindings? You must have made a secret quilt that you haven't shared yet. Have a fun time in VA. Heading over to watch QuiltCAM now. My Family/company left me this AM. Back to 'real life'.

  21. Anonymous2:03 PM EDT

    So far I haven't tried piecing the back from scraps but yours looks like fun

  22. You are amazing Bonnie ! This is stunning. Janita

  23. Loving the quilt, Bonnie! It's amazing how it all goes together and turns into a beauty. Have a safe and fun trip. Enjoy!!!

  24. This turned out beautiful, love it all.

  25. This quilt is truly fabulous, I love it's so bright and cheerful and doesn't the quilting make it look different even more vibrant the back looks amazing nor boring bits here. Safe travel Bonnie enjoy those audio books I just love them.

  26. Hey, bonnie. Have you heard from subee? long time, no post from her... she ok? kate

  27. Love the quilt and the back; definitely have to try the string pieced sashings. I love it, thanks for the Canadian flags.I have some of that fabric as well as some of the Sunbonnet Sue......too funny.
    Arley (Smiley Quilter)

  28. Have a safe trip,we took the family there before Christmas , a friendly quilt shop to visit there is called Love2Quilt,if you have time!

  29. That quilt is soooo cool, absolutely love it.

    Thanks for your giving soul,U R the best.

  30. Bonnie, thank you so much for sharing the name & source of the beautiful quilting design you used on your Wonky Wishes. I have a distinct feeling that design will turn up on some of my future quilts. Enjoy Williamsburg & the Colonial Piecemakers Quilting Guild this weekend. I have some very special friends in that guild and they are so excited to see you & your new quilts. Have a great time!

  31. I found the Canadian flags right away. I have some of that fabric in my stash. I am trying to decide which side of your quilt I like the best. It is truly reversible. Safe journeys.

  32. Bonnie,
    Have fun in Williamsburg; I am heading that way to attend a garden symposium for the weekend starting tomorrow. It should be a great week-end in the great "Colonial" town. Love walking the area so much to see.

  33. Thanks for sharing all the details on your Wonky Wishes. Will have to get that pantograph to add to my collection - it's perfect for a scrappy quilt! Safe driving!

  34. Nancy: rangerer@sbcglobal.net3:26 PM EDT

    I love, love, love this quilt! And the back is as beautiful as the front. Thanks for all your inspiration!

  35. I had some of that Sunbonnet Sue fabric. I personally kind of like it. I made dolly quilts with it.


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