Monday, April 21, 2014

More Carrollton History!

KY_Apr2014 225
This little piece of property I found while just driving down the road.

I reached a T in the road, and needed to choose – do I turn right or do I turn left.  There was a sign that said Masterson Cemetery with an arrow that pointed right, so why not?

It wasn’t until I got home and could look up the history on the place that I learned what I was curious to know.

This historic home c.1790 is the oldest two story brick structure built between Cincinnati & Louisville. The house overlooks the Ohio River and was the first meeting place for the Methodist Church in the area.

KY_Apr2014 234

Historic Masterson House

But you know me better than to think that I would be satisfied with just a picture of an old brick house, be it 1790 or not!  There is a cemetery on the premises.

KY_Apr2014 226

Historic Marker

KY_Apr2014 227

Other side of Marker!

KY_Apr2014 228

Stones leaning left and right, and some just on the ground --

KY_Apr2014 229

The stones are weather-beaten and many are illegible.

KY_Apr2014 230

They still make me pause and consider the lives of long ago.

KY_Apr2014 231

78 used to feel “far off” for me, but it gets closer all the time!

KY_Apr2014 232


Eliza was a  consort of James McConathy.  I have to confess that I wasn’t sure if consort meant friend, lover, or spouse or if it was something derogatory as English as a language changes over time, words can change meaning.  I had to look it up to find that it meant likely wife. Whatever the term meant to James McConathy, he must have loved Eliza very much to have such a lovely stone made for her. She died at age 29 in 1840. ((She was IN her 30th year, so she was likely 29.  Our first year is from birth to 1 year old.))

In other news ---I will be teaching at the Grand Hotel Needlework Seminar on Mackinac Island, Michigan in just a few weeks!  I’ve been so excited about going to Mackinac, I’ve never been there.  I received an email the other day stating:
Ice breakers are actually working the Straits of Mackinac to break up the ice on the lakes and into the harbor of the island so that the ferries can run.  The ferries won't be operating until just before we go there so you can imagine how cold it still is.  I'm telling you this so you plan your wardrobe accordingly.

Will this winter EVER END?!?!  It’s nearly MAY for crying out loud!

Have a great Monday, Everyone!

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  1. WOWOWO - what a special post this one is!!!

    A wonderful historic setting in 2 states. Your happened upon treasure and THE GRAND HOTEL ... Then YOU MUST rent the movie "Somewhere in Time" - with Christopher Reeve and Jane Seymour! Talk about bawling your eyes out... very much the reason we might not want time travel!

    Always such fun to read your personal post. While I do enjoy the folks over at your OPEN STUDIO - nothing like a post from BONNIE!

    Smiles, JulieinTN

  2. Very interesting - how a tombstone can intrigue us. Stepping back in time. Good Monday morning!

  3. OOO-brr...take sweaters! It's colder here this morning too but is supposed to warm up today finally.
    I love the baby blanket from last nigh'st post...so so cute. Been sewing baby everything for my grandson on the way...could come any day now. That sashing made the blanket look so pretty and the stars were so awesome by themselves too...colors surprise me what they will do...especially once it all gets sewed together.
    OH and I love webbing!!! have been using it and wonder why I was always snipping everything apart LOL!!!
    Heading downstairs to sew .... have a good day.
    Thanks for the history too...I love that stuff.

  4. One of the coldest ferry rides I've ever taken was the one to Mackinac Island. And that was in the summertime. But the beauty and uniqueness of the island is worth every shiver. Bundle up!

  5. Quilting... old cemetery... Mackinac Island... This post is a trifecta of wonderful things! I enthusiastically second Julie's recommendation of "Somewhere in Time" as a must-view. Anne@SDak

  6. The Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island is one of the places on my bucket list. Wish I could be there with you. I agree with Julie, if you haven't already seen it, you must see Somewhere In Time, the ultimate love story. One of my all time favorite movies, with beautiful costumes, hauntingly beautiful music and yes, you will likely bawl your eyes out!

  7. Mackinaw Island is such a pretty place, especially in the summer! Now the Grand Hotel... it's very nice! You will have a wonderful time!

  8. Thank you for sharing your travels with us! I love the historical detours you take! For that reason alone you will enjoy Mackinac! Yes, it will likely still be quite cold, but it is beautiful as well! I'm a Michigander native though a Washingtonian now, and I've yet to stay at the Grand Hotel!! i am so excited for you. I've heard nothing but wonderful things about it and I'm sure it is more beautiful than it's pictures! Enjoy yourself and the history of the Island!!

  9. Anonymous2:46 PM EDT

    I enjoy viewing old cemetaries they're very interesting.
    Lori in AZ

  10. Are you taking 50 pounds of quilts with you? Remember, except for ambulances, there are no motorized vehicles on Mackinaw Island, just horse and buggies. It's a lovely place. I wish I could skip work and join you there.

  11. Its a beautiful island but I was only there last summer. Here is a quilter who lives on the islands blog I started following. She gives a taste of what its like to live there and tells the conditions. http://quiltedturtle.blogspot.com/

  12. the hotel I enjoyed last July on Mackinaw Island played "somewhere in TIme " on the video channel cont. And We loved it. enjoy your visit, be sure to eat plenty of REAL Mackinaw Fudge, have lunch at the fort on the veranda.

  13. Sounds like the winter coat, hat, scarf and gloves get an extended stay with you for this trip! Love Somewhere in Time...if that is where you are staying - WOWSER!!! I'm looking forward to seeing you pictures from "way up north"!! I don't know if Colleen realized what she has unleased upon this unsuspecting blogger, but I'm sure her pages are going to get a bunch of reads!! I'm off there now :)

  14. I just went and did some reading at The Quilted Turtle...the streets are mostly clear of snow, but the snow elsewhere is "knee deep"!!!!! Throw those snow boots in too, Bonnie!! No frostbite to the toes that treadle!!!

  15. It will be a bit chilly on the island. It is beautiful there. Here is something you will want to remember...do not pronounce Mackinac sounding out the c..Its pronounced Mackinaw. I am a die hard Michigander and now live in WI. I here Mackinac mispronounced constantly. Have a great time.

  16. Mackinaw City and Mackinac Island - although pronounced the same. You will love your time there. Please take a tour of the island - lots of history!

  17. I was going to suggest you take layers of sweaters as it will be cold by most standards. will warm up some during the day, thus the need for layers. It will also be beautiful and a step back in time with no cars..... and porches and fabric!!!

  18. The first historical signs I saw like this were in Paducah, KY. along a parkway. The information was on both sides so if you were driving along the parkway you had to drive slowly in both directions to get the information. I loved it. Thank you for sharing the history of this cemetery and home.

  19. You'll only need snow boots if you plan on walking out in the woods! However, you may want to throw in a rain coat or umbrella, as we often get chilly rains this time of year. Mittens and a hat might also be a good idea.

    Also, be aware that the boats haven't started yet, so you'll most likely have to fly over to the island.


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