Sunday, April 27, 2014

Stitching Away on Basket-weave Strings!

VCQ_Apr2014 139
How many blocks can YOU string piece in the course of a class day?

These gals had their sewing machine pedals to the metal as we talked and laughed and chatted and shared and swapped strips and stories.

We pushed our boundaries.  We got out of the box!

See what is happening on this happy design wall?  A whole ton of colorful fun!

VCQ_Apr2014 122

Audrey is no new addict to strings.  Look what she did with selvages!

This is a “Mondo Bag” – usually pieced with 2.5” squares, Audrey took to her selvage collection and pieced them all together and THEN cut 2.5” squares from her sets.  This is one cool fun bag.  Check it out:

VCQ_Apr2014 123

What a bag full of fun selvages!

VCQ_Apr2014 137

Blocks squared to 5.5” and ready to piece together!

You will find the free pattern for Basket-weave Strings under the Free Patterns tab at the top of the blog.  This one makes a GREAT Quilt of Valor, and you can make the blocks any size you want them to be.  Mine were 5” finished, because that was the size of the paper I had to work with for foundations!

VCQ_Apr2014 148

Gotta Have Me One!

I’ve seen these thread holders for vintage machines in a couple of places – I have GOT to get myself one.  Or two.  Maybe three ---anyone have a link?

Click the image below if you are unable to view the slide show on your mobile device.  You’ll be taken to the photo album for viewing.

Basket Weave Strings, VCQ April 2014

This morning we are wrapping it all up. There is a show and share of class projects after breakfast, and we'll be on our way home to our various destinations ---it's been a great weekend!

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  1. Here's a link for the thread stand:

  2. I haven't been able to view your picture/slide shows in at least a week. Not sure what is going on, but when I click the link, it gives me a 500internal server error. Anyone else having the same issue? Have tried on ipad and on my computer (using Chrome).

    1. I had no problem on my iPhone. On my iPad, I first got an error saying Safari couldn't open the page but that only lasted a moment before the page opened. Maybe try a different browser, update the iOS, or clear your cache.

  3. Hi Bonnie- Here is another source for the thread guide you are looking for http://www.april1930s.com/html/singer_featherweight_thread_gu.html
    ordered mine today

  4. Here's the link for another kind that looks like it would work just as well and for less.


  5. I had the save trouble with the 500 internal server error. Now I am using Google Chrome. And I like it better. Much clearer.

  6. Bonnie,
    Was in Paducah this weekend for the AQS show. Saw Alex and told her how excited I was that you are going to be doing tips for them. She said that she justs loves you and is very excied that you are going to be doing this. So am I. Looking forward to taking class in Lafayette, Indiana this November.

  7. I got mine at April's free shipping and super fast service.

    I love mine made such a difference especially when winding bobbins on my featherweight.
    Upstate NY

  8. Love those strings! Love the Mondo Bag with selvedges. I was lucky to see it in person....awesome!!!! And Audrey is a hoot, bless her soul. Great weekend.

  9. I have to tell you that I got one of these http://www.novamontgomery.com/shop/Singer-Featherweight-Parts/p/Novas-Sew-Straight-Guide.htm from somewhere else, and I love it! Such a nice thick edge. I found where I got mine at Paducah ahd it came with an allen wrench http://www.suncatcher-tx.com/shop/Singer-Model-221-Featherweight-Parts-and-Misc-Machine-Parts/Accessories-for-Singer-Featherweight-and-Other-Sewing-Machines/p/Seam-Guide-for-Featherweight-and-Other-Machines-sku-247.htm I would not be able to finger tighten as the first one says. Hope all that makes sense!

  10. oh gosh i LOVE that bag. cutest thing ever. i guess i have to learn to do string piecing so i can make one. thanks for much for your slide shows. i think my favorite thing is when you post about antique stores. i've learned so much about old machines. i just bought my first inger treadle and my husband is hoping it's the only one. ha! little does he know. i can always say Bonnie made me do it


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