Monday, April 14, 2014

A Rainy Day in Carrollton!

KY_Apr2014 064
This is the Carrollton, Kentucky Post Office!

I do have a thing for old historic post offices as much as I do for old barns and courthouse squares ---

I was talking to the gal at the front desk at General Butler State Resort Park where we are staying, and she told me that the square around the courthouse was a nice one and that I should go down there and check it out.

With nothing else marked as “need to do” on my plate, I got in the car and started to drive in the gently falling rain.

By the time I reached the courthouse, the rain had stopped, and the sun was TRYING to peek through the clouds.  Better get some steps in before it starts raining again!

KY_Apr2014 062

The Carroll County Courthouse, Carrollton, KY

KY_Apr2014 051

You can tell it has been raining…streets are shiny wet!

Aren’t the colors of the buildings fun?  The sad thing is, most of them are empty, and the shops I would have liked to have visited are all closed on Mondays – that is a double bummer!

KY_Apr2014 052

I really wanted to go in here!

KY_Apr2014 053

She has all the turquoise items displayed in the window….so inviting!

KY_Apr2014 054

Sweet!  I love the graniteware!

KY_Apr2014 058

Because the rain was NOT falling – I kept walking.

The side walk took me right down to the river’s edge:

KY_Apr2014 056


Instantly the words to the famous song came to mind:

The river is wide, I cannot cross over
And neither have I wings to fly
Build me a boat that can carry two
And both shall row, my love and I…..

KY_Apr2014 057

The other direction!

Someone mentioned that I am “not that far” from Indiana.  Which means I am a long long way from home!

KY_Apr2014 055

But the quilt barn block makes me feel like I belong here, for just a little while!

KY_Apr2014 059

Walking downtown was still good for a leg stretch!

I stopped at a little flea market thing ---since no antique stores were open downtown and the rain started to fall again.  I could spend some time here.

Flea markets are one of those things where you might find something, then again you might not – it takes a long time to browse, but you have to be thorough and patient because you might miss something.  I happened to cross paths with one of my students for this weekend who recognized me right off and she pointed me in the direction of this little charmer:

KY_Apr2014 046

SewMor  3/4 size!

KY_Apr2014 045

The badge plainly says made in Japan.

It’s a 1950s Singer-look-alike Clone! 

KY_Apr2014 048

Sewmor Featherweight???

This is definitely NOT a Featherweight in the Singer sense of the word, but I was interested enough to find a plug in the wall and plugged it in to see if it ran.  It does!  Needs a new belt and bobbin winder but the motor runs strong…needs some cleaning and oiling, but she is a cutie.

This note that came with her cracked me up:

KY_Apr2014 043

To thread sewing machine: From spool to little hook on top around the round knob & through the hook with the hole in it back through the wire on the round thing and up to the lever until the hole on it (threaded from the inside to the outside) down to the triangle hook on the side straight down through next hook directly below and next through the needle (outside to inside)

GOT THAT?!  I think all of us understand EXACTLY what “ROUND THING” is! LOL!

The best part?  For $25.00 she is coming home with me.

Ladies are arriving --- you can tell they are quilters because the luggage for their sewing machines is much more expensive than the luggage for their clothes.  I’m excited! 

I’m heading over to the conference center to set up my class room ---let the Sew Expo begin!

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  1. She is a lucky machine! Will you name her Carol - for Carrolton?
    Does she run/work? Love seeing the older electrical cords.
    WELCOME to the SOUTH aka KY style! Beautiful area... homey and clam.

    Smiles, JulieinTN

  2. Looks like you got a good bargain with that deal. Pity the store were not open in the town. I liked the look of the white cupboard in the centre of the window.

  3. How did I know before I read it that you bought it? The Featherweight wording was the key. LOL Have fun with it. Chris

  4. That little Sewmor is sweet! I found a green Singer 185j 3/4 machine in its original little square cabinet this weekend at the new Habitat Restore in WS. $24 plus a couple of paperbacks! LOL! It just needs a belt and spool pin but otherwise works fine. It was a great weekend for bargains! And I was just wondering last week when it would be my turn after seeing all the finds on the fb group recently.

  5. Aren't you the lucky one today! Finding that sweet little machine to add to your collection (I should say line-up instead of collection because you actually use the machines). Congrats on getting a great deal. Looking forward to seeing you sew on it during a future Quilt Cam.

  6. That was a deal that could not be passed up!

  7. What a cute machine! Enjoy playing with her.

  8. What a nice little sewing machine, and for only $25! I am glad that it came with "Instructions" lol

  9. I was going to comment on the first photo.... and then you got to the zinger...she came home with me!!!! Great find, note and all.

    Still going to comment on the first photo of the post office. There was a post office in my home town that looked very much like that while I was growing up. My brother tells me it is gone! Guess the United State Postal Service did not own the property and said property became too valuable even with a nice red brick building on it... now it is condos. Progress, maybe.

  10. I think you should frame those instructions!

  11. Lovely town--I'm always on the lookout for old libraries, especially Carnegies.

  12. Cracked me up!!! My sewing machine rolling tote cost at least 10 times more then most of my luggage!! Gotta protect my beloved Janome!! And my sewing machine is probably worth more then all the clothes I pack on a trip too!

  13. So glad you didn't leave that lovely lady to languish in the flea market!

  14. It's so sad about the stores being empty. That's the impact of the big box stores as they drive the little mom and pop's out of business. And, the money spent in the bog box stores does not stay in the community. Yes, the big box stores are often, but not always cheaper, but there are other costs--like this loss of community. The viability of my mother's little home town in Georgia has just...disappeared. It once was a thriving, strong community.

  15. Love those types of towns. Franklin,Tn is another one of those. Just wish i had the time to go. Love your machine. Joanie in TN

  16. I'm glad you took the little sewmor home. It's a cute one and deserves someone that will love it...and unkink that cord. Lane

  17. Anonymous12:55 PM EDT

    What a perfect day!! A walk in the rain, the smell of Spring, new discoveries found, and then to top it off a "sweet girl" to take home and remind you of how blessed you are. Have a wonderful day making new friends at the conference. Carolyn Barnett

  18. What a wonderful souvenir of this trip! I'm sure that the Sewmor will make herself right at home with your menagerie. (And what terrific instructions!)

  19. I came home with a Sewmore #404 on Friday. Mine came in a broken cabinet with a knee control. It'll come out of the cabinet as soon as hubby builds me a base, and I can figure out how to rewire it for a foot control. (PS: My Cavilier is laying next to me while I type. She is my sewing buddy. What would we do without our sweet puppy friends, like Sadie).

  20. I'm laughing so hard that you brought the SewMore home with you. Uh huh ... thought you weren't buying any more machines!! Cracked me up!

    Loved the picture of the court house. That is one beautiful building! Thanks for sharing!


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