Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Date This One, Siobhan!

TN_Apr2014 213
While at Mountain Creek Quilts in Greenback, TN the other day ----we had the privilege of seeting some really extraordinary vintage quilts.

The story goes that these young and uppity folks came in, wanted to sell grandma’s quilts because they had “no need for old stuff” and offered them to Terri at a very low price.  Terri of course is no fool, and snatched them up….

Now looking at this quilt… ((OH MY!! GEESE OVERLOAD!!))  Where would you date this?

Check out the quilting – the very thin batting, the scale of the piecing and the colors…the solid burgundy on muslin…..

Any Ideas?

I left my friend Siobhan’s name in the title hoping it draws her in because I think she will get a kick out of this one….and I want to know if *I* am wrong!

TN_Apr2014 211

Is it 1800s or even early 1900s?

TN_Apr2014 212

The piecing and the blocks are incredible!  Look at the asymmetrical setting!

TN_Apr2014 214

The scale of the piecing!

Any ideas? What are you thinking?  Are you ready for this? Come closer ---

TN_Apr2014 210

Can you see now?  No? I think you need to come CLOSER still:

TN_Apr2014 215

Can you see now??

These look to me like late 1960s and early 1970s calicoes!  And the piecing and the hand quilting is exquisite!

And that is MY guess, but I need to know yours.  It is definitely NOT an 1800s quilt  even though the style of it is…..It’s later than the 1930s, 1940s or 1950s…these prints were just not available then.  But I KNOW I saw several prints I wore as  a child, being born in 1962 ---I had a Holly Hobby dress and matching doll in some of these fabrics – are you blown away?

I know I am!

So, Siobhan – what do YOU think??

I’m just on a short break before heading over to the conference center for our banquet tonight, and my presentation afterwards.  It’s been a fun full day – and I’ll be ready for my pillow tonight.

Still in Kentucky ---

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  1. Not matter what the date this is a wonderful quilt. I do think you are right about circa 1970...a big giveaway is the purple (even in the first photo I had jumped to Colonial Revival because of the purple print) but with each photo it got later and later...how fun! Love that you get to see such interesting quilts on your travels!

  2. Those "young and uppity" folks weren't real bright not to recognize this beauty as a treasure. All the better for Terri! Try to stay warm tonight. The KY temp is supposed to drop well below freezing.

  3. Yay! So happy to catch you when you can comment right away! I know you would have loved this quilt :)

  4. I agree those uppity Young folk have lost a tresure they probably didn't deserve anyway! Glad Terri jumped on it. I would not have guessed that era , but I am sure you are correct. Have a great time...

  5. Based on the fabrics I think you are right on target. Certainly no earlier than 1950.

  6. Anonymous5:39 PM EDT

    I am pretty sure I had a brown dress made from that print lol. I was Holly Hobbie for Halloween in 1975. I love that quilt!

  7. I think I recognize the burgundy print with the pink hearts and that would have been late 1960s, like 67 to maybe 69... I think I used it for a skirt.

  8. I love the colors! Beautiful quilt, beautiful quilting. A treasure.

  9. Don't know - but it is a great quilt.

  10. Cathy in Knoxville6:55 PM EDT

    I recognize some of the prints from my early days of quilting. Looks like a mixture of late 1960s and early 1970s to me. I love the pattern and quilting. It is a pity that they did not know enough to keep this treasure in the family. I cherish the ones handed down to me. Thanks so much for sharing it!

  11. I think it was made in the decade of BEAUTIFUL!!!! (that was pretty lame i know....). My mind was already turning trying to figure out how I could make this with paper piecing to speed it up and make it easier. I cannot imagine cutting these triangles all out one at a time and using templates to trace them! I LOVE this quilt! It's a shame that even though you might not appreciate the workmanship or the time/talent it took to make it, but more so bc they wouldn't want to keep it as a memento to remember their grandmother by!

  12. I can maybe understand not wanting old things (or maybe not....they've obviously never watched Antiques Roadshow or American Pickers) but they can't say they don't like beautiful things.

    That quilt is a real beauty no matter what century it was made in. Couldn't you just see that gracing a bed newly made up for spring? Terri is one lucky lady!

  13. I couldn't tell you the age of the quilt, but I'd agree that the fabrics are too modern for it to be an 1800's. I also wanted to throw a shout out to your friend Siobhan, cause that's MY name too!
    (And it being uncommon enough, that if I see it or hear it, it's because someone's looking for me!). :)

  14. Even if that beauty is a mere 40 years young, it is in amazing shape! The white is so stark and the colors are so vibrant.

    Don't be too hard on the grand kids--some people just don't appreciate quilts. Sad, but true. Even my quilting mother doesn't appreciate my quilts when I give them to her. Our tastes are just different. I like scrap quilts and she likes very coordinated quilts.

  15. I was thinking the same as you Bonnie the 20'-30's then when you put a close up of those prints they look to modern to be before 60-70's But what a terrific quilt. That quilting is so close. I know in the early 70s we made a lot with muslin.

  16. I definitely see a brown 1970's print (I may still have some scraps in my stash!). The quilting looks 20th century, too. I think earlier quilts had double lines instead of the single crosshatching. I think two quilts should have been made. Wouldn't it be stunning if it was completely red & white??? But it is so unusual, I would be interested to know if it is more valuable because it is probably a one of a kind quilt. Thanks, Bonnie, for sharing it!

  17. There are a couple of prints that jumped out at me as I and my DM both had some of them (and can still be found in my scraps). We bought them in the 1970's, mom for blouses, me for quilting. There may even be one from as late as the early 80's. (burgendy flower) but no. matter, it's a treasure!

  18. I am no expert, but I agree with you about the 60's or 70's. And I was at Mt Creek Quilt Shop on Saturday! I would have come to see you if I had known what day and time you would have been there!

  19. Love it. I like the colors. Isn't it fun that quilt from those years are becoming a thrill instead of that it is 'old fashion' :-)

  20. What a Beauty those "young and Uppity folks" lost out on having to pass on to their children. I don't recognize any fabrics. The colors are more 60's or early 70's to me. The late 70s' had a lot of Chartreuse green and the 'glow in the dark' orange. Love the pattern. Did Terri divulge how much she paid to take this quilt off their hands?
    Just curious.

  21. Wow - young and uppity are also clueless! How sad that they didn't care about such an amazing quilt! But....good for Terri! Such great workmanship and so fun to look at all of those different fabrics.

  22. Anonymous10:45 AM EDT

    Yes, 1970s. I had a dress out of that blue and yellow print. What a splendid work of art this quilt is.


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