Thursday, April 03, 2014

Walking Through Williamsburg, VA!

Williamsburg_Apr2014 002
This was the view up I-85 as I crossed from North Carolina into Virginia!

It’s been a beautiful day --- only a bit of cloud cover and light drizzle here and there, but Virginia in the spring? There is nothing like it!

I’m late getting this post out tonight, due to many factors, and I just go with the flow, you know?

I arrived at the hotel about 1:30pm, but they wouldn’t have a room ready for a couple hours – so I headed down into old Colonial Williamsburg to enjoy some out doors, some history, and of course to get those dang blasted steps in!  Just when you meet your goal for one day, you wake up to another one, having to start all over ---who’s big idea is this?

I checked the weather on my phone, and though it said 30% chance of rain – it looked like the weather was only going to get worse as the day went on, so a bit of drizzle wasn’t going to kill me……I was going to tackle Williamsburg on foot.

Williamsburg_Apr2014 007

Scenes like this capture my imagination of what this areas was like over 300 years ago.

Williamsburg_Apr2014 011

Deep in the heart of Colonial Williamsburg – livestock graze as they always have.

Williamsburg_Apr2014 003

Spring is evident in the blooming of the trees….over shadowed by dark skies and random rain drops.

Williamsburg_Apr2014 012

Who lived in this tiny cottage?

Come walk through Williamsburg with me!  I’ve uploaded the rest of my photos into a slide show below.

Click the image below if you can’t view the slide show on your mobile device.  You’ll be taken to the photo album for viewing.


I'm very excited to be here with the Colonial Piecemakers in Williamsburg.  It's going to be a great weekend, starting off with a Talkin' Turkey workshop tomorrow!

Have a super evening, everyone!

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  1. That was cool! Loved all the pics. I am heading down to the elliptical...blah!!! Have fun talk'n turkey tomorrow. :) Thanks for sharing your walk...was fun.

  2. Wow! That is such beautiful scenery! I might even try walking thousands of steps there! I received my book today. It is so beautiful, such awesome colors!Thank you so much!

  3. Haven't been to williamsburg since 1976. Would love to go back one day. Have a great weekend.

  4. Beautiful pictures that bring back great memories of our visit to Colonial Williamsburg almost 10 years ago. Thanks so much for sharing!

  5. I'd like to visit Williamsburg sometime. Thanks for sharing your walk through history with us.

  6. Colonial Williamsburg....one of my favorite places to visit. Thank you for sharing the pictures, time for me to schedule another trip to Williamsburg. Enjoy your weekend!

  7. I love that place and have been there at least 4 times and will love to go back again and again

  8. Nice to see your pictures of one of my favorite places to visit! Enjoy your stay.

  9. Loved the photos! Thanks for sharing. I hope to get to this area of the east coast and south to Florida.... someday. I loved the straw hats with the ribbons!

  10. Thanks for sharing Bonnie- I have never been to Williamsburg. I had thought it was a lot more commercial than the pics seem to show. I will put it on my list for one of my East Coast trips...

  11. I've been to Williamsburg a couple times, pretty good for a west coast girl. I was amazed how much it had changed the last time I was there (after about 20 years).

  12. What a beautiful place Williamsburg is, an amazing place. A question where can I find the list that you had published recently of the strip and piece sizes for the quilts? I would love to print it please.

  13. Bonnie has put it with the Tips & Techniques tab

  14. Thank you for the photos. We have many similar ones taken on our 3 visits to Colonial Williamsburg. We first visited in 1990 and our last visit was in 2009. Each time we stayed at least 3 days as there is so much to appreciate.

    We live in the UK and it is always poignant to read the headstones in the churchyard. Some of the dead were born not that far from where we currently live.

    Thank you- you've made me want to visit Williamsburg again.

  15. Lovely Bonnie. Maybe one day I can visit Williamsburg too!

  16. My kids and I loved going to Williamsburg when we were stationed in Virginia Beach. We especially loved to pick up lunch at The Cheese Shop, between the colonial area and William and Mary University. Try If you haven't. I recommend it! Mary Ann


  17. Nice trip down memory lane, Bonnie! Loved the pictures, reminded me of the wonderful times I've spent there myself. In particular, I LOVE the picture taken through the fence of the horses. Beautiful!

    Pretty sure you got your steps in! Have fun Talk'n Turkey!

  18. Lucky you to be in Williamsburg! It is one of my favorite places and where I went to college.

    I second the cheese shop recommendation. Get the house dressing on your sandwich. Yummy! You can phone ahead, so you don't have to wait in the ordering line.

  19. Bonnie, I've been there many times, but never in the spring. Thank you for sharing this with us.

  20. Love going to Williamsburg. The whole appeal of history, how people did daily things shown for you by Costume guides. Makes the early era of our country seep into your bones.

    AND the ladies did quilt!!!
    Thanks for the picture tour, Bonnie

    Smiles, JulieinTN

  21. Adore Colonial Williams-burg. The parental units took us there in the 1970's for Easter break.
    Linda in Montreal

  22. Those odd little houses you noticed are called "dependencies" if I remember right. It is possible to rent them just like a hotel room. I've forgotten how you find out about rentals, but my husband and I stayed in one for a couple of nights.

  23. Beautiful pictures! Thank you for sharing your walkabout!

  24. Anonymous11:44 PM EDT

    Colonial Williamsburg is great, We have been there several times. My daughter interned there and arranged a private tour through the quilt storage area for my birthday, Best present ever. There are quilts hanging in the Abbey museum in the old hospital at many times.

  25. Bonnie-I just want to thank you so very much for your fascinating posts and photos. Even though I don't "get my steps in for the day" I feel like I've been on a different vacation every time. I know you know this, but you are such an inspiration to sooooo many people, including me. Keep up the good works.

  26. Thank you so much for the tour of WIlliamsburg. I was there in the late eighties and enjoyed it very much, it is such a great place and the area is so full of rich history. I hope to go back some day and spend more time, there is so much to see and do. Have fun!!

  27. What a great bunch of photo's. I really like the one of the horse in it's pasture... the fence posts/cross beams are huge... and look like they have been there forever! Enjoy your trip.

  28. Thank you, Bonnie, for sharing your walking photos! They are fantastic. You're better than a tourism commercial! Have a great time!


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