Thursday, April 17, 2014

Stopping for a walkabout!

Long car drive days mean stopping every couple of hours to stretch my legs and work put the kinks in my back.

Isn't it fortuitous that I just stumbled upon this antique mall near Charleston, WV and that there is also a Chinese restaurant around the corner for lunch?!  

It's just road trip karma watching over me!

I found another little universal travel iron in its original box for $10 and a fire king bowl to replace the one I broke for $12!

After a bite to eat I'm back on the road again--you all know the song!!


  1. Universal iron. Will have to find one here in Minnesota.

  2. Good finds!! And have a safe trip home!

  3. I love the crib rail quilt display.

  4. "On the road again, I'm on the road again..." YUPPERS know that one. AKA Willie Nelson!

    How on earth you find all of the wonderful goodies in any given antique mall is amazing. HAPPY FOR YUO...travel iron kit is a winner!

    Smiles, JulieinTN

  5. No new sewing machine :(
    LOL! Drive safely!

  6. Mary in Texas3:47 PM EDT

    These stops are for medicinal reasons in case anyone asks. Lol. Really, two irons in one trip? What are the odds? That's a great looking shop.

  7. Beautiful bowl!
    What's the skinny on that iron? It must be pretty great since you're buying a second...
    I want that red white and blue improved 9 patch! Ooooo! : )

  8. I wish I could sniff out those kinds of finds!! If you want to sell one of those irons, I'm willing to take one off your hands!!
    Safe travels, Bonnie.

  9. Very interesting antique store. You certainly got the bargains this trip. I love the quilts displayed, so bright and colorful. Hope your journey went without incident and that you are safe at home.

  10. I want some of Bonnies Karma! I never find half of the treasures she does, do you?

  11. The quilts looked good too. I need to find me an Iron like your one in the box. It would be fun to go antiquing with you!

  12. You're teasing us with the photo with the quilts. I just want to see them all - unfolded :0) Will there be another post to follow with vintage quilty goodness in it??? I'm glad for you that you made some excellent finds :0)

  13. Anonymous9:29 PM EDT

    That sounds like a really fun stop! I love flea markets and antique malls! -Brittany

  14. If I had known you were going thru Charleston I'd have taken you to lunch! The last time I visited the Antique Mall I found a wonderful older Singer that I left there. Hope you are home safely. Debbie in WV

  15. Will put this one on our list. Have to see how close it is to the grandbaby.

  16. Anonymous1:36 PM EDT

    Would it be possible for you to list the antique shops in their own link? Please, I know it is possible but I do not want to ask anything to hard of you since you give so much to us as it is. Just a thought. Do not know if others would appreciate it as well.

  17. You have the beat antique stores - that last one I was in only had school things... from 20 years ago....


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