Friday, April 04, 2014

Sew Sew Sew in Love!

Williamsburg_Apr2014 105
This is a lovely Jones treadle we  saw at the Williamsburg Antique Mall yesterday.

It was LOVELY ---and I’m sure that someone will come snatch it up because it really needs a home.

I do not remember the price, and it doesn’t matter – with 6 functioning treadles in cabinets in my house, and 3 fully functional treadles in cabinets at the cabin – I am not in the market for more treadles in FURNITURE.  But oh boy, was this lovely!

Williamsburg_Apr2014 104

Beautiful cabinet too!

There were a lot of machines and stuff to ogle at ---from toy ones:

Williamsburg_Apr2014 071

Nope, didn’t come home with me

Williamsburg_Apr2014 119

Loved this one AND the Corticelli Spool Silk embroidery cabinet, but it didn’t come home either!

Williamsburg_Apr2014 078

And small chain stitch hand cranks with names like:

Williamsburg_Apr2014 079

LEAD!  As in “Heavy as Lead!”

Williamsburg_Apr2014 080

Weird tension knob is at a catty corner angle!

Williamsburg_Apr2014 081

Hook underneath for making the chain-stitch ---

A chain stitch is a one thread stitch – there is no bobbin thread.  This gives a seam much like the stitching across a bag of dog food…and if you pull one end, the stitching all comes out.

I’m sticking to machines I really will use, and this one was not in the best of shape, so it didn’t come home either.

Williamsburg_Apr2014 066

There was a white featherweight ---

Williamsburg_Apr2014 112

And several black ones, this one in a folding card table…

All were priced just around $450.00 – even the crappy ones with no finish or decals left.  Someone needs to get a clue – just because it is a featherweight doesn’t mean it deserves a mint price.

Williamsburg_Apr2014 075

I loved this cabinet!  The extension behind would open full flat out and be great for quilting!

Williamsburg_Apr2014 077

New Home – no bobbin, no bobbin case, no foot pedal no nothing….boat anchor.

And the worst travesty of ALL:

Williamsburg_Apr2014 118

Heaven have Mercy!

Someone has taken a beautiful 201 – with perfect decals….and turned it into a LAMP.  *sigh*  A LAMP!???  Okay, I don’t mind this if it is beyond repair and non functioning, but this is like….deciding to do taxidermy on a still viable living creature just for the sake of doing it because you can.  NO NO NO!!!

We did get all excited over a couple of beauties behind the safety glass – probably displayed there to keep our drool off:

Williamsburg_Apr2014 063

Pretty as ICE CREAM!

This is a Home Mark – and it IS a zig-zag machine, which means that straight stitch on this vintage model is NOT in center needle position – it’s over far left to straight stitch…the zig zag only is a ZAG – it only swings to the right – if you get what I mean.  But isn’t she pretty?

And yes, that price is right too…$425.00  This machine is liable to be there for a LONG LONG time.

Williamsburg_Apr2014 068

Cool mid-century controls!  Made in Japan

Williamsburg_Apr2014 065

This two toned lady was also there…

And also priced over the $400.00 mark.  It’s likely to be sitting HERE a long long time as well.  But it was fun to see them in such good condition!

And this was only what we spotted in HALF of the mall……what a treat of the vintage machine kind!

They are out there – you just have to keep looking!

I’m back to my room after a great day with the Colonial Piecemakers of Williamsburg and our Talkin’ Turkey class today.  I treated myself to some Chinese for dinner, got my steps in – from here it’s curling up with a binding and whatever I can find on the TV to keep me company.

Tomorrow?  Guild Meeting in the morning followed by a half day Boxy Stars class afterward!

Love from Williamsburg --

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  1. Anonymous8:27 PM EDT

    I just posted the same thing about a beautiful machine being turned into a lamp. I found it at the local flea market. Check out my blog post about it here: http://picklesquilting.blogspot.com/2014/03/random-flea-market-find.html


  2. I love visiting these malls with you...all the way from Australia! Love that gorgeous pink one! They are so rare here that it would not be sitting there long!

  3. Anonymous9:05 PM EDT

    We bought a black feather weight not long ago and paid 200.00 for it in the suitcase, so glad to see that we did not over pay.Watch everything I can on the laptop trying to learn more, you can never know enough.Pat Probst, bernardprobst@yahoo.com, Noble, Ok

  4. This vintage hunt is really addictive. I've finally purchased this 1903 Singer 28K on e-bay for 100 € The coffin cover alone would cost around 40 € in most antique shops, and the machine is in working condition.
    It is my third vintage machine since I found your blog, but the first I paid for: I have already rescued a handcrank and a treadle, both family heritage.
    Thank you very much for all the wisdom you share with us.

  5. Your boat anchor remark cracked me up...LOL! And the lamp was just pathetic...poor thing.
    If you need a laugh tonight check out the replies on the inboxjaunt...hysterical today. It's on Quilting abbrev.
    Thanks for sharing your treasure hunts with us. My hunt for my grandmothers treadle hit a dead end. Sad :(

  6. Please do not call a machine that looks like that a boat anchor. Just because it's missing a few parts does not make it a boat anchor. A true boat anchor will never sew again. That machine just needs to find it's way into the right hands to be useful again. Treadle On.

  7. Thanks for sharing your tour! I tend to agree about the lamp, but if it keeps the machine out of the landfill, well I guess. And who knows, in the future someone might revert her back to her original loveliness! I hope so!

  8. Bonnie you have stumbled upon a gold mine of sewing machines! I believe around our area, folks keep the machines either to use or to be in the families. See none of these machine shown, ever, here!

    I remember at Williamsburg the man who portrays Thomas Jefferson. IF you are able to see him (he walks around town etc), make sure to go. The likeness, manners of the colonial times etc are amazing!!!! One boy about 10 yr old told him, BUT YOU ARE DEAD!!!! Portrayer answered " I beg your pardon, I am very much alive as you may see". This kid was dazed....too funny.

    Smiles, JulieinTN

  9. I couldn't believe my eyes--A LAMP???
    How horrible!!! I do love the colors of that "ice cream" machine, though. $425 is a bit steep! Thanks for the antiquing adventure!

  10. Soooooooooooo much eye candy, a true treat but the pricing was surely on the high side so you didn't mind walking away, with a picture of course, tutu funny........ but the discovery portion with a pal made for the best adventure!!!!!!!!

  11. Thanks for posting about the values of these machines as your opinion and experience will help me on my adventures at antique stores. I recent got a treadle for $95 in a parlor style cabinet and I was pretty sure I got a good deal since it works. Just a good clean up and she will be ready to go!!

  12. OODLES of nice machines. thanks for the tour.

  13. What fun for us to see all these different machines and your commentary on what they are. I can't help but wonder on the machines in tables that are not on the edge how one's back does after 30 minutes at a bad angle.

  14. I have been eyeing a white FW... don't know why except that I don't have one LOL

  15. wow the motherload

    I wish I had a treadle and that one would be ideal

    aka kingcooper0001@aol.com

  16. Drool, drool over all those beautiful machines.
    My everyday machine is a Jones Family CS ( very similar to the first photo) mounted on a treadle and I just adore it. It belonged to my grandmother and was bought in 1932. I have fancier electric machines but they don't get used often.
    My treadle will quilt all straight line quilting with no problems or difficulties. I've done at least a dozen Streak of Sunshine quilts for family and friends
    Keep up the good work and this really enjoyable blog.
    Helen in France

  17. Love the Featherweight in the "card table". That was the one my mother had and the one I learned to sew on. Love seeing all the old machines you find.


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