Sunday, April 13, 2014

New Day, New Digs!

KY_Apr2014 004
 I left the wilds of Tennessee behind this morning, and pointed Shamu northward toward the wilder wilds of Kentucky!

My GPS thought it would play a game with me and sent me over the wildest “non main” roads out in the middle of nowhere I had EVER been in my life -

This is good, and this is bad.

This is good, because I passed rolling hills and stunning views, pastures of happy cattle grazing ---

You can tell the moment when you cross the Kentucky state line – all of a sudden, barns are not white or red anymore, and neither are fences….

Barns are BLACK!

And quite a few of them have quilt blocks!

KY_Apr2014 005

Hello, Beauty!

Because I didn’t have a definitive time I had to be here, I just kept driving…..

KY_Apr2014 006

And I kept stopping to snap photos!

Oh yes, FENCES are black too!

KY_Apr2014 007

Sunbonnet Sue?  Am I lost??

KY_Apr2014 008

Basket block on the barn!

And then things got BAD, the GPS said turn left – but the one lane dirt road said “NO OUTLET” and I lost my cell phone coverage down in a hollow and I knew that I was going NOWHERE fast….time to turn around!

I drove to where I had phone service again.  I did some alternative checking…..I wound my way about 45 minutes back the way I came, and found a road that had a double yellow painted line down the center – a two lane highway..YEAH!  The GPS seemed to have rerouted herself and I felt confident that I just *MIGHT* get here by night fall.

And here I am!

KY_Apr2014 003


The Sewing Expo is being held at General Butler State Resort Park, and is sponsored by the University of Kentucky---namely the Kentucky Cooperative Extension Service.  Click HERE to read the pdf brochure and see what all is happening this weekend!

KY_Apr2014 014

Conference Center!

By tomorrow, this empty parking lot will be full of cars and the fun will begin!  This is for more than just quilting, there are classes on tailoring, bag making, clothing construction and all manner of sewing projects – if it’s fabric, we’ll sew it!

I’ll be here until Thursday morning and I’m tickled with my accommodations at the lodge:

KY_Apr2014 009

Tall ceilings, comfy furnishings and wood floors-

KY_Apr2014 010

Ready to sew!

I’ve brought my folding table and I’ve set up my school bus featherweight to do some paper piecing.  Tomorrow evening I’ll be participating in the sit n sew with the attendees, and I’ll move myself over there to go play with the girls for the evening.  It will be a fun way to get to know each other.

KY_Apr2014 011

Room to spare!

KY_Apr2014 012

There is lots of stuff to do here from golf to tennis to hiking ---

But what I really want to do is tour the historic Butler-Turpin State Historic House!  I asked about the hours, thinking I could do this tomorrow during the day time since we don’t start until evening, but they are only open Thursday through Saturday right now – and I’m bugging out of here on Thursday morning because I need to get home for Easter weekend.  NEXT TIME!

I still hope to get over there and at least walk the grounds, they said I could do that ---

KY_Apr2014 013

Awesome location!

I’m thinking I’ll head into town for Mexican for dinner – and then I’ll be back stitching away tonight.

Have a great Sunday evening, everyone!

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  1. You might wanna check the settings on the GPS. Don't know if that's the issue but when mine did that, there was like a 'shortest route' or something like that that was checked; took us on a dirt path through a forested area where there was a nice 4 lane rd. nearby!! And once when it took us HOURS to get somewhere that should've been 45 min., the 'no toll roads, etc' was checked.

  2. Enjoy what you can do. Pity things are not open for you, but I am sure things will work out.

  3. Meant to be! Enjoyed the beautiful photos of the barn quilts. Our Friendship Quilters Guild in Elizabeth, iL, is having the author of Barn Quilts, Suzi Parron at our May meeting. Her barn book and the stories and history of the barn quilts is amazing.

  4. I am looking forward to meeting you at the Kentucky Sewing Expo for Sit and Sew and Happy Scrappy Houses. Marcia

  5. Glad you made it Bonnie and got to see some of the barn quilts along your scenic route. Kentucky is the biggest beef cattle producer east of the Mississippi, that's one reason why there are so many farms with black barns and fences. We also have a great state park system here. Enjoy your stay!

  6. Nettie Sebastian7:22 PM EDT

    Ok my friend, it's time for a new GPS! It's not safe to wonder around single lane roads by your self.Bonnie you are very special to all of us . So safe travels

  7. School bus yellow???? Did you repaint it or was it original like that?

    I drive school bus and I would love to have one that color!

  8. Ginny Clay. Vcclay@gmail.com8:05 PM EDT

    I hope I am not duplicating. Am also at the lodge. Good antique stores across the river in Madison. Madison is called the Williamsburg of the Midwest. Due to amazing bridge project a ferry gets us over the river. Would be glad to be a guide tomorrow if interested. I am in my room with my new 1950 Featherweight. Just call through desk if interested. Otherwise, see you tomorrow night. V Clay

  9. GPS's don't work too well where we live but I always have a map and double check Google map routes etc. Once they had me taking a long old gravel road instead of the highway. Luckily I checked the map and chose the better, safer route.

  10. My hubby was stationed at Ft. Campbell, Ky, in 1968, after returning from Viet Nam. We lived in Clarksville, TN, and really enjoyed the people in TN and KY while there.

  11. I sew wanted to be there this week. I live just about an hour from the park. I just can't fit the time in this week as I am going to St Louis to spend this week with my daughter and grandson. I am missing the fun but I'll get to see you sometime. Have a great time in Northern Kentucky. Its a great place to be.

  12. Bonnie I just read about an Elephant sanctuary in Tennessee ( know you are in Kentucky now , you move too quickly for me) any way it is not open for viewing the elephants it is a place for them to retire after zoos, circuses or other miss adventures. They have a "web cam" type Internet so we all can see the elephants without bothering them and a web page that tells the story of each elephant how they became a captive the story of the journey to the sanctuary and it an elephant has died they tell about the grieving and why or what happened that the elephant died. the place is huge so who knows how close you where to this wonderful elephant place

  13. ??? why are they painted black in kentucky. the buildings and such...but oh how lovely..enjoy

    beth holt

  14. I can answer your questions about the black barns. They were made black to help with tobacco curing. Originally, they were all just covered with creosote-the same stuff that makes telephone poles black.
    Here's the info I found to back u my story:
    "Black barns raise the heat inside, aiding the curing of tobacco Many got their color from creosote, which repelled termites. Soon many Kentucky barns were painted black just as a fashion statement."
    So now you know! ;)

    Have fun in our beautiful state!

  15. Your comment certainly brings back memories of our visit (from U.K) to our friends in North Carolina. We took a trip over the mountains to Tennessee. Our GPS took us into 'no mans' land round & round with no signal on our cell phone either. We were beginning to 'mildly' panic when we were sent up someone's drive... Eventually we came across some kids playing in a field. We stopped and a large dog came bounding towards us followed by Mom. She was kind enough to lend us her cell phone with instructions to throw ours away!!, then directed us back to a main road! Happy memories...!! Jenny

  16. I think I stayed there once, when i got lost going to Paducha! It was very nice. I wish I had known you were going to be "so close" (3hrs) i would have "come on down ya'll" Have a great stay!

  17. We were once directed by someone in WV to take "the far lane" then we discovered they meant "the four lane" but we still ended up in the far lane with No Outlet. And yes, that's right where the GPS died.

  18. Bonnie, i encourage you to visit the Shaker Village at Pleasant Hill, KY.

  19. I love your photos - thanks for sharing!!!!!

    sao in Midlothian, VA


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