Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Errand Day!

Studio_April2014 080
I haven’t sewn a stitch all day.

I know there are days like this, but I must pet SOMETHING before I go to bed tonight..I really MUST!

While running around this afternoon – dropping mail off at the post office before they closed at 4:30, bank run, and a wonderful 90 minute massage –I stopped to get a picture of this GORGEOUS pink dogwood just blooming up a storm in the parking lot of a local shopping center.

If regular dogwoods are great, PINK dogwoods are THE BOMB!

This one was so thick with clusters of blossoms I just couldn't get ever it.

Yes, this is my the camera-phone geek, just standing on her tippy toes in full view of a gazillion cars driving through the parking lot, oblivious to anything going on around her but the beautiful blossoms.

OOOooohhh!  This is one of the south’s greatest gifts in the spring time:

Studio_April2014 081

Color Me Pink with Happiness!

I grabbed a late-ish dinner after all was said and done, and enjoyed the solitude, reading a book on the kindle app on my phone.

Have you read “Daughter of the Loom” by Judith Miller?  It’s a historical novel taking place in Lowell, Massachusetts  during the industrial revolution and the cotton mills that put Lowell on the map.  I’m only about a chapter in, but I’m really liking it!

On Audio book, I just finished “Look Again” By Lisa Scottoline.  Awesome plot line about a mother who suspects her adopted child could have previously been an abducted child.  Heart wrenching and rewarding!  A very good listen.

I also have something to share with you, from Becky!

She writes:

Hi Bonnie!
I discovered your blog relatively recently and when I found the free pattern section it was liking finding a candy store!  I had to wipe the drool off my keyboard!  I want to make one of each, and most of them several times!
Becky’s Scrappy Bargello!
I started with a Scrappy Bargello which I finished recently and wanted to share.  I learned a lot about value placement after I got the first section pieced and noticed I had too many lights close together in the top left corner.  Oh, well!  The price of experience!  I did a fair amount of rearranging in the other sections before I sewed the strips together and I am happier with how they turned out.
Becky’s Awesome Backing!
I took a page out of your book and pieced the backing out of my stash.  My favorite is an Easter print that I've been wondering how to use up.  Put it in a backing! :)
I'm donating this quilt to my local battered women's shelter.  I think scrap quilts are the perfect metaphor for people in those kinds of situations.  Scrap quilts take little bits and pieces, leftovers, odds and ends that most people would throw away, and even some downright ugly fabrics and turn them into something not only functional, but beautiful.  That is exactly what those women are trying to do with their lives.
Thanks for all you share with us!  With much love and hugs!
Thank you for donating your gift to such a worthy cause, Becky!  Your quilt is beautiful and I know it is going to lift someone’s heart at a difficult time.
I also LOVE the mountain view I can just barely glimpse between the trees in the photo above!  Becky didn’t say where she was from, but it has to be somewhere between Colorado and the West coast!  That leaves, Montana, Wyoming, Idaho, Utah, Oregon, Washington in the mix as well --- Becky, where are you from? How lovely to have that view right in your own back yard.
Have a good night everyone!

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  1. Try "Don't Go" also by Lisa Scottoline - another goodie :)

  2. Yeah for Becky,so proud of her and want to say what a great team you two have made, Yeah for Bonnie.

  3. Love Lisa Scottoline, too! The dogwoods are breathtaking!! See ya tomorrow on Quilt Cam!

  4. Bonnie, did I see you sign your name with the middle name "Wilkinson"? That was my maiden name as well!!! Think we could be related?
    Sherri Kennedy

  5. Dogwoods are all over our mountains.... lines of them on the streets, beautiful beyond belief with the lacy effect they cast!!!! Good photo.

    Once more we see how quilters ARE GIVERS. Quilters like Becky exist all over the world. No fanfare, no trumpets, just giving when it is needed! Thank you for posting her letter.

    Smiles, JulieinTN

  6. Dogwoods are some of my favorites in the spring. I have a magnolia that is just ready to "pop". We've got wet weather right now, but all precipitation is a blessing: snow, rain, sleet, we will take it all. Will join quiltcam tomorrow.

  7. I think everyone that visits here feels like a kid in a candy store! I want to try it all! One piece is never enough! Made a Scrappy Trips quilt and LOVE it!

  8. Dogwoods are my favorite part of Spring in Walla Walla, Washington too. The "friendliest town" so nice they named it twice- as voted in 2011. Glad you took time to see them and share them with all of us!~

  9. Oh Bonnie! The pictures of the pink dogwoods are just beautiful! I'm having a hard time getting pictures because I'm always driving! Thinking I need to pull over and stand on my tippie toes too! Becky, your quilt is spectacular. Thanks for sharing! :-)

    Pat O
    Winston Salem, NC

  10. Breathtaking dogwood, so beautiful and aren't they huge? Congratulations to Becky she has done a great job on her scrappy quilt, even the back is great. Bonnie, you don't miss a trick do you? I was so busy looking at the quilt, I never even noticed the snippet of the gorgeous mountain in the background. Almost a shame to hide it behind the fence.

  11. The fence and mountain view really look "California" to me.

  12. Good guess, Bonnie! I live in Orem, Utah (about 40 miles south of Salt Lake City) along the Wasatch Range of the Rocky Mountains. The peak in the background of the picture is Cascade Mountain and it is awesome having such great mountains to hike in just 10 minutes away!

  13. OMG! A Pink Dogwood!!!! I have never seen one before. It's the color of cotton candy! Makes me homesick for Texas where we had white ones. Beautiful! Thanks so much.

  14. Thanks for the book tips! Love hearing about good books and I've read several by Lisa Scottoline. Your recommendation has landed "Look Again" on my Wish List at my local library! I'm currently reading "Under the Wide and Starry Sky" which is about Robert Louis Stephens. It's an interesting read, to say the least! Loved his "A Child's Garden of Verses".


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