Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Get Out and Walk!

Studio_April2014 007
Get Out And Walk!!

That’s exactly what I told myself an hour ago.

Really nothing has changed much as far as the view from my dining room table goes!

UPS delivered 10 more cases of MORE Adventures with Leaders & Enders, and I’ve been a happy robot ---peel and stick a label, stamp return address, peel and stick a postage stamp, sign a book , personalized if need be, slide it into envelope, peel and stick closed, put it in appropriate stack for zip code sorting and start the next one.

I kind of get a rhythm going and so far I haven’t signed the wrong name to anyone’s book order!

My excursion today, besides the post office, was a trip to the chiropractor to make sure everything is all systems go for my drive to Williamsburg, VA on Thursday  ---whoooowhoooo! I can’t wait!  Love VA this time of year, the prettiest state there is to drive through.

And I enjoyed a sneaky lunch with a friend at the last minute – sometimes you just gotta!

Oh, and this stupid thing….I left my cosmetics bag at the cabin.

Which means – it’s time to have one for here, one for there, and one to live IN the suitcase for road trips.  Dang but cosmetics are expensive!  All the while I kept thinking I’d rather be buying fabric!

These lovely trees all down the side walk are from the street where my chiropractor’s office is.  SWEET!!

Studio_April2014 010
Soft fluffy pink!

And these trees are just up the hill from my neighborhood where I walk --- those hills are killers!  It doesn’t look like it ---but it has me panting every time.

Did I get my steps n?  YES I DID! 12,821 and the day isn’t over.

Studio_April2014 006

The quilting is coming along…..

This is a shot of the bowties on the back of the quilt….how many of you recognize THOSE fabrics?  Good memories, old 1980s.

This is where you’ll find me tonight ---I’m not quite half way yet.

Studio_April2014 011


All of the mail was not going OUT of my house – some was coming in!

In this case, a very fun box of scraps from Rhonda in Warner Robins, GA ---LOVE the bathing beauty ladies!  Thank you so much Rhonda, I didn't have your email address to send you a personal thank you, I hope this will reach you. 

Which reminds me…I think I need a pedicure!  It reached 81 degrees today and my feet looked pitiful in sandals!

Are you ready for Quilt –Cam tomorrow night?  I’ll be ready and waiting at 9pm Eastern time.  Perhaps I’ll be putting a binding on this quilt if all goes well ---

Oh, and one more thing – be sure to come back in the morning, I’ve got a special treat for you!

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  1. I went to college and grad school in NC and would regularly drive home to my parents' house in MD. During those drives there was no way you could convince me that VA was not the l o n g e s t state in the country! It seemed to stretch on forever! But you're right, it's at least a pretty state to drive through! Safe travels.

  2. Yay on those steps! Love the fruit lady scraps, sew fun to spot in a quilt!

  3. Spring! The birds are happy and busy! I was outside most of the day Sunday, and when I was carrying a full bucket to the compost pile, I heard a blood-curdling scream, then "Get out! Get out! Get out!" (My neighbor woman, who is VERY loud, and has a VERY caustic voice! Springtime on my block, and the "music" of the neighborhood! I'm glad she does not scare off the birds! (And I'm glad one of my dogs is deaf, at least one of us is spared the screaching!)

  4. Bonnie, what fun scraps! If this keeps up, you will never have to go into a fabric shop again, except for thread and batting.

  5. Of course I'm ready for quilt cam. What a silly question. Wheres the info on ordering your new book?

  6. I am having so much fun now that I know better all the fun stuff I can use for my neutrals on my wonky wishes stars. Spent some time doing a little cutting while my niece got sidetracked by a pile of old Barbies and spent almost 45 min playing. I got a good pile of scraps cut.
    It looks so pretty there...it didn't get above 30 here today and too much snow and mud to "go walk" so I had to climb on the elliptical downstairs...torture really...it's just past the sewing machine...so hard to walk past the sewing machine!!! :) I bet the blossoms on those trees smell good too. It will be May before we see a day like that. Is ok...sew time for me. :)

  7. Man, I need a pedicure as well. Was gonna go today and then didn't do it. TOMORROW, must be TOMORROW! LOL

  8. Anonymous10:38 PM EDT

    My copy of More Adventures with Leaders & Enders arrived today!! When I realized what was in the package, I felt like a giddy kid on Christmas opening a great present:) Thanks for the inspiration to walk - I tend to spend a lot of time sitting while at work. Time to change that and get the pedi while I'm at it:)

    Karen in San Diego

  9. I think where you live is very beautiful!! I've never been to Virginia either, so I hope your drive is filled with wonderful scenery and something new that you haven't seen before!

  10. Glad you continue to walk. I am not counting step, but walking each day trying to be healthier. Thanks for modeling taking care of ourselves.

  11. I had to have revision surgery to replace components from last years total knee replacement but it has been so nice my hubby has helped me get my walker down the steps and I get to walk in the flat part of my drive way. I have been a happy girl. Hope you have safe travels.

  12. WoW Bonnie enjoyed your spring pics but just to remind you we are not all enjoying spring, we just spent 5 days under severe winter warnings. The snow is 10 to 12' deep in places and still thousands of homes in our province of New Brunswick still without electric power. Our trees are loaded with ice and we are all hoping this is the end of this crap.
    Happy Spring and Quilting All.

  13. Hi there!!! I suppose Virginia is a beautiful state to drive through...I live here in the Beautiful Shenandoah Valley/County, in a little town called Woodstock. And we do have a quilt shop here!!! Its called Quilters Cabin of all things. Anyways, just thought I'd send a shout out from Virginia!!!

  14. Donna gies10:31 AM EDT

    Bonnie, I have so much admiration for your quilts and your books. Perhaps by winning a book I might be able to make a similar quilt. I look forward to trying.


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