Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Rollin’ in the Jo!

Studio_April2014 059

I arrived home from lunch out with a friend and a long wonderful massage to find a box stuffed into my mailbox!

Would you get a look at that return address?

Ooooh baby!

I hoofed it all the way down my driveway eager to get into this lovely little carton – just what did Jo send??

We had a great time in Pigeon Forge a couple of weeks ago, it was so great seeing her again.

Studio_April2014 060

Holy Toasty Shirtings, Batman!

Studio_April2014 061

And blues and reds to boot!

I’m going to have a great time cutting hexies from these fabulous scraps.  I will pet them and fondle them and dream about how lovely they will be in my on-going ((ever-on-going)) traveling hexi project!

Thanks, Jo!!


Three happy quilters in Pigeon Forge!

Jo Morton, Me, and Cindy Blackberg – love these ladies!

Studio_April2014 058

Today’s redbud tree in bloom at Sam’s club.  LOVE!

It’s a lovely afternoon, low 60s, a bit breezy, but these feet are itching to go walk my neighborhood.

The UPS man has still not shown up in my drive way with the rest of the books.  He usually shows up about 5pm so I am hoping that by the end of my walk he will have been here and left them on my front porch and the order filling can resume through the evening so I can mail all out before I leave for TN in the morning.

If not – they will definitely be here waiting when I return in a week, and we’ll get them ALL out then!

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  1. Love Cindy Blackberg! Have taken several classes from her in Houston at Festival and she is a wonderful teacher. So sad she is not coming back. Her handwork is amazing. She taught me a lot. Love the wool needlekeep her sister made.

  2. Oh, I love Jo Morton's fabrics! You are so lucky! When are the fabric manufacturers going to have YOU design some fabric? It definitely would include some cheddar!!! Have a safe trip tomorrow!

  3. Lucky lucky girl!!! Jo fabrics are my absolute favorite and I also ordered Cindy's needle keep and wool sewing keep off her site. Love them!!!

  4. Anonymous6:14 PM EDT

    Anxiously awaiting your arrival in TN tomorrow night! Looking forward to dinner!

    Joyce Knauff

  5. Nettie Sebastian6:27 PM EDT

    Jack Pot !!!

  6. Beautiful!!! Love all those shirting's and those blues and reds are to die for....Enjoy those fabric goodies.

  7. Three princesses all in a row. I am on my way to a Jo retreat this week!!!

  8. Nothing like a GREAT mail day to make a girl's day! :)

  9. If you don't want them, I will take them, those are perfect though for what you are working on. :)

  10. Love those colors, no room for more fabric but if I stumbled across some of Jo Morton's like those I would have to have them..........

  11. I love redbud trees, I just bought and planted one to celebrate our one year anniversary in our new NC home. enjoy those surprise scraps.......how fun :0)

    Happy Sewing

  12. Man, I never would've recognized Cindy. Been a LONG time since I've seen her.

  13. oh yeah i am pea green with envy over that stash for sure...

  14. Now that's an exciting package to get, love Jo Morton fabrics and all the mini quilts she makes. Have fun petting...

  15. Your post today confirms it, we quilters are crazy. Imagine, petting the fabric! Who knew!

  16. Great picture of The Three Amigos! Hahaha!


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