Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Invasion of the Quilt-Kind!

First off I need to send out a loud reminder that there IS QUILT-CAM tonight at 9pm EST.

Now that it is light later, some of you on the east coast may find yourself still up and about for it, and I hope you’ll join us!

I plan to be stitching on a binding ((And maybe a hanging sleeve and a label)) during this time – if I get that job done, I’ll switch to some string piecing to keep working on the border units for my cheddar sampler.

What will you bring to sew on?

I’m getting ready to pack up and leave for Williamsburg in the morning.

Cases of books and class supplies are already in the back of Shamu.

All that is left is to repack the trunk show to now include some of the NEW quilts from my NEW Book!\

Studio_April2014 029

As I was getting ready to unzip and re-shuffle, I giggled to myself.  This scene is very reminiscent of a movie that gave me the heebie jeebies back in about 1978: Invasion of the Body Snatchers!

Are there pod people in my living room??

Seriously – That movie kept me from sleeping for several nights in a row.  I was 16 or 17 at the time.  Still gives me the creeps!

But these bags are full of good stuff….and I want to add MORE good stuff to it:

Studio_April2014 030

It’s just a matter of which ones!

Williamsburg, VA will be my first venue sharing the new book, MORE Adventures with Leaders & Enders ---and with each new book the trunk show changes accordingly ---

It’s hard to choose!

See you tonight at 9pm, that’s about 3 hours from the time I’m hitting send on this post!

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Jo said...

I like your quilt cam reminder picture.
See you there.

Linda Thain said...

Looking forward to it. I will be dialing you in!

kath in ohio said...

I will be there! Thanks for the reminder!

Amelia Godissart said...

looking forward to quilt cam...wish I could be in Williamsburg to meet you!

Agnes Gates said...

I will also be there, hand sewing a binding on a baby quilt.

ria vogelzang said...

Just caught your post before Im finally of to bed, at 1.26 am here..
Enjoy Quilt-cam.I'm sure to catch you on the archived one.
Love from Holland, Ria.

Kim Andrews said...

So if I am in the Mountain time zone right now, I think that means 7pm here. I will just start checking from 6pm on. Very confusing when not at home. Thanks for the reminder!!!

Sue Norton said...

I'll be there. Working on a quilt using all half square triangles. So many different patterns to choose from.

Donna1111 said...

How do I access Quilt Cam? would love to join in tonight.

lourixe said...

I'm browsing e-bay and different second-hand websites looking at vintage sewing machines and spare parts I need to repair mine.
Checking Quiltville now and then because i'm always confused about time zones. It's 2:00 am here right now.

Yvonne Dyson said...

I am taming my scraps thanks to your organized scrap user system. Would love to win a copy of your awesome new book and Quiltmaker magazine. Hope go see you in San Diego in October. Thanks for sharing your creativity and generosity.

kalamityk said...

Kathi is joining you tonight from Gainesville, Virginia (I love Williamsburg!). I will be working on Dear Jane blocks for the two DJ quilts I am sewing. One is traditional fabrics and one is with modern brights. I have a Scrap Users question...Do you keep shirt pieces separate from the other strips and squares?

Marie said...

Another great quilt cam tonight - thanks! Love your wonky wishes quilt. It's so pretty!

Eva Howard said...

loved quilt cam tonight. just think your new friends last weekend didn't know they were out with a celebrity. Wait til they find out! squeellll

Nancy said...

Love to watch quilt cam.

L Burgard said...

I enjoyed your quiltcam tonight and was happy to see that we use the same binding technique... when I do them. It seems like a long time since I have FINISHED a project. Linda

Leah said...

Hi, Bonnie. The photo of your stack of folded quilts on the loveseat gave me a thought. You've so generously shared peeks at your stash, your scrap bins, etc. Would you be willing to do a post sometime on how/where you store your folded quilts when they're not in the 'body bags'? I remember a photo you posted quite some time ago of a vertical stack of your folded quilts, but you've added a lot more big quilts since then. What's your system for keeping big, bulky stacks of quilts under control? Thanks! Leah

BonnieE said...

These quilts are all beautiful. Lucky folks who get to see them in person! Can't wait to see your book.

Katy Lillie said...

Try the storage bags that you suck the air out of. You could take more, much more!!

Evelyn Saphier said...

Quilt cam was LAST NIGHT?! Oh, grrrrr -- I am thinking of putting quilts in a show in June and would have loved to see you making your sleeves!
Love your quilts and your spirit of life and sharing, Bonnie!

Ebony said...

Ah, now we know how you finish so many quilts so quickly! You have alien pods at your house, replicating their DNA! Mwahahaha!

Kathy Dias said...

I love watching your quilt cam, even though I usually have to catch it the next day. I spent my time cutting scraps up using your scrap user system.