Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Tennessee Bound!

TN_Apr2014 006
This is the beautiful spring view of my drive across the border between North Carolina and Tennessee and the gorgeous Smoky Mountains!

The clouds were hanging like fluffy cotton balls in the sky, allowing glimpses of blue and sunshine to peek through here and there, and casting interesting shadows on the landscape as I made my way toward Loudon.

As pretty as the drive is ahead of me, take a look at what I saw in my rear view:

TN_Apr2014 010

Mountain Love!

I am nearly ashamed to admit that I didn’t even stop for antique malls this trip.  I did quite a bit of antiquing last week, and also on my last trip to TN --- and I just wanted to push on and get here.

I arrived about 3:30pm and crashed for a nap ---and it’s a good thing I set my alarm, I was meeting with the guild girls for dinner at 5:30!

After dinner I just had to get out and stretch my legs. 

Okay, that and the fact that fitbit was taunting me and letting me know that I’d done nothing but sit on my butt all day – let’s get some steps in before dark!

TN_Apr2014 016

Dogwoods are in bloom!

TN_Apr2014 017

Find a country road and start walking!

TN_Apr2014 022

It smells so good out!  Green grass and cattle, and old farm machinery.

TN_Apr2014 025

Tonight you’ll find me here!

TN_Apr2014 026

Binding time!

The split 9 patch has 1-1/2 sides left to go ---and then I’ll move on to the Wonky Wishes ---I’ve got Law & Order keeping me company!

Have a great evening everyone – all is well in Loudon, TN!

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  1. Finally!! I have waiting for years for this. See you in Cathedral Stars class tomorrow, Bonnie, and welcome to our little corner of the world! Cathy in TN (Tellico Plains to be exact.. just down the road from Loudon)

  2. Enjoy your time in TN. The country side looks beautiful.
    I hope the weather hopes up and welcomes you to KY next week. I'll be there for Hidden Spools. Can't wait.
    I would have loved to be in both classes, but so many people wanted to come they asked us to pick a class. I am so excited!

  3. I so enjoy reading your posts Bonnie. You make everything so beautiful, funny, interesting. Would love to take a class with you some day. Thanks for doing what you do so well.

  4. Bonnie, please don't take pictures while you are driving! We don't want anything to happen to you!!!!!

  5. Ohhhh.....dogwoods! Love em!

  6. Bonnie, you have so many fun trips and I love seeing your pictures.... BUT, are you really taking pictures while driving? Even in the mirror? That could be as dangerous as texting! Yikes! But do keep posting the fun blogs. We all love them.

  7. That fitbit does keep you honest doesn't it! But please don't take pictures while driving!

  8. Anonymous11:12 PM EDT

    Bonnie look forward to reading your blog everyday. Such adventures. Received my copy of leaders and lenders,more leaders and lenders and string fling today. Love them. I am hooked. Hoping to convert them to 2.5 inch size but be easier just to cut some 2 inch. Anyway thanks for such inspiring books!!!!!
    Robyn Barnes rlbrph@aol.com in Waco texas

  9. at the scolding you are getting for taking pictures while you are driving! I've done that - point and shoot and hope I get what I'm try to get! Ahem, that said, they are right so we need to pull over to get that shot! Now, the picture of your room with the quilts on the bed...what is either reflected in the window or going on outside your window? Has me wondering!

  10. So glad you are still using your FitBit. Don't you just love it? I never go anywhere without it. Perhaps I should have you as one of my FitBit friends to help taunt me into more steps. Have fun in TN.

  11. Love reading your blog. Received mu copy of More Leader and Enders and love the quilts in the book. Also, Fitbit does keep you honest


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