Sunday, April 20, 2014

A Buck Mountain Easter

Cabin_Apr2014 007
This is Beanie! ((Next to Sadie))

We had our Easter dinner last night instead of today, and invited new mountain friends Mona and Rick to join us – and included their dog Beanie in the invite to come meet Sadie and hopefully be friends.

They were SO CUTE to watch together.  You would have thought that Sadie thought we brought Beanie just for HER.  They ran, they played, they chased, they tussled, the cabin and grounds were surrounded with all manner of Doggie-Joy.  It was so fun to watch!

After dinner Mona and I left the guys to talk about ATV stuff, and we strapped on the leashes and away we went out the door with “the girls”.

Cabin_Apr2014 006

Two new friends!

The weather was terrible both Friday and Saturday –cold, windy, and rainy.  But by evening the clouds were blown away by the spring breezes and we were treated to the most glorious sight as we chatted and rocked in the rocking chairs on the deck:

Cabin_Apr2014 009

Sunsets in the Blue Ridge are magnificent.

Cabin_Apr2014 011

The rosy glow over the mountains brings the promise of a beautiful day tomorrow!

Cabin_Apr2014 012

And indeed it was!

A long awaited project happened this morning, because we were rained out yesterday and it will be weeks before we are able to come back up.  This concrete retaining wall has been an “in your face” eye-sore since we first saw the place.  We wanted it to blend in with the nature more, so dirt brown is our color of choice:

Cabin_Apr2014 013

Looking good!

Cabin_Apr2014 014

Front side of the retaining wall, just drying

Cabin_Apr2014 015

We had enough paint to do the foundation wall on the opposite side of the lower patio too!

Notice I said “WE”.  The ME part was supervising from inside the sewing nook through the window while stitching together THIS:

Cabin_Apr2014 016

Webbing the top of the baby quilt together!

Cabin_Apr2014 028

Next on the list:  BORDERS!

I hope your Easter was a peaceful and memorable one.  This was the first time we’ve had Easter without the boys, and as a mom I must say that it felt a bit devoid of family.  But I am so happy to have had new friends over the night before, and to have a couple days off at the cabin to catch my breath before this week starts with a bang.

Books arrived the day after I left for Tennessee, which means ALL the orders go out this week before I leave for the Virginia Consortium of Quilters CELEBRATION at Smith Mountain Lake, Virginia on Thursday.

I hope I’ll be seeing you there!

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  1. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that baby quilt. Great job.

  2. Leslie Bulken9:16 PM EDT

    My friends who are going to your VCQ workshop are SO excited!

  3. New friends, beautiful sunset, fantastic quilt... All in all, a wonderful weekend. While your boys weren't at the "cabin" with you, I know they were in your heart, as you are in theirs. Life brings us so many changes, some welcome and some not. It's up to us to enjoy whatever comes our way. Thank you for sharing your joys and encouraging us always.

  4. Oh my goodness that baby quilt is so cute, I love it, but I cant work out how you do that webbing.

  5. I love, love, love the baby quilt. Everything about it is wonderful and happy! The views from the cabin and your walks are great and the wall looks fantastic. I'm glad you were able to "get away" and enjoy some down time.

  6. Lo e the baby quilt

  7. Love the periwinkle and pink for the sashing and cornerstones. It really makes the blocks pop. Beautiful. That is one lucky baby girl.

  8. Love the periwinkle and pink for the sashing and cornerstones. It really makes the blocks pop. Beautiful. That is one lucky baby girl.

  9. The pink and blue worked out really we'll...I would have never guessed. Beautiful

  10. Love the baby quilt! New friends and a beautiful sunset. Sounds like a wonderful weekend of relaxation.

  11. It sounds like you had a lovely weekend even if the weather wasn't lovely all the time. Absolutely beautiful baby quilt!!

  12. Wasn't sure about the periwinkle when you first selected it but boy was I wrong, sure looks great all sewn up. Can't wait to see it finished. Your cabin location looks absolutely wonderful. I am so happy that you are finding new friends so you won't be too lonesome when you are up there on your own.

  13. Anonymous2:53 AM EDT

    I really like the periwinkle baby quilt.
    What size are the star blocks?
    6" or 8".
    I have 2" and 2 1/2" strips ready to cut.
    Thanks for sharing

  14. Anonymous2:59 AM EDT

    Get out your 2" strips. The blocks in the periwinkle baby quilt are 6". Bonnie posted on facebook

  15. Nettie Sebastian4:53 AM EDT

    Yes Bonnie we did have a very blessed Easter Day . The wall looks great blends good with the beautifull mountains . The baby quilt looks really great the colors worked out very well. One very lucky. baby. Thanks for sharing your Easter with us

  16. Thanks for sharing your cabin retreat so openly. I live vicariously through you. LOL We lived in Salibury for about 10 yrs. in the 70's and I wish we still were there. My two best friends are there. I'd love to have a cabin retreat. Oh and I got my book a week or so ago. It's terrific and thanks for signing it.

  17. I have to say I wasn't crazy about your choice for sashing and corner stones on your earlier post, but now that it's done I LOVE it. I should know better than to doubt your choices Bonnie. Have a great day!

  18. Lois Wylde8:27 AM EDT

    You continuously amaze and inspire me....you are able to accomplish so much......love all that you do.

  19. Anonymous10:06 AM EDT

    Love your baby quilt. Such happy colors.

    Darlisj in Virginia

  20. I have to echo the love, love, loves on the baby quilt. Those colors are fantastic. I so enjoy hearing of your times up at the cabin too. I'd love to have a place to retreat to.


  21. I love your choice of color on the retaining wall. Also, more important is the beautiful baby quilt. Every time I have seen it I've loved the sashing. It so pulls everything together. The whole quilt just shines. You do a beautiful job.

  22. Anonymous12:41 PM EDT

    Brilliant! This came across my Facebook feed today and I thought of you:


  23. The baby quilt is beautiful!!! It's amazing how it comes out when you add sashing to it. Love the colors!!!

  24. Love the baby quilt. I knew you would get it done. The borders will just set it off. It's beautiful.


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