Friday, April 18, 2014

Making The Trade!

I did something this past week in Tennessee that I have never done before.

I just became a MACHINE SWAPPER!

As in – “Yes dear, I can justify bringing this new machine AND her cabinet home with me because I did not BUY it, I swapped it for one I already had!” 

Does it matter that the machine and cabinet traded for are way larger in size than the one offered in trade?  No…bigger than a bread box did not come into the equation at all.

The little photo you see here is of a Singer 24 chain stitch machine that though lovely, I was not using. Click HERE for more info!

Diane had talked to me about this machine previously, and it had become part of our regular conversation banter: “If you find you don’t want that machine, talk to me about it!”

The moment arrived!  Diane had posted that she was considering "re-homing" her 3/4 sized parlor cabinet, and I offered up the 24 in trade.

TN_Apr2014 140

Sure I have room for a cabinet in the back of Shamu!

TN_Apr2014 139

And the machine? She takes up no space at all!

I drove from Tennessee to Kentucky and back home again with the cabinet and machine safely in the back of my van.

Lela, the Singer 24 has found a new home with Diane, and I have finally found the 3/4 sized treadle cabinet I was looking for!  And while I thought I was only getting the CABINET, Diane sweetened the deal by giving me this sweet little Singer 99 to go IN the cabinet.  How could I say no?

This morning we headed up to Quilt Villa and I have placed the cabinet under the window in the sewing nook area in the basement.

Cabin_Apr2014 081

Doesn't take up much space at all!  Does it even look like a sewing cabinet?

Cabin_Apr2014 080

Open the lid, and there she is!

Cabin_Apr2014 075

She’s got a great view from here of the Blue Ridge Mountains!

Cabin_Apr2014 076

A view of my work area – yes, that baby quilt is being worked on while I’m here.

Cabin_Apr2014 082

Cute accessories box on the inside of the door!

Cabin_Apr2014 078

Check out the pedal!

The petal is cut from the wood floor of the cabinet, and has a rubber “Singer” mat affixed to the top.  This is a very quiet pedal system, no “clanging” at all!

Cabin_Apr2014 083

EG055947 means she was born in  1950 and she is wearing a blue centennial badge!

In her earlier life she WAS a motorized machine, but Diane gave her a motorectomy and switched out her solid hand wheel for a spoked one for use as a treadle.  The cabinet itself is earlier in an art deco style.

Cabin_Apr2014 077

Using my favorite tubing belt and connectors!  Click HERE for more info on where to order!

Cabin_Apr2014 084

This little bit of retro also came home with me.

Up at the cabin, we can get power outages, and digital land lines don’t work if there is no power, so as a safety measure, a REAL phone still works!  I plugged it in this morning – We called it and OH, how I love the ring of a REAL PHONE!  How funny that I had to find this at an antique mall when it was such an every day item growing up.

Cabin_Apr2014 085

Our cloudy view as of right now.

I’ll be working on this baby quilt this evening, and a bit tomorrow.  Today we stopped to visit our friends Rick and Mona, and finding out they had no plans, we invited them over for dinner tomorrow night.  Our first dinner guests with friends from our “neighborhood” on the mountain. 

Now how to figure out how to not freak them out over the fact that there are now FOUR treadle machines living at Quilt Villa.

Maybe, just maybe, they won’t notice!

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  1. Bonnie, I think you made a wonderful deal and the cabinet looks perfect in that spot under the window. Have a fun evening entertaining tomorrow night and if the subject of the sewing machines comes up, you can always say you provide the machines for your guests when they come to stay.

  2. What a great trade! That is a beautiful cabinet. I've never seen that type pedal, but I like it. I have several 99's and love them.

  3. Love the new machine and wow...cool cabinet! "Trading" is wonderful when it's a "win-win" for both..Good Job!
    I still have my parents black phone (like yours)...but it doesn't 'ring' - must look into getting that repaired once I find a 'vintage repairman'...LOL. Good luck with your first 'dinner party'!

  4. I l♥ve ♥♥ that treadle! Being able to shop antique malls and stores is something I really miss living so far in the boonies.
    Bonnie, I wish you a happy and restful Easter with your family. You really deserve it. Thanks for all your post, patterns and communications.

  5. I really want a parlor cabinet. The only two I have ever seen were way out of my price range.

  6. awesome trade... and my curiosity is peaked as to the purpose of those pretty purple stars

  7. I love the phone. Reminds me of my grandparents.

  8. Four people for dinner and four machines. Sounds like a great after dinner activity.

  9. WOW you BOTH came out winners on that trade! Love the new cabinet and the transformed 99!
    Oh the days of hating phone numbers that had a 0 or 9 in them because it took soooooo long for the dial to come back around. lol
    Love the phone!
    Piece and stitches,
    Christina in Cleveland

  10. Yippee! You sure are crossing off a lot from your SMach acquisition list. Love the idea of a trade. Such a marvelous cabinet. We are having the NE TX TOGA starting Thursday, April 24- Sunday, April 27th. Been doing a major sort on SMach parts ans machines. The phone is awesome too!

  11. I remember my Mum's old Singer treadlie' though not what happened to it. It's the machine I first stitched on. But I'd forgotten how it lay down in the cabinet until I saw your photos. So thanks for the memories Bonnie... and enjoy your new treasure!

  12. Bonnie K! You are too funny. But I would have moved heaven and earth to get the machine myself.

    Beautiful cabinet, and clean machine!!!! It was waiting for you to come and rescue it with love.

    I made several pillowcase dresses today and worked on a giveaway quilt top...almost done. Busy but peaceful.

    Give Sadie a doggie hug for me. Then relax, relax and then relax even more. When is your nest trip?

    smiles, JulieinTN

  13. This comment has been removed by the author.

  14. That wasn't just a good trade...it was a Great Trade!!! Now you can have a Quilter's retreat in the mountains and put them all out on the porches in the summertime. How fun that will be!

  15. Looks like the perfect trade to me!

    Baby quilt?? purple stars?? I don't remember hearing about that one... do tell, please!


  16. Now that's truly a great trade! Nope - the Hubby can't complain one little bit about another machine this time. That cabinet so does not look like a sewing machine lives inside - it's a beauty. Since this one is 'disguised', maybe your neighbors will only count three treadles and not get scared - lol! Enjoy your Easter Break at the cabin.

  17. Adorable machine and cabinet. Thanks for sharing and teaching us along the way. Girls sometimes just have to swap toys. Glad to see you fulfilling a "want" and/or bucket list. Have an excellent holiday.
    Robin Wood, Knoxville, Tennessee

  18. Out with one and in with one! Great trade. Love the phone too. We have one kicking around the house too. My daughter picked it up when we were cleaning out an aunt's house!

  19. Jeri Matthews2:33 PM EDT

    That's sweet Bonnie. I love it!
    I also remember using those phones, showing my age here :)

  20. To funny the phone and all. The other day, I heard someones phone and it sounded just like the old ring of your type phone. We decided that we need to teach our grandkids how to use a rotary and even a touch button phone cause they sure have never seen or used one.
    Have a wonderful Easter.

  21. Anonymous9:12 PM EDT

    Great story! Beautiful machines, but I really love the one you ended up with! Such a cool cabinet! Also, the phone picture makes me smile. I grew up with a mustard yellow old phone like this. ;) It screams 1970's, but worked like a charm! -Brittany


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