Tuesday, May 29, 2012

-----We Interrupt Your Programming -----

Do you know that it just hit me that Thursday is the last day of MAY?!


This means that the first Saturday of June is THIS SATURDAY!?

I have not had a chance to get anything ready for Yard Sale Saturday. I might be able to round up a few things, but I need a show of hands for those who are counting on it.

If I don’t get enough response I’m voting that we call it OFF for the summer months, and resume again in September.

Please leave your thoughts below!

Let me know if you were planning on doing it --- or if you think waiting to September is a good idea so we can tend to other stuff for a few months!


  1. Anonymous8:00 PM EDT

    I think calling it off for the summer is a great idea.. nothing to say we can't be putting things aside for a sale come fall....

  2. Whatever works Bonnie....

  3. Anonymous8:14 PM EDT

    I like Mimi's idea above, clean out the closets and start it up in September. Your site, your decision....do what makes YOU happy, Bonnie, You know what your schedule will be over the next three months.
    Faye in Maine

  4. I'm a buyer. How much cool stuff will there be in a couple of months? I don't mind waiting at all.

  5. What works for you, works for me, Bonnie. You're the Big Kahuna here, and we all just sort of "reflect off of your presence." It's been interesting, but also takes a day away from sewing just to sort, email, send, etc. I'll start gathering up things for September. Thanks for asking our opinion; you are a good leader, as well as a good quilter. Kathy

  6. I agree, call it off for the summer. That will I've me the time I need to start sorting thru my stuff in preparation for our anticipated move the end of the year.

  7. Donna Adams9:59 PM EDT

    I am so glad you are thinking about calling it off for the summer. DH has plans for me and they don't involve sewing.
    Donna in warm Oregon

  8. Anonymous11:03 PM EDT

    I hate to be the opposing vote, but I would really like one more in June and then be done until September. I have been cataloging and adding items to my Etsy shop in preparation for Saturday's sale. If not, then September it is. You are a great hostess and whatever works for you is great. Thanks for hosting these garage sales!

  9. Anonymous12:08 AM EDT

    Count me in Bonnie for the Satruday YArd SAle.
    Finally got a blog up and going.

    Now I have to hnt down how the sale works...lol
    Smiles, JulieinTN

  10. Bonnie, it's your yard sale. Do what you want. 8-)

  11. Count me in. Bonnie! I say we continue it through the summer. What better time to casually peruse Yard Sales than summer! I did my first one last month and it is loads of fun. Thanks for hosting them!

  12. oohhh, that's a tough one!! I do so love the fall and the kids going back to school and all, but we have a camper and I LOVE camping!! Not so much the sweltering heat, high humidity, and bugs, but being with the family and relaxing!!

  13. Gosh...I missed this post and was just wondering about it..i have lots of stuff if you decide to have it.....I did not see what you decided to do....sorry for being so late!


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