Wednesday, May 02, 2012

A Quickie Kindle Freebie!

I’m just back from dinner -----and I need to send this off before heading to bed. Man, I’m SO BEAT!

We had dinner at Steffano's Italian Restaurant in Wappinger's Falls ---OH MY GOODNESS. Great food! ((And I sent the left overs home with Andrea to feed her family --- there was THAT MUCH left!))

I got an email from Michelle giving me a heads up on a freebie that I didn’t know about.

She writes:

I think we've got similar taste in books (some at least) and just noticed that Cut, Crop & Die by Kiki Lowenstein is a freebie on Amazon. It wasn't yesterday when I was buying the sequel.

I know you're busy and didn't want you to miss this one! :-)

The title caught my eye so I just went and checked to be sure it was STILL free before sending this.

Book Description:

Broad humor bordering on the absurd propels Agatha-finalist Slan's uneven second mystery to feature St. Louis scrapbooker Kiki Lowenstein (after 2008's Paper, Scissors, Death).

When one of Kiki's fellow scrappers, Yvonne Gaynor, keels over during a cropping event because of a severe allergic reaction, the police suspect someone sabotaged the epinephrine syringe Yvonne always carried for such an emergency.

Despite all warnings, Kiki decides to launch her own murder investigation, which is soon complicated by hate crime attacks against Kiki's employer and other local Jews. On the bright side, three handsome men take an interest in Kiki, while her late husband's mother, Sheila, interferes in her life to her benefit.

Filled with scrapbooking lore, this relatively clean cozy contains scenes that will make you either laugh or cringe, like Sheila's sticking penis-shaped vibrators into her lawn to get rid of her mole problem

If this is anywhere near as funny as the Janet Evanovich I have just finished, then I want to read it!

Just be sure to double check before clicking that it is STILL FREE when you do, because prices can change without notice.


  1. Welcome to Poughkeepsie!
    I hope you can sleep after that big meal and be ready for us quilters in the morning:0)
    We can't wait to see you Bonnie.

    Have and good night and Happy sewing

  2. Thanks for all your Freebie posts. I think I have downloaded just about everyone you post! But darn this one is not free now! Have fun! I would love to be able to attend one of your workshops; it sounds like they are a hoot!

    1. Anonymous1:12 AM EDT

      Try again, Donna. I just got it for free. It sounds hilarious. I love Bonnie's tips - I, too, have practically all that she recommends! Good Luck. Jenny

  3. Well, it is free at 11:20 p.m. on May 2. I, too, have downloaded just about every book Bonnie touts in her blog!! But, drat, I bought this one in 2010!!

  4. My thanks to all of you for giving Kiki Lowenstein a try! There are also short stories about Kiki that are available on Kindle for only 99 cents. My readers tell me that makes the stories a "cheap thrill" LOL! I hope so!


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