Saturday, May 19, 2012

Pizza, Chicago Style!!

Paul asked where we went for pizza last night…..


I knew I was in the right place as soon as I smelled the pizza baking, and got a load of the interior…..or – forget the interior, I was looking DOWN ---my eyes were on the floor!

IL_OH_May2012 304


IL_OH_May2012 300

The Eleventh Commandment! I must obey! :c)

IL_OH_May2012 303

And it was good, all the way to the crust! I love when the crust is good enough that you have to eat that part too…if the crust is left over sitting on the plate inedible, we call it “Pizza Bones” at our house ---

IL_OH_May2012 308

Chicago style deep dish with spinach….MMMMM!

IL_OH_May2012 307

Thinner crusted “special” with sausage, mushrooms, peppers and onions --- Whoooo boy!

There were 8 of us at the table, and there were leftovers – this was a LOT of food, but it was so good!

And it’s a good thing that I’ve been getting out for a 3.5 mile walk-jog every morning since I got here – it’s the only way to keep the poundage at bay. :c/

I do love good food. Lynda asked me the other day at Culvers how I manage not to weigh 300lbs with all the good food that I come across every day. BURN CALORIES! That’s the best way --- get the metabolism working and burning. And also ---you don’t have to eat the whole thing in one sitting. Often times I’ll only eat half, and save the other part for the next day’s lunch if I can…..or……just walk away from it. Just because it is in front of you doesn’t mean you need to devour the whole thing. Eat half.

It’s hard throwing away 1/2 of a dish of ice cream! But basically, it’s all calories in, and calories burned.

I love food too much to completely ban things from my diet. But one dessert with 4 or 5 spoons is a great way for everyone to get a taste without feeling like you gorged yourself on the whole thing.

And I figure there will be time to be skin and bones when they put me 6 foot under. At that point….I won’t be able to say “Man, I wish I had enjoyed that piece of chocolate cake!”


  1. Hi Bonnie - I was one of the FIFTY - SEVEN guests at the lecture Thurs. night - my friend and I drove over an hour in lovely rush hour traffic to see you - and it was SO worth it. You did such a nice job with the Scrap lecture and then showing off some of your quilts. I wanted to say this that night - but knew you were getting tired from all the questions - THANK YOU for all your knowledge that you so graciously share with all your followers. You are the most generous professional quilter and we really appreciate that! I was the Home Ec teacher in the back row! :)

  2. Pizza bones cracks me up! BTW: you should try Lou Malnati's individual pan pizza if you get the chance. Not as cheesy or doughy as the big ones, and the flavor is out of this world. Just my humble opinion, mind you, but they don't make good pizza here in SoCal & I miss my Lou's!

  3. Been away frm Chicago for almost 15 years now and STILL miss that pizza. Best in the USA. My sister brings me half baked ones from Giordanos or Malnatis when she comes to visit and we finish cooking while we catch up on "sister chat". It is a ritual with us. Glad you got to try some.

  4. Anonymous8:52 PM EDT

    I think the Guild ladies take bets on how long it will take you to spot things like that floor! Or do they go scouting ahead of time to find those interesting places just for you?

  5. Anonymous9:28 PM EDT

    Love Chicago Style Deepdish pizza but our favorite place is Gino's East!

    Mary Van Dijk

  6. Made me hungry, had to go for a cheese run and make my own- homemade is BEST! At least my DH says so.

  7. Anonymous11:18 PM EDT

    Bonnie, your approach to food seems sensible to me. Once heard of a slender older lady, who was in the last few days of her life. A younger woman from her church visited. She told the older lady how she always admired her trim figure. While they chatted, she asked her if there was anything the older lady would have changed about her life ... this is a TRUE story! The older lady answer yes.... she would eat desserts because a slender form is not worth what you have to give up!!! Now I donot think she meant get fat and unhealthy ... just enjoy food while you can.

    Now where is our map to CHICAGO ? :)Thanks for the side trips we take us on.
    Smiles, JulieinTN

  8. Anonymous6:32 PM EDT

    Love that Pizza!

  9. Anonymous3:54 AM EDT

    The quilters of Project Linus thank you for sharing your Culver's experience. It was a thrill meeting you in person and getting a chance to chat. You have opened up a whole world of travel, and quilting challenges. Love traveling with you on the web. Lynda from Chicago

  10. I am glad they took you to Giordano's it is by far (IMHO) the best pizza in the world. Some will argue Gino's is better, but I would guess that 80% of Chicagoans will tell you one or the other is the best. Giordano's is IT for me.

    The only thing better than Giordano's is to eat Giordano's at the downtown restaurant a block south of the old Water Tower. It is an old mansion converted into a restaurant and I just love it... It is where I took my wife for her first taste of Chicago Pizza, then we walked the block and a half to the Water Tower and I proposed before getting into a white horse drawn carriage.

    That was 24 years ago, and next weekend we celebrate 22 years of happiness which followed the "Yes" that I heard that cold December night.

  11. I *love* Giordano's pizza. My son was stationed up at Great Lakes in 2006. I was in ORD for Mother's Day weekend (if I'd known you were going to be there, I'd have taken the week off and stayed! LOL!).

    I had two items on my "must eat" list. A hot dog from SuperDawg, and a Giordano's pizza! I smile because I have their napkin wrapper emblazoned w/ their name on it sitting below my monitor -- it's been there since 2006! :)

    I won't wait another 6 years to get another one of their pizzas. I know I'm driving to Nebraska next year for The Boy's wedding. I KNOW I'll be stopping on the way out for a pizza -- maybe on the way home, too.. :) And, they do have a 'delivery' of their pizza. Sometimes the delivery is worth the price. :)

  12. About eating too much...I always say either throw it in the garbage or throw it in your hips, it's up to you. So, I don't feel guilty throwing away extra food.


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