Monday, May 21, 2012

Hexies On The Brain!

I keep sewing and sewing and sewing – and everywhere I go I find other people who are just as nuts!

--- or nuttier over hexies as I am!

Here is my 3rd fill in corner ---can you see how it is getting to where it needs to be? The pattern? I drew it out on hexie paper and filled it in with colored markers ---it’s ugly, but it does the job!

IL_OH_May2012 364

You saw the hexie quilts we found at Gary’s Picks in a post the other day—right? ((Aren’t those elongated ones fun?))

There were hexies on the wall in my post on Robert’s Sewing Center yesterday --- did you catch them? I see them everywhere I turn!

There were hexies on the floor at Giordanos!

These hexies were being stitched by a quilter who was sitting right behind me at the Pride of the Prairie guild meeting last Thursday ---I was waiting for my turn to speak, and I sat there feeling like MY hexes were GIANTIC compared to hers….look!

IL_OH_May2012 245

SO SWEET!! I think hers are 1/2” per side ----

A student brought in a lovely lovely fragile antique piece that she picked up at an estate sale on Saturday ---

IL_OH_May2012 315

Silks and velvets --- the velvets are so reach you have to touch them…and the silks are shredding --- but what is so remarkable is that the papers are still intact, showing they are cut from personal letters and correspondence --

IL_OH_May2012 313

Don’t you just get chills when you see the penmanship of women from 120 years ago or so? I do!! Quill pens, or nibs dipped in decorative ink wells ----

IL_OH_May2012 314

Tiny, tiny whipstitches holding the fragile pieces together.

Jan brought her hexie project to class on Saturday ---- and I almost swallowed my tongue:


Oh. My. Goodness!! This is full of cute overload ----can you hear me squealing?

((And yes, I know you can probably see my tonsils too! LOL!!))

I wonder where I’ll see hexies next??


  1. Oh my they are alllllll lovely!! My friend just gave me my starter kit on hexies. Thread and snip it scissors, we are going to be doing them together!!
    I will forward your blog to them for great incentive...

  2. Would love to see those hexie projects finished. I hope these ladies will share with us (through your blog). Your project is really coming together...such an inspiration to see how chipping away at a project like you've done on the hexies will eventually get you to the finish line.

  3. oh! my that is small.......

  4. Anonymous7:46 AM EDT

    Wonderful work ladies.
    And a happy Monday to all.

  5. Great post! I LOVE hexies! I REALLY love hexes! I just co-authored a new book about hexies for AQS - not sure when it will be out, but I can't wait!

  6. I love them. Jan did an awesome job. I especially like the antique quilt. Its neat to see that they were done the same way we do them today except most people take out the paper after completing the hexi. Lisa

  7. Oh hexies are so cute!!! The teeny-tiny ones are too amazing! And I just love that photo of you Bonnie .... Made me smile this morning =^..^=

  8. are you hand sewing the fabric to the hexagon shapes or glueing them?? those last ones are so teeny tiny and cute.

  9. I LOVE those teeny ones! and the pattern she is forming with them! What are they? like 1/4in per side? I'd never get done with a project like that! I'm having trouble find time to finish even 1/4 of my cheddar bowtie project!

  10. Those R very nice. Do u add one by one ?or you add every 6( as a unit) to others?
    I am talking especially about the first natural with red boarder

  11. I swore I'd never do hexagons, especially by hand. I also swore I'd never be a quilter. Guess I'd better stop swearing! My name's Kay and I quilt AND do hexies!

  12. Love your hexie project, Bonnie! And I love the hexies everyone shared too! I started my own hexie project a few weeks ago - got up early one morning and just started cutting from various pieces of fabric until I filled a little 6x9 box. I threw in a few needles and a spool of thread and as I get the chance, I stitch a few together. While I don't have a particular project in mind just yet, it will most likely be a "Grandma's Garden" throw. Thanks for sharing this post!!


  13. Oh, that tiny hexie project is so incredible! What a challenge--it looks beautiful!
    Love that vintage piece. I did a report on EPP when I was volunteering at a local heritage center. Apparently old letters and newspapers were a common source of the papers used--none of this stiff cardstock to which we are so accustomed (of course, they didn't receive much junk mail).

  14. I posted a reply last week of a site I saw where the hexies were sewn together in a quilt sandwich and then attached. Made the project complete when sewn together. I do them out of scraps and currently am just stacking them in a cardboard box and plan to take them with me to the campground and attach them together at some point..if there is a point..My name is Jackie and I have not purchased fabric for 6 days, lol Love hexies as well

  15. very nice, but i am still not tempted to take up those tiny hexies, although they are seriously gorgeous. i'll stick with my big ones, called honeycombs and enjoy everyone elses!

  16. *sqqquuueeeee* More Hexes for me to drool over. Bonnie, still adorable as ever. Working on my THIRD Hex quilt. Once I'm done with that one I'm gonna do the tiny ones!! Can't WAIT!

  17. Hi. My name is Linda. I am a quilting addict. I am tempted to start a hexie project. Trying to resist. I almost went to my LQS on Saturday but resisted. I should have my fabric stash used up by the time I am 450 years old.

  18. Have you figured out how you will finish the edges and quilt it, Bonnie?

  19. Thanks for sharing the lovely hexie photos :-)

  20. Love all the hexie photos. Lots of patience. I also like your shirt; a quilt waiting to happen.

  21. Love looking at all these hexies. in my travel bags too...lol Thanks for sharing and all you do to teach us.

  22. The last one would be cute to use each star for a coaster, or candle mats.

  23. Love those little hexies! Wish my UFO hexie project was that cute. It if was I might be more inclined to get it finished. You can see what it looked like 5 years ago when I wrote a post about it here: http://lucysquilts.blogspot.com/2007/07/what-is-grandma-growing.html

    I have made a little more progress on it but right now it languishes in the hand work basket!

  24. Those are TINY Hexies! I will just admire them all from a-far. Don't swallow your tongue, I will want to hear you if I get to meet you in Sisters this year...

  25. I think I have it at least as bad as you Bonnie, I have 3 hexie projects on the go (the main project and two offshoots from the leftover cuttings) and a box of 1/2" diamonds cut from the teeny weeny scraps that were just too big to throw away, that I may put papers in one day! (repeat: no not start it now, do not start it now!)

  26. Anonymous3:20 PM EDT

    Bonnie, I just so admire all you do and I love to follow your posts. *Vicarious? Anyway, especially enjoying the photos of the hexies ;) I have a few going on myself!
    Just got Matilda's Framed Hexagon Patchwork Template Set for a little variety of hexi fun. (Actually ordered 4 sets because shipping is so high from Aussie, and figured I might as well make it worth while. Couldn't find them online anywhere else but Australia. Ended up ordering from Cookies and Cream Craft. I have some quilty friends that will love these and I can give them as little gifts sometime.
    Anyway, thanks again for sharing....
    Kathy Kirby

  27. Hi, my name is Sarah and I'm a hexieaholic and I'm going to very lovingly blame it on you, Bonnie :) I watched your progress long enough that I finally had to start my own project to copy the bathroom tile floor at my office. I have another project that should be finished this summer for my county fair and 2 or 3 more lined up for when that one is done! I have also collected numerous fun EPP shapes (coffins, jewels, tumblers, etc) and amassed quite an inspiration file. It's a sickness that I don't plan to find a cure for!!

  28. Cindy, The Purple Quilter9:49 PM EDT

    Love, love, love all the hexies! After seeing you work on yours in Greensboro last week, I started back on mine! I have been making slow and steady progress while traveling in the car. Plan to take it to guild to work on too! Thanks for the inspiration!! :)

  29. I love hexies :-) I started one for the long trip I was taking to welcome my son home from Afghanistan, and it has grown into a life of its own, queen size, 1 inch hexie quilt from Bonnie and Camille fabrics, Ruby, Vintage Modern, and hopefully the new Marmalade if I can get my hands on it!

  30. look how she made a star!


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