Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Off to Meet The Wizard!!

As in Joe Cool, The Wizard!

I was burning the midnight oil last night ---after the house had gone quiet I was still awake and wanted to sew, so I tip-toed down to the basement studio, put on a cute movie and cut and sewed and cut and sewed!

The movie? The Third Wish with Jenna Mattison and Betty White --- Oh, I love Betty White! It’s a darling movie, I recommend!

Joe Cool and I are getting to know each other.

He’s got sleek lines, a gentle purr as he stitches, lots of power ---and he does what he is supposed to --- STRAIGHT STITCH!

I’m not sure what it is about these 1950’s import machines that steal my heart and make me adopt them. Some people love classic cars. I just love classic machines and their crazy paint jobs and body shapes. I like the heavy weight of them and how they don’t go bouncing off the table.

And I know it's crazy, but I even like the way they SMELL ---kind of old, full of memories.

He did an awesome job getting the binding on Florabunda ((Which is waiting for hand stitching at some point –)) and I wanted to try my hand at piecing with him! You’ll notice, I’ve taken up Mary’s idea of using the Scotch mounting strips as a seam guide! LOVE IT! They stick and stay, much better than that purple strip stuff. I also like having the strip extend BEHIND the presser foot. It helps guide me straighter at the beginning and ending of a seam.

I love Joe’s chrome trim and his “precision” badge:

jubilee 031

Look at the levers, knobs, and the sparkle of his grey/green paint job! He is, definitely – Joe Cool!

And so I cut:

jubilee 028

And then I sewed!


jubilee 030

Yankee Puzzle, Gray Goose, Battle Ground

And I’m still behind by about 4 blocks – but I’ll tackle those. I don’t leave home again until June 10th ----I’m loving my 2 weeks at home!

Last night about 1:30am I was shutting things down and I checked my inbox one more time --- and there was a proposed cover for the new book! It needs a bit of tweaking, but I’m liking it! So just hang on a bit longer, and we will have a COVER CELEBRATION!!

FRIDAY is JUNE. Is that crazy or what? And you know what else is crazy? The month of June is my 7 year blog anniversary. SEVEN YEARS I’ve been typing my soul out to the blogosphere –and many of you have been here for the whole journey! So I think a giveaway will be in order. Yep. I do! So stay tuned for that too!

What’s up for your Wednesday? Whatever it is, I hope you get time to dream of quilts, pet some fabric, and maybe get some time to take a few stitches ----

jubilee 029

As for me – I’ve got another date with Joe Cool!

And in case you think I’ve forgotten about Sophia --- She’s in getting a tune up and a going over since she started having some slipping issues the last time I sewed on her. Could be as simple as needing a new belt –who knows how long it had been since she had a tune up. I should be able to pick her up by the end of the week. I wish it were that easy to tune ME up! LOL!

There has only been 2 responses to keep Yard Sale Saturday going for June. I’ve decided to take the summer off, clean out more stuff as I can and do it big time the first Saturday in September. So check back then!


  1. I've been blogging for 5 years now - the years fly by when you keep track of what you are doing. The blocks you are looking on look great.

  2. I sure do love your cheddar background. I have been looking for the perfect cheddar fabric. I haven't found it yet.

  3. I've only been around for one of those seven years, but it was your book that led me to your blog, and your blog that led me to other blogs. It was that experience that led me to start my own blog and I have never looked back. Thanks so much!

  4. Joe Cool may be my favorite in your collection, what a handsome fella! But what's with Gray Goose? Did I miss one in Randi's Sow-Along? Please say no -- I'm only one block behind (until she posts the next three today!).

    1. NO, she called it battleground variation --- I'm going with the traditional names I've always known them by. The names may change, its the same block.

  5. Time flies, doesn't it? I've been reading your blog for six years. I've learnt a lot from your blog and web site. Thank you for being so generous with your knowledge. Love the blocks, especially the lovely chedder background.

  6. Anonymous10:17 AM EDT

    Happy Anniversary, Bonnie. Seven is the number of completion, and you have completely "taken over" the quilt blog world with all your wonderful, helpful, and inspiring posts. We love to hear about your life, appreciate how much you share with us. You give us laughter, history, encouragement, thought-provoking issues; you inspire us to always do better, but not to obsess. Here's to seven more wonderful, quilt-filled years. Cheers!!
    Faye in Maine

  7. Anonymous10:52 AM EDT

    Working on Blue Ridge Beauty this morning! No leaders and enders for me, just straight working on it. It's in my "upstairs" sewing room, and it's so cool and pretty up here and I'm closer to the heavens......Can't see the mountains, we sit down too low, but there's beautiful greenery all around and the sights and smells of Colorado. Blessed to be able to be home this morning. Have a great day Bonnie!
    Jessica in Colorado

    1. Have a great day Jessica! Sounds beautiful....I need to come sew with you some time ;c)

  8. I'll pack up my 1080 and meet you in Colorado?!

  9. What size do you cut your strips for the hsts? I'm just getting the hang of the EZ angle. Do you happen to know when you blogged about using it? I remember running past it but can't find it. Thanks.

    1. I'm trying to catch up on the Barrister's Sow Along. I found your instructions for the QST. I thought you did a post about hsts too.

  10. I am checking into the cost of 'Tuning up' my new to me machines. I will have a siggy square for you to sign if/when I make it to Sister's. I have collected a few designers in the past few years, so yours will be among the best... Joe Cool is pretty cool. I had a lot of fun looking at the 'old' machines in Idaho that week I visited. Enjoy the time at home, your blocks look great.

  11. Sheila in Texas1:54 PM EDT

    What are siggy squares? I am only a year into this post. Thank you for all you do..
    I am anxious to read the new updates daily.

  12. Great late night blocks! Love the cheddar! I'm happy these machines have found such a wonderful home. You are set up well to enjoy these babies.
    Can't wait to see the new book :-)

  13. Mr. Wizard is VERY sleek and debonair! I'm curious as to how much space he has to the right of the needle? It looks like there's more than average.

    1. Anonymous9:25 PM EDT

      But, you need to get him a more "manly" light than the Barbie pink one! Or, you can just claim it shows his sensitive side! Bev (kwiltpharm@aol.com)

  14. Soooooooo do your other machines have 'precision badge' envy??????

  15. Anonymous9:15 PM EDT

    I wish I could say I had been with you for 7 years but I only found you about 3 years ago. Lucky are those who found you earlier. And I am dreading my time at camp this summer where I won't be able to see you every day. I have no power and only get to check on such things a couple of times a week when I go to town to get my mail. I would love to reserve your new book. When can we do that?

    1. I would love to go to camp with you! And yes, you can pre-order the book as soon as I have a cover design and can set up for that which should be soon :c)

  16. Anonymous4:29 AM EDT

    I would like to add my congratulations to the list, thank you so very very much for spending an awful lot of time to keep us updated on your adventures with fabric and giving us glimpses of your personal life too! good stuff and not so great. thank you for all your encouragement to all the people who have anxiouty issues when choosing colours and prints for their quilts, for helping them to let go of the strict rules and just learn to go with the flow.
    I am absolutely sure that your blog has helped to inspire gazzilions of quilts to comne into excistance and I know that I for one just 'have' to read your blog every day, it has become a true addiction.
    Please do not stop, never ever (just kidding of course). I still have so much more to learn and you are a truly wonderful teacher.
    Thank you, thank you, thank you!!
    Lotte van der Linden

  17. What's up for my Wed (even though I know it is now Thursday moirning) Well if you remember i had said i love summer, camping yada, yada... well I abhor yard work! TWO DAYS of it! Thank the lord it is raining today! LOL Brother here I come!!!

  18. Love the hanging strips idea! But how do you keep the "protective" cover from peeling off as you sew?

  19. Bonnie, Thank You for all you do, I have spent many, MANY hours sewing with you on you tube, I just bought the same machine I named him Oz :)I couldn't find info and was search the Net saw the photo of your machine WOW once again Bonnie to the Rescue.. Thank you, You are AWESOME..

  20. I have the same machine but no manual. Any idea where I can find one? I'm having issues with the tension and can't figure out how to adjust it.



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