Wednesday, May 30, 2012


There are times when my former life comes screeching in and I just find it SO FUNNY!!

This came in the form of a Facebook message, and I hope the writer doesn’t mind me quoting just PART of her message, but it has me giggling!

She writes:

“Hi Bonnie,

I hope you don't mind me contacting you, but I'm hoping to get you to help me out....I'm running a siggy block swap in [identity withdrawn] and one of the swappers mentioned she'd bought about 200 siggy blocks from a garage sale she went to, that belonged to a deceased woman....one of them was signed by yourself, which then led us to all exclaim how lucky she was….”

I’m not laughing that the woman was now deceased. I wonder if I have HER siggie somewhere – I never got around to making anything with those, those were right around 1999 I think.

I am laughing that someone bought 200 siggie blocks at a YARD SALE and recognized my name amongst them! What a weird feeling that is!

I always knew my stuff would eventually end up at a yard sale!

And --- it makes me think about how quickly this life goes, and if that was signed in 1999, and now it is 13 years later, where will my life be 13 years from now?

And the giddiness turns to pondering, and I get back to quilting ---

How much can change in 13 years? And 13 years more?


  1. Anonymous12:50 PM EDT

    How much can change in 13 years? And 13 years more? A LOT .... and more.....

    working right now on a exchange quilt... really it is three exchanges... one a year and all are going in a toe tucker quilt.... and I am going to finish it this year... so my kids can put it in there closet and not in a yard sale.......

  2. Speaking of garage sales. Is there one you are hosting this Saturday? Wonder why someone would want peoples signatures that they don't even know...except for your signature :)! I'd say in 13 years you'll have at least another four books and several 100 new designs for all of us. Happy Wednesday, Sandi

  3. In 13 years everything can change, or sometimes nothing does... I visited the small town my parents are from this weekend, where time stood still... I guess my cousins all got 13 years older, but other than that not much has changed!

  4. Holy cow!! 13 years ago we moved to Pittsburgh from Chicago to a new home, new jobs, new friends (all because of a job transfer). Since then we've come to regard THIS as home and tomorrow is my last day of work ... retiring and yes, relocating AGAIN ... this time to Northern Michigan (Traverse City). When I think back over the last 13 years it seems so, so, so much has happened and at the same time it is all a blur. Can't even imagine what awaits DH and I in the next chapter!

  5. oh my, 13 years ago my DH was in last stages of kidney cancer and I had just started cuting out squares and framing strips to make my first quilt (cut with scissors and seams were 5/8" because I didn't know any better!) Now i live in a different stae, I'm married again and I've made oodles of quilts (including some of Bonnie's patterns) and had some published in books an mags---indeed, where will I be in 13 more years......
    lucky lady to have your sig block, but hopefully she knows some of the other 200 people........maybe it was a neighbor

  6. funny and thought-provoking at the same time. I think every quilter everywhere will have a block or even a quilt tossed into a yard sale. Humbling....

  7. You are one quilter that will go down in history. yes your name will always be remembered by how much you have contributed in keeping quilters enthused, ambitious, learning, sharing.
    On the other hand I am going to get all my swaps into a quilts...I think I have about 6 of them and good size good piecing I can use all the blocks in each one...they were all fabulous!

  8. Ah the millennium siggy exchange...I remember it well. I still have a box with over 100 signatures from every state and many countries...never did make them into a quilt. I still have time before my Dh puts them out into a yard sale....

  9. Last week celebrated my 13 wedding anniversary...

  10. I finished the siggy block swap I was in, so it's a quilt now. but in 50 years, (or 13) who is going to care?
    It's not a bed sized quilt, it's only about 50x50. What do you do with a quilt that size? When I die, my kids will have to decide what to do with that. While an unfinished project may make us think that we must finish it before our time, what does the finished project make our family members think. I wonder?
    (Just being thoughtful...)

  11. Thirteen years ago I had a thirteen and nine year old. Now they are 26 and 22! Where did all that time go? I am really enjoying both of them now and their friendship means a lot to me. They each have a quilt and have claimed another that are in progress.

  12. Thirteen years ago, I didn't quilt yet, I just was a very stressed pregnant woman, after losing a son at birth a year earlier. Now my youngest is almost 13 and he loves my quilts. He loves the siggyblocks I trade also, guess I have to start making them into a quilt. At least yard sales are not very common in this part of the world LOL


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