Sunday, May 13, 2012

iPhone-o-Gram! Evening Quick Fix!

I hope you have been enjoying your Mother's Day!

In between everything here I just had to take time to do another little block for my Jubilee Quilt from Randy's sew-a-long!

Lots of little pieces in a 6" block!

Sophia handled it just fine!

This one is "Union Square."


  1. You have such a good eye Bonnie...your blocks always look amazing!! Happy Mothers Day to you!! I am sewing today as well...having a great time!

  2. Sweet......
    nice and scrappy.
    Now since you know the bonus block you can just starting all those HST by the dozens for the next two blocks!

    Happy Sewing and Happy Mother's Day :0)

  3. Cute block and I love the plaids! Shirtings I suppose? I've been destructing a lot of shirts from Goodwill to make a quilt someday soon :*)

  4. Anonymous7:48 PM EDT

    Going to my machine soon. We deserve a little re-creation on mother's day. ;)

  5. Love the Union square!

  6. Your block came out GREAT!!! I'm really loving the cheddar background!

  7. I tried to comment about your Necchi machine the other day, but our power went out just as I was about to submit my comment.

    My mother bought her Necchi Supernova after she finished college in 1956. She made many outfits for all four children, and my sisters and I all learned to sew on that machine. I bought a nearly identical machine in 1978. I made clothing on it for many years, then got into quilting around 1995. My Necchi has been all over the country with me. Your story has inspired me to pull it out, oil it up, and make sure it still runs.

  8. Love your block, you have inspired me to get back to working on mine.

  9. Wonderful little block as usual. I just seen this fun video on another blog, and it reminded me of you. Here is the link:


  10. I really like this block, is there a pattern for it? I especially like your use of the cheddar. It really makes it stand out. I like your jubillee quilt, but especially this block.

  11. are your dark blue star points in the corners HSTs?? or are they a stitch and flip using a square in the corner?? Hard to tell from your photo.

    Love your blocks each time - what doesn't look great with that cheddar!!??!

    Love from Indiana! ~bonnie

    1. never mind - I see now, over on Randy's blog they are HSTs that finish at 1" :)

  12. Just heard that Sophia is one of the most popular names for girls this year! You are such a trend setter!

  13. That's a pretty block! Might be my favorite :-)


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